50 Halloween Hair and Makeup Tutorials

I L-O-V-E Halloween! I am obsessed with the seeing the creativity that can go into costumes and I wanted to collect a compilation of some of my favorites that I have seen around online. They are goooood! Here are 50 Halloween hair and makeup tutorials that you do not want to miss!

Halloween Hair and Makeup Tutorials on www.girllovesglam.com

Fabulous Halloween Hair Tutorials:

Cinderella Hair Tutorial

Maleficent Hair Tutorial

Spider Hairstyle

Silly Spider Hairdo

Mummy Hairstyle

Elsa Braid

Elsa Braid Tutorial

Spider Web Hairstyle

Princess Jasmine Hairstyle

Princess Anna Hairstyle

Kitty Ears Hair Tutorial

Kitty Ears/Horns Tutorial

Nest Hair Tutorial

Hair Nest Tutorial

Medusa Hair Tutorial

Pumpkin Bun Hair Tutorial

Rockability Roll Pin Up Girl Hairstyle

Cat Ears Hair tutorial

Braided Cat Hears Hairstyle

Beehive Halloween Hairstyle

Beehive Halloween Hair Tutorial

Bride of Frankenstein Hairstyle


Braided Faux Hawk (This one would be so fun if you are dressing up as a rockstar!)

Lioness Fun Frizz

Viking Braids

Downton Abbey Hairstyle

Downton Abbey Hairstyle

Katniss Braid

Katniss Braid Hairstyle

Glitter Hair

Minnie Mouse Hairstyle I have a tutorial for this as well if you don’t want them to be as large and in charge. You can find it HERE.

Vintage Vixen Hairstyle

Amazing Halloween Makeup Tutorials:


Fox Makeup Tutorial

Comic Book Makeup

Comic Book Character Makeup

Mermaid Makeup

Owl Makeup Tutorial

Owl Makeup Tutorial

Fairy Makeup


Queen of Hearts Makeup

Queen of Hearts Makeup

Gatsby Girl Makeup


Sugar Skull Makeup Tutorial

Sugar Skull Makeup for Beginners

Ghost Makeup

Gorgeous Ghost Makeup

Leopard Makeup Tutorial

Leopard Makeup Tutorial

Lion Makeup

Cleopatra Makeup

Day of the Dead Makeup

Maleficent Makeup 

Effie Trinket Makeup

Effie Trinket Makeup Tutorial

Cat Makeup

Cat Makeup Tutorial

Scarecrow Makeup

Half Skull Makeup

Zombie Bride Makeup

Lorax Makeup

The Lorax Makeup Tutorial

Geisha Makeup Tutorial

Purple Ombre Lips

Modern Witch

Edgey Eyeshadow Look

Edgy Eyeshadow Tutorial

Dark Grunge Makeup

Aren’t these all fabulous? I would love to hear what you are going to be for Halloween!


  1. Love these! You remind me how much I miss doing hair for special events. I want to try some of those makeup tutorials.

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