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Braided Flower Curly Hairstyle

Braided Flower Curly Hairstyle

This hairstyle I am sharing is actually a really fun one because it is mature enough looking that girls (or women) of any age could really wear this hairstyle as well! The hairstyle is a gorgeous braided flower hairstyle! It works beautifully in curly hair and can even translate to straight hair as well.

Braided Flower with Curly Hair

This hairstyle is a favorite at our house because it makes my daughter feel fancy, but it is easy enough to do on a wiggly child. It is also one that makes an adult feel a little extra put together!

Braided Flower Hairstyle Supplies

To create this look, you need: (these contain affiliate links)

Tangle Teaser Brush 

-Bobby Pins


Leave in conditioner spray

Spray water bottle

Braid Flower Hair Tutorial for Little Girl Hair on

Curly Hairstyle Video

To create this gorgeous hairstyle, watch the video below. 

I really hope you enjoy it! This is a hairstyle that may need a little practice to perfect but I also feel like it is one that looks beautiful when it has flaws.

Braided Flower Hairstyle for Little Girls on

Braiding on Curly Hair

If you are creating this look on curly hair, don’t forget to wet the hair down before styling it. If the hair is too dry, you will only create additional frizz that you don’t want! This is a basic principle that I go over a lot when speaking about styling curly hair but it is only because it is so important! Use water and spray conditioner and your curls will thank you for it!  

Flower Braid Tutorial on

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