50 Halloween Hair and Makeup Tutorials

I L-O-V-E Halloween! I am obsessed with the seeing the creativity that can go into costumes and I wanted to collect a compilation of some of my favorites that I have seen around online. They are so good! Here are over 50 Halloween hair and makeup tutorials that you do not want to miss! These are Halloween hair and makeup tutorials that you can ACTUALLY recreate. There are so many incredible Halloween hair and makeup looks out there, but they can only be recreated by a professional. These are looks that I specifically chose for REAL people to recreate.

Halloween Hair and Makeup Tutorials You Can Actually Recreate

Hauntingly Beautiful Halloween Hair Tutorials:

Halloween Hair Tutorials


Beehive Halloween Hairstyle

Photo Credit: Martha Stewart

Cute beehive hairstyle created with a braid and accessories.

Martha Stewart

Viking Braids

Photo Credit: tonpetitlook.com

You will look like you belong in an episode of Game of Thrones with these viking braids. There are several tutorials you can use!

Ton Petit Look

Ghost Ponytail

Photo Credit: babesinhairland.com

This ghost ponytail is the perfect Halloween hairstyle for school.

Babes in Hairland

Lioness Frizz Hair

Photo Credit: thebeautydepartment.com

This frizzy fun hairstyle would be perfect for a lioness costume, or even an 80's rocker!

The Beauty Department

Pipe Cleaner Pumpkin Bun

Photo Credit: www.besthairstyletrends.com

This pumpkin hairstyle is so easy to recreate using pipe cleaners! The perfect Halloween hairstyle!

Hairstyle Trends

Vintage Vixen Hairstyle

Photo Credit: thebeautydepartment.com

This vintage vixen hairstyle will make you feel like the dapper diva that you want to be this Halloween! This flapper hairstyle is pretty and perfect for Halloween.

The Beauty Department

Minnie Mouse Hair

Photo Credit: Giselle Ugarte

Minnie Mouse hair ears are such a simple way to dress up your hair in costume.

Giselle Ugarte

Katniss Braid

Photo Credit: Linen Lace and Love

Katniss Everdeen is a fierce chick that every girl wants to dress up as for Halloween! This Katniss braid tutorial will get your hair looking perfect for this look.

Linen Lace and Love

Bride of Frankenstein Hair Tutorial

Photo Credit: Iris on Youtube

Bride of Frankenstein curly hairstyle tutorial video.

Iris on Youtube

Braided Cat Ears Hairstyle

Photo Credit: Gina Michelle

Cat ears made with a braid and some wire is a unique and simple way to create a Halloween cat look!

Gina Michelle

Downton Abbey Hairstyle

Photo Credit: www.more.com

You will look just like Lady Mary with this easy Downton Abbey hairstyle.


Minnie Mouse Ears Hairstyle

This Minnie Mouse ears hairstyle is a lot more subtle but may feel a little better than having giant ears on top.

Girl Loves Glam

Braided Faux Hawk

Photo Credit: www.twistmepretty.com

This braided faux hawk tutorial would be great to use for a rockstar costume.

Twist Me Pretty

Medusa Hairstyle Tutorial

Photo Credit: The Joy of Fashion

Put hair in braids, wrap them around your head, and bobby pin toy snakes in! Doesn't get much easier than that!

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Kitty Ears and Horns

Photo Credit: rinnieriot.blogspot.com

Create kitty ears or horns with this simple tutorial. This is a great way to add a little something extra to your costume.


Unicorn Hair

Photo Credit: www.cafemom.com

Every little girl dreams of being a unicorn. This unicorn hair tutorial makes that dream a reality! Perfect for Halloween!

Cafe Mom

Bird Nest Hair

Photo Credit: www.thefashionspot.com

Create a bird's nest out of your hair with this bird's nest hair tutorial. You will feel like you came straight out of a Hitchcock film.

The Fashion Spot

Pumpkin Bun

Photo Credit: www.infarrantlycreative.net

This Halloween pumpkin bun hairstyle is too cute. It would be perfect for school or even work!

Infarrantly Creative

Anna’s Coronation Updo

Photo Credit: www.passionforsavings.com

Look like Princess Anna with this coronation hairstyle. Use the Elsa braid tutorial and go as a pair!

Passion for Savings

Spider Web Hair

Photo Credit: princesspiggies.blogspot.com

What is more Halloween appropriate than a spider web? This hairstyle is perfect for Halloween or crazy hair day.

Princess Piggies

Jasmine Hair

Photo Credit: www.princesshairstyles.com

Look like Princess Jasmine with this pretty hairstyle. It is a great way to top off your costume.

Princess Hairstyles

Mummy Hairstyle

Photo Credit: princesspiggies.blogspot.com

This mummy ponytail is such a simple way to add something festive to your hairstyle, without going overboard. Halloween hair, without too much work.

