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Album Cover Makeup is one of my very favorite series that I do here on my site. Makeup and music are two of my passions. Combining them was one of the best ideas that I ever had!
I talk about my love for music a lot, but there are so many albums out there that have shaped my love.

Twenty One Pilots Trench inspired makeup: album cover makeup was the first album I did to kick off the series. They are one of my very favorite bands. Pulling in details of the cover into my makeup was a fun way to stretch my creative muscles.

Johnny Cash inspired makeup: album cover makeup is maybe one of the more unexpected albums in the category. I didn’t listen to Johnny growing up, but fell in love with his music in high school.

I listen to just about every type of music out there, I am so glad I found this outlet as a way to share that love and express myself creatively as well.