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Half Up Twist Under Hairstyle: Girl Loves Curl

Half Up Twist Under Hairstyle: Girl Loves Curl

On mornings when you don’t have a lot of time to focus on a hairstyle, it can be pretty tempting to pull it all back into a ponytail or bun. Thankfully, there are some great hairstyles that take just about the same amount of effort but they look so much better! This half up twist under hairstyle is definitely one of those hairstyles.

Half Up Twist Under Hairstyle

Half Up Twist Under Hairstyle Video

This video gives you a step by step look at exactly how to recreate this hairstyle. It is one that is a must watch because it is kind of hard to explain how to do it through text alone. Definitely watch the video! 

Curly Hair Twist Under Hairstyle Supplies

To create this look, you will need:

How to Style Curly Hair

It isn’t a great idea to work with curly hair while it is dry. Wetting down the hair first will prevent a lot of frizz that can be avoided otherwise. Before you begin to style, be sure to spray it down with water. We also like to spray it with spray conditioner to give it extra moisture.

Styling Curly Hair

Take a section of hair on the top of head and put it in an elastic.

Easy curly hairstyle

Take a small section of hair next to the top section and put it in an elastic. Do the same on the other side of the top ponytail section as well. 

Simple Half Up Hairstyle

Split each section down the middle and flip the ponytail back through them, coming from the top.

Flip through ponytail

Hold the elastic on each section and gently pull at the twists that were created to make them more voluminous. Don’t be afraid to really mess them up a bit. It adds more character to the overall look!

How to pancake twists in hair

Grab all three ponytail sections and gather them together in the middle. Tie them together with an elastic.

Half Up Hairstyle

Formal Curly Hairstyle Idea

The hairstyle can be complete at this point but we really like to dress it up a little more with a clip or barrette to hide the elastics. It just adds a little something extra! 

Formal Curly Hair Style

We love that this hairstyle looks special, without spending a lot of extra time on it. We get compliments on my girls’ hair every time we do this style!

Beautiful Curly Hairstyle

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