Princess Piggies

The Elsa Braid

Photo Credit: www.twistmepretty.com

Elsa braid hairstyle tutorial

Twist Me Pretty

Silly Spider Halloween Hairdo

Photo Credit: simpleasthatblog.com

Proof that not all spiders have to be scary! This spider bun is cute and easy to recreate.

Simple As That

Maleficent Hair

Photo Credit: makeupartistnicolefae.tumblr.com

Feel like Angelina Jolie herself with this Maleficent hair horns tutorial.

Makeup Artist Nicole Fae

Cinderella Hair

Photo Credit: www.lovemaegan.com

Modern Cinderella Hair and Makeup to help you feel as beautiful as a Disney princess!

Love Maegan

Stunning Halloween Makeup Tutorials:


Spiderweb Eye Makeup

Photo Credit: www.instagram.com

This spiderweb eye makeup is simple enough, you could wear it all day on Halloween.

Morgan Lindsay Beauty

Black Tears Makeup

Photo Credit: www.instagram.com

Go with a spooky look, instead of a costume theme this year. These black tears are beautiful and just the right amount of creepy.

Cotton Candy Bones

Vampire Makeup

Photo Credit: stylesatlife.com

I love this vampire makeup! It isn't too over the top, like so many makeup tutorials are. The black veins over the cheekbones, mixed with the bloody lips is just right.


Dark Grunge Makeup

Photo Credit: www.preen.me

This dark grunge makeup look would work for just about any Halloween costume. It is totally beautiful, too!

Preen Me

Punk Rocker Makeup

Punk rockers don't need all black everything. Brighten up a punk rocker look with bold eyeshadow and temporary tattoos.

Girl Loves Glam

Edgy Eyeshadow

Photo Credit: www.preen.me

This edgy eyeshadow look could go with any costume. It is edgy enough to feel like a costume, but not too overboard.

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Modern Witch

Photo Credit: www.maryammaquillage.com

Witches don't have to have a giant wart on their nose, they can actually be beautiful, like this modern witch makeup tutorial.

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Geisha Makeup

Photo Credit: www.becomegorgeous.com

Gorgeous Geisha makeup has you looking intense and almost like a porcelain doll!

Become Gorgeous

Puppet Makeup

Puppets are a little creepy, but they don't need to be ALL creepy. Give yourself some gorgeous eyeshadow with the classic puppet chin and cheekbones and you will be a gorgeous puppet. Top it with some strings, and you'll look like your favorite 90's boyband.

Girl Loves Glam

The Lorax

Photo Credit: www.beautylish.com

Why not dress up as everyone's favorite tree hugging Who, The Lorax? The Lorax actually has some pretty fierce eye makeup!


Zombie Bride

Photo Credit: www.marieclaire.com

Zombies don't need to look totally scary, they can actually be stunning! How about a zombie on her wedding day this Halloween? This zombie bride makeup tutorial is scary gorgeous!

Marie Claire

Cat Makeup

Photo Credit: www.preen.me

If you are going to dress up as a cat, you might as well do more than just a few whiskers! This cat makeup tutorial is fierce and Halloween ready.

Preen Me

Maleficent Makeup

Photo Credit: halloweenideasforwomen.com

Maleficent is just as beautiful as she is terrifying. Maleficent makeup will have you feeling absolutely gorgeous for Halloween.

Halloween Ideas for Women

Day of the Dead Makeup

Photo Credit: www.behance.net

This Day of the Dead makeup is almost like you are living in both the human world and the spirit world. I love the sugar skull on one side.


Cleopatra Makeup

Photo Credit: grzee.blogspot.com

The queen of eyeliner herself, Cleopatra, would approve of this gorgeous Egyptian Cleopatra makeup tutorial. Such a beautiful way to dress up for Halloween!


Lion Halloween Makeup

Photo Credit: www.frmheadtotoe.com

Lion makeup that is minimal makes for an easy costume!

Frm Head to Toe

Women's Spiderman Makeup

Photo Credit: ladylife.style

I love the idea of mixing a fierce eye makeup with a more generic Spiderman mask makeup. It comes together to make such a pretty female spiderman look!

Lady Life

Gorgeous Ghost Makeup

Photo Credit: www.brit.co

White makeup on the face with dark circles under the eyes work together to create this gorgeous ghost makeup look. Who knew that the dead could be so dead gorgeous?

Brit & Co

Sugar Skull Makeup

Photo Credit: www.twistmepretty.com

Nothing is more fitting for Halloween than a sugar skull. This sugar skull makeup tutorial is made for beginners, so this is the perfect one to start with this Halloween!

Twist Me Pretty

Queen of Hearts Makeup

Photo Credit: www.brit.co

A Queen of Hearts makeup that's gorgeously simple and perfect for Halloween.

