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Adding decor is what turns a house into a home.

Refresh your space with easy-to-follow tutorials. Girl loves Glam has created affordable designs for a wide variety of spaces, styles, and occasions. Make a big impact in a room with Modern Funky wall paper, or easy stick on wall art.  Many of these home improvements can be safe for rental homes as well.

It is possible to bring color into a room without using any paint. But, if you want to use paint, painting kitchen cabinets and replacing the hardware is easier than you might think. Organizing a space such as putting diapers under your baby’s crib can keep things clean but still accessible. Use your creativity in a kids art room or bedroom to create a space that your children can be themselves in.

Details are a great way to renew a room. Adding pillows or a vase can change the way you see a room.  Especially during the holiday’s adding a simple accessory can bring in the holiday spirit. Pillows such as the “Christmas Truck Pillow” for winter or the “Easy Rosette Pumpkin Pillow” for fall are great places to start. You can also involve your kids in the holiday decorating with children’s holiday art and craft tutorials you won’t want to get rid of.

Decor does not have to stay on the inside of your home. It can be on the outside! For example, the porch is a great place to decorate so that you and your neighbors can appreciate. It can help your home feel more welcoming. A DIY welcome mat can show your family’s personality before even entering your home. Do it yourself seasonal wreaths can bring a spark of color to your front door. Porch signs are fun to make and can make unused porch space more appealing and inviting.