WIW: Pineapple Jumper Outfit

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Once in a blue moon, the heavens align and the perfect outfit is born. It is even more special when that outfit is actually just once piece of clothing. For me, my perfect outfit is currently this pineapple jumper. [Read more…]

Green Lace Maxi Summer Dress Outfit

Photo credit: Cliq Photography by Ann

Welcome to my secret garden! I love this lace maxi dress so much.

Green Maxi Dress Outfit on www.girllovesglam.com


This dress has quickly become a favorite of mine. I love that I can wear it with some gladiator sandals during the summer, but I feel like I will totally be able to pull it off during the winter too if I pair it with a blazer or something. [Read more…]

Awesome Outdoor Games

Kids can’t wait for summer to be here, but once it comes the only thing that seems to come out of their mouth is how bored they are! This can be so frustrating for moms! Even with friends over, kids can have a difficult time coming up with activities to do. Here are five awesome outdoor games that my husband used to play with his students when he taught 6th grade. He used these games in his P.E. class and his students loved them! These games would be great activities at a family reunion too!

Awesome Outdoor Games for the summer on www.girllovesglam.com [Read more…]

Summertime Finger Painting Ideas

Now that summer is officially upon us, kids seem to think they need to be busy all of the time! My daughter is 3 years old and even though she isn’t on a summer break from a normal school routine like a lot of kids are, she still seems to get the summer boredom. That is so hard on moms! I love to let her play outside, but sometimes it is too hot to play outside.

I like to have a few backup activities that can be done inside on the days that are too hot to go outside. One of these activities is finger painting! I feel like finger painting is something that children of many ages can enjoy. It brings a whole new level of creativity for kids when they can get their hands dirty! To stick with a summer theme, I came up with two different summer finger painting ideas that are pictures your kids can create.

Summertime Finger Painting Ideas on www.girllovesglam.com [Read more…]

Essential Summer Accessories

I have been all about my accessories this summer. They aren’t my typical accessories though. I don’t love wearing a lot of jewelry during the heat of the summer, so I find other ways to accessorize instead!

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Casual Boho Outfit

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This summer has been a hot one! I have quickly learned that dresses and skirts help me stay cool more so than shorts do. I love when I can find a skirt that I can still move around in freely while staying cool too. I have my new favorite summertime outfit!

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Summer Hunt Preschool Activity

This post is sponsored by HP Instant Ink. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

I remember when my family got our first printer. It was really big and we had to use the printer paper with the holes in the sides of it that were all connected together in order to use it. The thing I remember most about it was how loud it was! It was loud and it seemed to take forever to print anything in black and white. Printers have come a long way since then. I love having the ability to print in color, at my house, without fancy paper, and in seconds! Technology is a beautiful thing! The only thing that has kept me from printing a lot of the things I would like to is the ink. I hate going to the store to buy more ink! It is an unexpected expense that I seem to have to make a special trip to the store for. There have been numerous times that I have wanted to print something, but decided against it because it would use too much ink. Have you ever found yourself saying things that you know that your own mother said word for word? I remember my mom telling me I couldn’t print something because it would use too much ink. These exact words seem to escape from my lips every, single day with my daughter.

Well, guess what? I will NEVER run out of ink again and it is a beautiful thing! HP Instant Ink is a program that HP created that you can sign up for and your printer can instantly tell HP when it is running low on ink. The ink shows up on your doorstep and you don’t ever even have to order the ink. It saves you up to 50% on ink and saves you a trip to the store!

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Watch the video all about our HP Instant Ink journey and how it will change everything for us now that we will never run out of ink.

To celebrate the ability to print out whatever we want, I made a fun summer hunt preschool activity printable!

Summer Hunt Preschool Activity Printable on www.girllovesglam.com

I don’t have to tell my daughter that printing out activities would take too much ink anymore! She has loved printing out her games that she plays online and I have loved printing off different preschool activities for us to do together, like this summer hunt.

Get your own summer hunt printable [Read more…]

Berry Orange Creamsicle Frozen Pops

We made these berry orange creamsicle frozen pops and had fun in the sun with Banana Boat as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars #BestSummerEver

The official beginning of summer has just started and the heat has been nearly unbearable! We don’t have air conditioning, so we find ourselves sitting in front of fans while we suck on cold popsicles. I have really gotten into making different varieties of frozen pops and I think I may have found my new favorite recipe! Berry Orange Creamsicle Frozen Pops are a family favorite around our house.

Berry Orange Creamsicle Frozen Pops on www.girllovesglam.com

We eat up these delicious frozen goodies almost as fast as they can freeze!  [Read more…]

Summertime Beauty Secrets

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of St.Ives. The opinions and text are all mine.

Summertime is all about easy beauty rituals that can make you feel great, but not weighed down by the time commitment of getting ready for the day or the stress of your look staying the way it needs to look all day long with the summer heat. I put together a few of my summertime beauty secrets and I hope they help you too!

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5 Awesome Sidewalk Chalk Activities

We played these sidewalk chalk games and had fun in the sun with Banana Boat as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars #BestSummerEver

5 Awesome Sidewalk Chalk Activities

5 Awesome Sidewalk Chalk Activities on www.girllovesglam.com

Last week we were freezing, getting huge amounts of rain. This week has been crazy hot! That is what the weather likes to do to us in Idaho. As soon as the sun comes out, we all want to be outside! We have the sweetest neighbor kids who like to come over and play with my daughter and I wanted to come up with some fun sidewalk chalk activities that they could all play together and that the parents could even get involved in! Here are 5 sidewalk chalk activities that will keep your family busy this summer!

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