Dream Believe Achieve

Dream Believe Achieve Tee Look

Believing in yourself is something that nobody can give to you, or take away. When you believe in yourself, incredible things can happen. Believing in one’s self is contagious. Nothing is more inspiring to me than to see someone who truly loves who they are and believes in what they are doing. That passion helps fire my desires to be a better human being. Dreams become a reality.

Dream Believe Achieve Styled look

I knew I had to have this shirt when I saw it on LookMazing. If you have days that you feel discouraged, sometimes it is best to have a positive mantra right on your shirt to remind you of who you are and what you plan to achieve.

I am pretty excited because I was selected to compete in a Who Wore It Best contest on LookMazing! It is a fashion and beauty focused social shopping site where bloggers and shoppers can connect. You can get rewards for creating looks on there that you can redeem for items on your wishlist from LookMazing’s 250+ partner retailers.

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Spring Fashion Now + Here

I am a member of the Collective Bias®  Social Fabric® Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper amplification for Collective Bias and its advertiser. #ThisisStyle #CollectiveBias

I love keeping up with the latest fashion trends, but sometimes that can turn into a really expensive “hobby” to have. Thankfully, I was able to find the most amazing new line at Sears called Here + Now that lets me be fashionable, without breaking the bank. They are adding new items every week that are totally fabulous.

Now + Here Style with Sears #Shop

I got this adorable jacket, shirt, and boyfriend jeans all for under $60. Can you even believe it? They are priced at incredible prices and have great sales on them often, on top of those great prices.

Sears Now + Here Look #Shop

I hadn’t ever tried boyfriend jeans until these jeans and I have to say, I love the loose fit! I was worried that they would make me feel like a balloon and that wasn’t the case at all. They actually made me feel comfortable, chic, and skinny! Bonus!

Sears Style Now + Here #Shop

Sears wants their shoppers to be involved in the Now + Here collection too! The Sears Now + Here Designer Sketch is happening April 4-25. They are looking for a great design to put on a gray t-shirt that will be sold in Sears stores for Fall 2014. To enter, you must be a Shop Your Way member and you must submit your sketch to them HERE. The winner will receive the t-shirt and $500 in SYW points to shop Sears Apparel.

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What spring trends are you loving these days?

Sears Now + Here #Shop


Casual Sweater and Printed Leggings

Casual Sweater and Printed Leggings look on www.girllovesglam.com

You know that outfit? The one you wear when you can’t figure out anything else to wear? The one that is comfortable, yet stylish? I found my new “go to” outfit. It is everything I need in an easy to wear outfit when I am in a hurry, or can’t figure out what to wear that day.

Casual look with sweater and printed Agnes and Dora leggings on www.girllovesglam.com

Top: c/o To Adorn | Leggings: c/o Agnes and Dora | Wood Sunglasses: wholesale (if you want to purchase some, let me know) | Necklace: c/o Anjolee | Ring: Recessionista | Shoes: Converse

I totally feel like me in this outfit. I love this sweater from To Adorn. It is tight in the right places, and loose where I need it to be. I love checking out their deals they post daily and snagging up great pieces like this sweater.

Anjolee Necklace


Of course, no outfit is complete without the accessories. This necklace is especially important to me because it is a garnet stone. That is my daughter and my husband’s birthstone. I think it makes the outfit extra special by having something near and dear to my heart like this necklace included. This necklace comes from Anjolee. It is a jewelry company who specializes in customized jewelry like this riviera necklace. You can choose different gem stones, or gorgeous diamonds to go in their jewelry. They are perfect because they can fit anyone’s style.

Wood Sunglasses


I have been dying to own wood sunglasses for a while now. I found these gems through a wholesaler I order from. I love that they can go with any outfit. I am pretty much obsessed. If you want a pair, shoot me an email and I can order some for you.

sweater and printed leggings outfit on www.girllovesglam.com


What is your go to outfit like? Do you go for classic? Comfortable?

WIW: Skirts and Skate Parks

 Photo credit: Ann Jones of Cliq Photography. Find her on Facebook and on Instagram @ann_cliqphotography

Casual top with fancy skirt on www.girllovesglam.com

 Let me start by telling you how obsessed I am with this look. I adore how a casual t-shirt can pair with a big, fluffy, fancy skirt. This shirt and skirt pair perfectly. Once the accessories are added, everything comes together like a match made in heaven. I also love it when my photographer has the crazy idea of doing a photo shoot in the middle of a skate park. I mean, who does that? I stood in the middle of the skate park as teenagers did kick flips and 50/50 grinds around me. I got some strange looks, but it was totally worth it in the end. I love how these photos turned out with all of the concrete around. Ann knows what she is doing and I am so grateful for her for her vision!

