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YouTube Monday: Be The Good

YouTube Monday: Be The Good

Be the Good. How will you spread goodness? on

Every once and a while, I am contacted about something that truly touches my heart. That is exactly what happened when I was asked to join in on the “Be The Good” movement that Cents of Style and Jane are kicking off today. Courtney, the founder of Cents of Style has got to be the most kind, genuine person around. You won’t ever see her without a smile on her face and she really does work to be the good in the world. That is why she decided to design a shirt that would spread the message that she is so passionate about living each day.

Be the Good in the World Shirt

How can you be the good? Is it through serving your neighbor that you maybe have a hart time with? Is it by paying for someone’s groceries who is clearly struggling? Is it by sacrificing your cherished Project Runway time to go and play outside with your kids? What is it that you can do to better the lives of the people around you? I talked about what I did as my “Be the Good” challenge in this week’s YouTube Monday video.

Cents of Style and Jane are challenging everyone to the “Be the Good” challenge! How it works, is you will go out and perform some act of service. Take a picture how you are choosing to be the good and put it on some form of social media, using the hashtags #BeTheGood #JaneCares and #CentsofStyle and when you post your picture, make sure to challenge 1-5 friends to join the “Be the Good” movement too! They have 24 hours to be the good in the world and share it too. The hope is to spread goodness throughout the world and inspire people to be good to others all of the time after they have made a conscious decision to be the good with the challenge. There is a page dedicated to the Be The Good challenge that you can see if you have been featured on and see how other people are joining in too! Go to to see all of the goodness!

Be the Good Kindness movement

This Be the Good shirt can be found on Cents of Style and starting today it is on a special deal on Jane too! Make sure to check out the Jane deal HERE and if they are sold out, go get yourself one on Cents of Style HERE! They are spreading goodness by using the sales of these shirts to help raise money for Girls, Inc, a nonprofit that is dedicated to empowering girls to be strong, smart, and bold.

Be the Good

Are you going to join the Be The Good challenge? How will you be spreading goodness?

Wednesday 17th of September 2014

Thank you for accepting our #BeTheGood challenge! The little things can make such a big difference in someone's life!

Cents of Style

Monday 15th of September 2014

I love this! Sometimes the best changes we can make our the little ones in our own lives. Thanks for sharing!

Bloggers Be Good · Jane Blog

Monday 15th of September 2014

[…] McKenzie discusses her thoughts about #BeTheGood in her Monday YouTube video. She makes small, yet VERY important, goals to improve her day. I’m not gonna lie… these are powerful tips and I know they help me too! Go watch McKenzie’s video on her blog right now and follow her advice. […]

Nat & Holly

Monday 15th of September 2014

You are so amazing! I love this SO much, because I feel the same way - that I could use a little more of "being the good" at home! I can totally relate and I need to go to bed earlier and wake up earlier too! Thanks for sharing this great challenge! I'll hurry and wash my shirt and get thinking of what I'm going to do ;) Love ya! (Nat)