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My love for makeup is strong. I love trying new brands, styles, looks and sharing it all right here. I am an open book about products I love and hate and why.

Trying new things with beauty can be scary. If it wasn’t for my album cover series, I never would’ve tried black lipstick. I used it for one of my looks and got hooked! Now it is something that I occasionally rock and love the way it looks.

Sharing makeup looks with my readers and walking them through the process is something I really enjoy. Showing a quick Five minute makeup routine, or showing you a Glam fall makeup look so you can make it work for you is what I am all about.

While you can find tutorials, you can also find makeup reviews. Find out what I love and what I didn’t love so much. See tips and tricks to help you feel more confident. Find nail looks that are easy for anyone to do. Learn to take care of your skin with the section devoted to skincare.