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Striped Wall Made with Electrical Tape

Striped Wall Made with Electrical Tape

When we were building our home, I decorated almost every inch of my house… in my brain. Knowing that my office was the first room that you would see when you walked into the house, made me feel a sense of pressure to create a bold feature wall. When I found a striped wallpaper, I knew it was just what I wanted. The problem is that it was going to cost $500 to do just one wall! After debating about how I could execute a similar look, I finally came up with the perfect solution. With $50 of thick electrical tape, I had the wall of my dreams!

Faux Striped Wallpaper Supplies

To create this striped wall, you need:

Electrical tape 2 inches wide (I used 5 rolls for my wall)

Xacto knife

Measuring stick with level (I found having a longer one was the best option)

DIY Striped Wall Video

Watch this video for a condensed look at how I was able to create this striped feature wall.


How to Make a Striped Wall with Electrical Tape

To begin, I started in the left corner of the wall. I created the stripes and then with each section, I would create stripes off of the previous section I had worked on.

Stripe wall from electrical tape

I would typically use the level for the first stripe in each section, then would just eyeball the rest of the stripes in that section. Use the level on the last stripe as well, to be sure that any new section coming off of that section would be straight.

DIY stripe wallpaper

Helpful tips to creating a striped wall

Something really important to remember is that electrical tape stretches! That means that it can also shrink back up. So, when you pull out the electrical tape to the size you want, let it relax a bit before putting it on the wall. This will prevent later heartache from having the tape shrink up. I did this project almost 2 years ago and none of my stripes have noticeably shrunk, so I would call this a major win! 

Striped feature wall

Creating this faux striped wallpaper took me about 5 days, working a few hours each day. While it took longer than it would have taken to hang wallpaper, it was worth the time I spent to save as much money as I did!

Striped Wall Art

Creating a Space You Love

As the room started to come together more and more, I fell in love with it more and more. I spend a lot of time in my office and I can honestly say that I still haven’t grown tired of it in nearly 2 years!

Electrical tape striped wall

As I finished putting the room together with my shelves of random treasures I have collected, I immediately felt at home in my space. While having a bold striped wall with Funko Pops and concert photos isn’t for everyone, it is most definitely who I am. I love my space!

Bold black and white feature wall

I have been feeling the itch to try a similar project with colored electrical tape next! Where should I put it? 


Friday 29th of September 2023

I love this idea. May I ask what made you choose electrical tape? Also, have you tried to remove any over time? Interested in using this idea in my sons room and wondering if it will come off smooth or need to be painted after. Thank you!


Wednesday 4th of October 2023

I haven't tried removing it but I have a friend who's a teacher and uses electrical tape on her classroom walls and it comes off clean. I chose electrical tape because it comes in both the width and the color I wanted!


Wednesday 1st of March 2023

This is beautiful but the shelving sink within the stripes. It will outstand if u use acacia wood for the shelving.