Gold Foiled Heart Tee from Style Lately on www.girllovesglam.com

 Let’s talk about the shirt first. I love how shiny the gold heart is on this shirt. It is perfect because it is easy to dress up or dress down. It would be cute with a pair of jeans, with leggings and a long cardigan, and with a fancy skirt! This shirt is from Style Lately. You can find it, HERE.

Redstar Sunglasses

 These sunglasses are by far the nicest, highest quality sunglasses I have ever owned. They are from RedStar. I love how chic they look and feel. You can find them HERE. Here is the extra cool part… RedStar is offering a free $500 gift card to my readers for sunglasses too! You just have to pay shipping and handling for them. Use the code “MTA14” to receive the $500 Redstar giftcard. These are really nice quality sunglasses. Jump on that deal! You can choose any of THESE sunglasses to use your $500 gift card for.

Polka dot Betsey Johnson Purse

The purse was a purchase from my trip to NYC. I got this lovely at Century 21. I knew I loved it from the moment I set eyes on it from across the room. As soon as I saw who made it, I knew that it was destiny. This is a Betsey Johnson purse. I have Betsey Johnson luggage that I already love so I knew I needed this purse too. It has already become the best purse I have ever owned in my entire life. It is perfect in every way. The bracelet is from Apple of My Eye (it is sold out, but they have other gorgeous bracelets too).

t-shirt with fancy skirt. The perfect look for spring.

 The skirt came from Romwe. I have coveted over that skirt for a long time. I finally decided to bite the bullet and get it before it was gone. It totally reminds me of Alice in Wonderland. I feel like I could party right along with the Mad Hatter. It brings a lot of whimsical qualities to every outfit I style it in. I love it! The shoes are from Aldo (6 years ago). There are some similar ones HERE. I wore these shoes on my wedding day. I still love them to this day.

How to Style Your Perfect Date Night Outfit

How to Style Your Perfect Date Night Outfit

 I want to dedicate this post to all of you who believe in a little thing called love. When you love somebody, you should love them unconditionally, right? That means you love them no matter how they look. Am I correct? Well, yes I am correct in that BUT it is also important to still impress the one you love too! Especially if you are a mom. Chances are, you don’t dress up for your man much if you have kids going to basketball practice and getting potty trained. That is why dressing up for date night is so important to help keep the fantasy and romance alive! Can I get an amen?!

I have come up with five tips to help you create your perfect date night look. Because let’s face it, we all have different styles and you might not want to create a look just like mine. That is the great thing about fashion! It can be customized to your style.

How to create a date night outfit

1. Show Off Your Best Feature- Yes, that arrow is pointing to my bum! I chose to show off my backside a little more in this outfit for a few reasons. The first being the fact that I know that my husband loves when I do wear clothing that shows it off a little more. Since I am dressing up for date night with him, I am going to show that off a little more. Another reason I chose that area is because I know that this skirt does wonders for it! My advice to you, is to choose one feature that you know your significant other loves and show it off a little bit. This doesn’t mean you have to wear a low cut top that will make jaws drop! Think of an area you want to show off, then think of what you can wear to show it off while still keeping the look classy. Something else to keep in mind is to only choose one area to feature. You don’t want your outfit to be confusing to anyone.

2. Be Yourself- If you know me at all, you know I have an unhealthy addiction to geometric prints. I love them. My favorite geometric print is houndstooth. By bringing the houndstooth print into my outfit, I automatically feel like myself. Bring at least one element into your outfit that makes you feel like yourself. You are the person that man fell in love with in the first place. Embrace who you are! You could choose your favorite color, wear your favorite lipstick, or keep your hair pulled back out of your face. Whatever it is that is going to make you feel like yourself!

3. Dress Up- We seem to live in a confusing time. I feel like I can go to Target and see people dressed in their sweats and other people dressed like they are about to go to New York Fashion Week. Dressing down seems to be more and more popular, while at the same time I feel like dressing up is becoming a major trend too. No matter how you dress normally, when it comes to date night, it shouldn’t look like the scene does at Target. It should be all the same. Dressed up! This doesn’t mean you have to wear nylons and your 6 inch heels. Think of where you are going for date night and plan accordingly. If you are going to a movie, maybe try wearing a nice pair of jeans with some adorable heels. Any situation can be dressed up a little bit. It is important for your man to feel like you are making a little extra effort for him. He’ll feel like a million dollars, and so will you!