Brit & Co

Katy Perry Teenage Dream Makeup

Katy Perry dresses like it is Halloween all of the time, so why not dress like Katy Perry for Halloween? This Katy Perry teenage dream makeup tutorial is just right for Halloween!

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Fairy Makeup

Photo Credit: Popsugar

Gorgeous and a little bit spooky, this fairy makeup would be perfect for Halloween.


Mime Makeup

Photo Credit: eeriezone.com

This Halloween mime makeup is simple enough that it would be really easy to recreate. It is also incredibly stunning!

Eerie Zone

Raven Makeup

A raven is the perfect Halloween bird, so why not dress as this spooky bird for Halloween. Using this tutorial, you can create a gorgeous spooky raven Halloween costume.

Girl Loves Glam

Electric Eyeshadow

Photo Credit: www.instagram.com

Electric eyeshadow would be easy to create to go from daytime makeup to nighttime Halloween party. Add different colored eyeliner to your existing shadow and your look will be taken to a whole new electric level.


Mermaid Makeup

Photo Credit: www.hgtv.com

Look like a sea goddess with this mermaid makeup tutorial. Using netting and cool toned makeup, this tutorial is easy to recreate!


Owl Makeup Tutorial

Photo Credit: blog.modcloth.com

This owl makeup would be relatively simple to recreate. The feathers could be found at a craft store and it doesn't use overly complicated makeup techniques.


Giraffe Halloween Makeup

Photo Credit: www.youtube.com

Put your hair in two tall buns and throw some spots on your face... voila, you are a giraffe! I love how simple this giraffe Halloween makeup look is, but it makes a lot of impact!

Nicole Renard

Comic Book Character Makeup

Photo Credit: IdieHDesign

A classic comic book look, with the ability to still look gorgeous! This polka dot comic book character makeup is perfect for Halloween, or Comic Con!


Spider Makeup

Photo Credit: www.instagram.com

Gorgeous and creepy spider makeup is perfect for any Halloween party.


Fox Makeup

Photo Credit: www.thewonderforest.com

This fox makeup is simple enough that just about anyone could recreate it, but it looks like a legitimate Halloween costume!

Wonder Forest


Halloween Hair and Makeup Tutorials on www.girllovesglam.com


Fabulous Halloween Hair Tutorials:

Cinderella Hair and Makeup Maleficent Hair Tutorial Spider Hairstyle

Cinderella Hair Tutorial | Maleficent Hair TutorialSilly Spider HairdoMummy Hairstyle

Elsa Braid Spider Web Hairstyle Princess Jasmine Hairstyle Princess Anna Hairstyle

Elsa Braid TutorialSpider Web HairstylePrincess Jasmine HairstylePrincess Anna Hairstyle

Kitty Ears Hair Tutorial Nest Hair Tutorial Pumpkin Bun Hairstyle Cat Ears Hair tutorial

Kitty Ears/Horns TutorialHair Nest TutorialPumpkin Bun Hair TutorialBraided Cat Ears Hairstyle

Beehive Halloween Hairstyle Bride of Frankenstein Hairstyle fauxhawk Lioness Hair Tutorial

Beehive Halloween Hair TutorialBride of Frankenstein HairstyleBraided Faux HawkLioness Fun Frizz

Viking Braids Downton Abbey Hairstyle Katniss Braid Minnie Mouse Buns

Viking BraidsDownton Abbey HairstyleKatniss Braid HairstyleMinnie Mouse Hairstyle 

Vintage Vixen Hairstyle

Vintage Vixen Hairstyle

Amazing Halloween Makeup Tutorials:

fox-makeup-tutorial Comic Book Makeup Mermaid Makeup Owl Makeup Tutorial

Fox Makeup TutorialComic Book Character MakeupMermaid Makeup  | Owl Makeup Tutorial

Halloween Fairy Makeup Queen of Hearts Makeup Sugar Skull Makeup Tutorial Ghost Makeup

Fairy MakeupQueen of Hearts MakeupSugar Skull Makeup for BeginnersGorgeous Ghost Makeup

Lion Makeup Cleopatra Makeup Day of the Dead Makeup Maleficent Makeup

Lion MakeupCleopatra MakeupDay of the Dead MakeupMaleficent Makeup 

Cat Makeup Zombie Bride Lorax Makeup Geisha Makeup for Halloween

Cat Makeup TutorialZombie Bride MakeupThe Lorax Makeup TutorialGeisha Makeup Tutorial

Modern Witch Edgey Eyeshadow Look Dark Grunge Makeup

Modern WitchEdgy Eyeshadow TutorialDark Grunge Makeup

Aren’t these all fabulous? I would love to hear what you are going to be for Halloween!


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