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Making our Basement Home-Office Cozier with Carpet Tiles

Making our Basement Home-Office Cozier with Carpet Tiles

This post was sponsored by Floorigami. All opinions are my own.

In March 2020, my husband started working from home. He was working on a little outdoor table, propped up on paint cans, that we moved into our living room. Throughout the coming months, we learned that he wouldn’t be returning to his workplace any time soon. We upgraded his desk, chair, and even moved to a new house in that time. Once we had our baby, he didn’t have a workspace of his own anymore, so we decided to partially finish our basement. We framed in a room that he could call his office. The problem is that it still felt very much like an unfinished basement and didn’t feel too inviting for him to spend all day in.

When I learned about Floorigami, I knew that it would be the perfect addition to this office space. It could be applied directly to the concrete, would keep my husband’s feet from getting cold on the floor, and it would make the space feel much more cozy!

The best part about installing Floorigami, is that you don’t need any fancy tools to do it! To install, we used:

-Floorigami carpet tiles

-Measuring stick



  1. Clean the surface really well before laying the Floorigami carpet on it.

2. Lay out the Floorigami carpet in a staggered pattern, to figure out where all of your carpet is going and where you are going to need to make cuts.

3. Use a measuring stick to figure out where to make cuts. Turn the Floorigami carpet upside down and score it with the razor blade. You can either tear it along the scored edge or use the razor blade to cut it to the right size. Be sure to clean up any carpet remnants as you go, keeping the surface clean.

4. Remove the plastic off of the sticky backing and apply it to your surface.

5. Push it down really well to get it nice and secure.

6. Repeat these steps to install the Floorigami carpet to the area you want to be carpeted. 

7. Once it is installed, vacuum the carpet to get any additional carpet remnants off. This also helps smooth out any seams that you can still see.

I am so impressed with how much the Floorigami carpet helped transform this space! Although it is still technically an unfinished basement, it feels much more like a finished space. It is an area that my husband feels comfortable spending his workdays in.

We have also been really impressed with how well it has held up. We haven’t had any issues with the Floorigami peeling up, which was something I was interested to see if it would do. It is a great option for anyone who is hoping to finish their basement someday but needs to do it in phases, while also having the ability to use the space. I know a lot of people are in the same position that we were in with their basements, so I highly recommend looking into Floorigami as an option!


I have loved seeing my husband and my kids enjoy this new area in our home, thanks to Floorigami!