4. Add an Element of Surprise- I always love adding a little surprise element when it comes to styling outfits. I think it keeps outfits interesting and makes it easy to switch up so you feel like you are wearing something different every time you wear an outfit. For this outfit, I chose the black tights with gold polka dots as my element of surprise. Those tights wouldn’t necessarily be a surprise element in every outfit, but because I already have a print in this outfit, these tights serve as my element of surprise. If you are nervous about mixing prints or colors, try wearing jewelry that doesn’t match perfectly with each other or with the outfit. I know that sounds strange, but I promise it works! I always just think of it as mixing hard with soft. If you are wearing a frilly shirt, maybe try wearing a more modern, edgy bracelet. If you are wearing a rhinestone necklace, try wearing some small bright colored earrings. The element of surprise doesn’t have to be big, but it does wonders to keep your outfit interesting.

5. Complete the Look From Head to Toe- It would be such a shame to style a perfect outfit for a date night only to just go on your date without completing the look. Complete your date night look by doing your hair and makeup, wearing jewelry, and spritzing yourself with a little perfume. It is all in the little details. While doing your hair and makeup, focus on staying true to yourself while vamping up your look a little bit. Try wearing a darker eye shadow or lipstick. Your significant other may not be able to put his finger down on what exactly it is that is different about you, but you will know deep down that it is all of those little details that makes the difference!

Winter Date Night Outfit

You can do this! Go enjoy your dates and don’t forget to dress to impress that man of yours!

How did your date go? What did you wear? Share it with us!

What I Wore: Spring Dress with Colorful Accents

Gray pleated dress for Spring

Spring is coming! Although there is snow on the ground one day, and bright sunny skies the next day here in Idaho, there is hope in the air for warm weather coming soon.

Sammy Dress Spring Look

What do you get most excited for about Spring? The warm weather? The flowers blooming? The Spring fashion?

Gray pleated dress Spring Look

I love mixing a neutral color with bright neon and deep colors. This outfit embraces all of that.

Spring Dress with Neon Accents

Dress: Sammy Dress | Belt: TJ Maxx | Tights: TJ Maxx | Booties: Target | Bracelets: JoAnn

WIW: To Adorn

Photo credit for all photos: Cliq Photography

I know it isn’t my usual day to post outfit posts, but I just couldn’t wait to show you all of the goodness I got to try from To Adorn!

Cheetah Print Legging Outfit

If you haven’t ever heard of To Adorn, it is a daily deal site that features products from individual boutiques for great prices. They have clothing, home decor, and handmade items too! They sent me some goodies to try out and I can’t wait to show them off to you.

First up, the Cheetah print leggings. These leggings are so soft and they are thick enough that you can’t see right through them. That is a winning combination in my book!

Winter Transitioning to Spring Outfit

Shirt: H&M | Scarf: Target | Leggings: c/o To Adorn | Boots: Target | Bracelet: c/o Sage and Harper | Ring: Target

Layered Look that can transition from Winter to Spring

Second, is this green and black chevron scarf! I love infinity scarves. I love the way they wrap around and make me feel nice and cozy. I own a lot of scarves, but not any in this color combination. I was happy to add this to my collection! This green color is a dream!

Chevron Scarf To Adorn

Green and Black Chevron Scarf

Scarf: c/o To Adorn | Shirt: H&M | Bracelet: c/o One Little Belt | Ring: Recessionista

Next up, This fun layered sweater. I haven’t ever been a fan of sweaters that are connected with shirts to make them look layered, but I like that this one looks more natural. It doesn’t look sewn in at all. I also love how long the back panel of the shirt is. It went perfectly with my faux leather leggings.

To adorn Sweater

P.S. The photo you are about to see is the face that my photographer gets from me sometimes. Probably most of the time. Maybe that is why people probably think I am a brat. Isn’t that the brattiest face you have ever seen? Okay, now I am embarrassed. Maybe don’t even look at the picture.

Sweater and Faux Leather Leggings

Sweater: c/o To Adorn | Leggings: Sears | Shoes: Ross

Pfew! Glad we are done looking at that photo! The last item To Adorn sent is this perfect flannel shirt. It is literally perfect. I love flannel shirts right now because of just how easy they are to layer. They are so easy to layer on top of and under other shirts. It went weirdly perfect with my favorite Ninja Turtles shirt.

