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Do you or your kids have curly hair? While curls can be hard to manage and tend to be dry and tangle easily, they are also gorgeous! Curls can be a lot easier to manage than you may think with the right products, techniques and hairstyles.

Want to learn some hairstyles that will look amazing with your curls? Try the Waterfall braid for curly hair or the twist knot bun hair tutorial. So many gorgeous looks that will compliment your curls instead of fighting them.

Maybe you have a kid with curly hair and you aren’t quite sure how you should be caring for it. Check out Youtube Monday: tips for little girl curly hair to learn some tips and tricks right from a hairstylist.

Several of the hairstyles you will find here on Girl Loves Glam look wonderful on curls or straight hair. McKenzie will walk you through each of these looks so you can rock them no matter the texture of your mane.

Don’t be afraid to embrace your amazing curls and work with them to help you have the best hair of your life.