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I love playing around with makeup and creating new Makeup Looks. However, I realize that isn’t something everyone enjoys or even understands! I love sharing how to do simple tricks you can include in your routine (like a soft classic smokey eye) to more detailed and intricate looks (like Valentine’s date makeup). You will find a good variety of tips and tricks here.

A while back I did a series called a month of makeup where I shared different looks that everyone should have in their arsenal. Keep it simple with a nude eye bold lip, or be bold with an ombre eye tutorial.

I love doing makeovers and have done a handful of those on Girl Loves Glam as well. When my friend Christi asked me to help her glam up her look “A Makeover” was born! I did some of my blogging besties and had a blast!

You can find some of my favorite products, my routines for keeping my makeup simple or glamming it up for a date night right here.