Flannel Shirt Casual Look

Ring: Romwe | Bracelet: Sage and Harper

Plaid shirt Ninja Turtle

Flannel shirt: c/o To Adorn | Ninja Turtle shirt: Kohl’s | Jeans: Hudson | Shoes: Ross

Overall, I was really impressed with the quality of all of these items. I can’t wait to continue styling them with other items in my closet! Have you ever shopped on To Adorn?


WIW: Lipstick, Heels, and Late Nights

Style Lately Top

After I going out of town as often as I have lately, it is nice to just be home again. I can enjoy my own space and keep to myself.

leather blazer outfit

Maybe it is just me, but I like to dress up even on days that I know that I will be home all day. I like to feel like I accomplished something. Even if that is just getting ready for the day. I especially like dressing up after I have been traveling. Traveling always brings out the worst in the diet and exercise plan. It is a good reminder for me to kick things back into gear when I take off the travel sweats and put on jeans again. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t keep the heels on all day. That was mostly for the pictures. I just didn’t think you would appreciate seeing my toes with chipped polish right now.

Lipstick Heels and Late Nights

Faux leather blazer: Marshall’s | Shirt c/o: Style Lately | Jeans: Hudson | Booties: Target | Necklace c/o: Style Lately | Ring: JoAnn’s

What do you like to wear after you have been traveling?

Vintage Inspired Flirty Winter Look

All photo credit: Cliq Photography by Ann. Check her out on Facebook and Instagram @ann_cliqphotography

Vintage Inspired Winter Look on www.girllovesglam.com

I love all things vintage inspired. That is why I absolutely fell in love with this outfit once I put it all together.

Vintage Inspired Photo Shoot Love at First Bite Raspberry Drink

I was lucky enough to have this photo shoot at the lovely Love at First Bite. It was the perfect place to shoot this outfit. The flirty flair of the outfit fit the amazing spunk that is Love at First Bite.

Love at First Bite Almond Joy Cupcake

I mean, who gets to take photos in a cute flirty outfit AND eat delicious cupcakes, drinks, macarons at the same time? Love at First Bite is the absolute perfect place to shop for gifts too! They have everything from cooking oils to Abraham Lincoln bandages!

Vintage Inspired Flirty Winter Look

Now let’s talk outfit details. I just added this lovely dress from SheInside to my wardrobe and it may just be my new favorite piece of clothing. I love that the polka dots aren’t actually dots. They are rectangles, giving the dress the perfect modern twist. The coat is a newer addition to my wardrobe that I still can’t get over. I get compliments on it every time I wear it. The coral belt adds the perfect pop of color and the shoes are a long time favorite that has the exact amount of vintage inspiration I was looking for. The fleece lined leggings are a must when it comes to Idaho winters. It makes this outfit practical to wear in the bitter cold.

Love at First Bite Raspberry Cupcake

Now who is up for a cupcake GNO with me?

She Inside Polka Dot Vintage Inspired Dress

Coat: Romwe (sold out) | Dress c/o: SheInside | Leggings: Very Jane | Belt: Pick Your Plum | Glasses: Glasses USA | Shoes: Steve Madden

What is your perfect “go to” flirty winter look?

WIW: Dressed Up Grunge Look

First of all, mad props to my killer amazing photographer, Ann! Check out Cliq Photography on her site, Facebook, and Instagram!

If you are a longtime reader, or even just a not so longtime reader, you have probably noticed a few things about  me.

1. I am obsessed with geometric prints.

2. I love all things beauty.

3. I neglect my family so I can blog. Err… Did I say that out loud?

4. I thoroughly enjoy mixing up styles into one outfit. My heart warms every time I can find a perfect pair between hard and soft when it comes to my wardrobe.

Well today, we are focusing on number four on that list.

How to easily mix different styles to come up with the perfect dressed up grunge look.

When it comes to mixing styles, textures, or prints (or maybe all of the above like I did with this look), it is important to stick with one overall theme and then mix it up from there. You don’t want it to look like a hot mess. You want it to look planned but effortless. My theme for this look was grunge. I love a good grungy look that still looks polished. When mixing textures, this can be tricky and can use some practice. Try a few different pieces on to see how you feel with each of them on. My favorite thing is to throw in a fun print to an outfit to really mix things up. Add a print in a small way, but make sure it really pops! I chose my shoes.

Dressed Up Grunge Layered Look

Dressed up chiffon top

The perfect metallic turban for Fall and Winter

Metallic Turban c/o: Navy Perl |Chiffon Top c/o: Recycled Consign and Design | Jeans: Hudson | Vest c/o: Kohl’s