Current Favorite Shoes I’m Wearing Non Stop

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I am always curious what people’s current favorites are. You can be totally obsessed with something and then it starts to change and turn into something else. So before my current favorites change, I wanted to share 4 pairs of shoes that have been on constant repeat lately. Warning, if you don’t want to feel like you ABSOLUTELY need another (or another four) pairs of shoes, don’t continue reading because I know that is what is going to happen!

Sam Edelman Clay Wedge

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How to Wear a Dress with Sneakers

There is nothing that makes me feel more like a stylish mom on the go than wearing a dress with sneakers. I love that the dress makes me feel a little more polished, but I have the ease to move around in tennis shoes.

How to wear a dress with sneakers on

There are a few things that I have learned about wearing a dress with tennis shoes that will help you look like it all goes together.  [Read more…]

Finding Stylish and Practical Style

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I can honestly say that I have never taken to the internet to see how to wear a specific style of clothing. I have always just kind of trusted my gut and dressed in a way that makes me feel confident, but also fits my lifestyle. I can’t help but notice the amount of pictures I see on social media of moms wearing insanely high heels who are chasing after their kids. That just doesn’t seem authentic in any way. I can’t relate to that at all. I love a good heel, but it has got to be practical too. I would call my overall style practical and stylish. I wear things that I feel good in, but I can also play on a playground in my clothes.

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What I Wore: Exiting my comfort zone

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Sometimes I decide to do something brave. I am not usually one who chickens out when it comes to trying new pieces of clothing, but there are a few trends that I shy away from. I haven’t really learned to embrace the tighter fitting dresses that have become popular. I have always worried that it would make me look enormous.  [Read more…]

What I Wore: Mother Daughter Date

Simply Sage Market Summer Fashion for Mom and Preschooler on

This summer will be the year mark of when we moved to this area. It has been an interesting move for us. We moved from a city of about 60,000 people to a town of about 8,000 people. Our old house was out in the country and we felt SO far away from everything! We were actually only 15 minutes away from just about everything we could need. Here, we drive over an hour to get to Costco, Target, etc. It was been kind of a crazy change for us! For several months, I kind of pouted about it. I missed my old life, old friends, and being close to my family. It wasn’t until [Read more…]

Perfect Summer Nights Outfit

Perfect Summer Nights Outfit on

Summertime is all about the summer nights for me. I love how long the sun stays up, the chill of the summer breeze, and the fun activities that happen in the evenings. I have big plans of attending many BBQ’s and a lot of the free concerts they offer in my area this summer. Putting together an outfit for a summer night is all about light layers, while keeping the feeling [Read more…]

LulaRoe: Cutest Clothes with Work from Home Opportunity!

I have been a fan of LulaRoe for a long time. I didn’t get the opportunity to buy anything from LulaRoe until I spoke at an expo last year. One of the vendors there was an independent LulaRoe business owner and I was SO excited to finally get to shop! I got the cutest black and white dress. I have worn it to several events and as an everyday dress. I have been able to style it several ways too. It is my favorite dress by far. I remember leaving that expo and calling my mom. I told her all about how cute the clothes were and that we had to find someone who could become an independent LulaRoe business owner! Both my mom and I were in careers that we enjoyed and it wasn’t something that would be right for us, but I wanted to find someone who would do it, so I could support them and buy these amazing clothes from them. Sadly, I forgot to really look into it after that day.

I was approached by Sadi, an independent LulaRoe business owner about reviewing an outfit on my blog and I was thrilled!

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Sassy Date Night Looks

Photography by: Christine Marie Studios

I love getting dressed up for date night. It is one night that I can wear clothes and not have to worry about a toddler wiping her messy hands on me. I think it is important to dress up for you spouse to remind them of the person that you probably were when you were dating and didn’t have to worry about messy hands!

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Outerwear Eye Candy

One of the best parts about the weather turning chilly is the beautiful outerwear that is available! I am a total sucker for coats, jackets, vests, you name it! If it is outerwear, I love it! That’s why when I checked out the Andrew Marc website, I couldn’t help but be completely inspired by all of the gorgeous pieces they have.

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The Only Way I Buy Designer Clothes

I have said it a million times. I will probably say it a million more. I am a cheapo. I can’t get myself to spend a lot of money on certain things. Clothes falls into that category for me. The problem is that I kind of have expensive taste. I like nice clothes because I know they will last longer and I love the details that come with nicer clothes that you just don’t get when you shop at more affordable stores. My designer loving dreams came true when I learned about the online designer consignment store, Twice.

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