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Summer Hunt Preschool Activity

This post is sponsored by HP Instant Ink. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

I remember when my family got our first printer. It was really big and we had to use the printer paper with the holes in the sides of it that were all connected together in order to use it. The thing I remember most about it was how loud it was! It was loud and it seemed to take forever to print anything in black and white. Printers have come a long way since then. I love having the ability to print in color, at my house, without fancy paper, and in seconds! Technology is a beautiful thing! The only thing that has kept me from printing a lot of the things I would like to is the ink. I hate going to the store to buy more ink! It is an unexpected expense that I seem to have to make a special trip to the store for. There have been numerous times that I have wanted to print something, but decided against it because it would use too much ink. Have you ever found yourself saying things that you know that your own mother said word for word? I remember my mom telling me I couldn’t print something because it would use too much ink. These exact words seem to escape from my lips every, single day with my daughter.

Well, guess what? I will NEVER run out of ink again and it is a beautiful thing! HP Instant Ink is a program that HP created that you can sign up for and your printer can instantly tell HP when it is running low on ink. The ink shows up on your doorstep and you don’t ever even have to order the ink. It saves you up to 50% on ink and saves you a trip to the store!

HP Instant Ink Delivery on

Watch the video all about our HP Instant Ink journey and how it will change everything for us now that we will never run out of ink.

To celebrate the ability to print out whatever we want, I made a fun summer hunt preschool activity printable!

Summer Hunt Preschool Activity Printable on

I don’t have to tell my daughter that printing out activities would take too much ink anymore! She has loved printing out her games that she plays online and I have loved printing off different preschool activities for us to do together, like this summer hunt.

Get your own summer hunt printable [Read more…]

Berry Orange Creamsicle Frozen Pops

We made these berry orange creamsicle frozen pops and had fun in the sun with Banana Boat as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars #BestSummerEver

The official beginning of summer has just started and the heat has been nearly unbearable! We don’t have air conditioning, so we find ourselves sitting in front of fans while we suck on cold popsicles. I have really gotten into making different varieties of frozen pops and I think I may have found my new favorite recipe! Berry Orange Creamsicle Frozen Pops are a family favorite around our house.

Berry Orange Creamsicle Frozen Pops on

We eat up these delicious frozen goodies almost as fast as they can freeze!  [Read more…]

Get to Know Me: Porch Interview

I am being interviewed by Porch today! If you haven’t checked out Porch before, you really should do it! It is a blog run by Lowe’s that is jam packed with the greatest content! You have to check it out! To see the first part of my interview, check out the first half of the questions over there through THIS LINK!

Here is the rest of the interview!

-If your life were a song, what would it be? As cheesy as it sounds, I am going to have to say Katy Perry “Roar”. It took me quite a while to find out who I was and where I belonged in all aspects of life. I think this song is a good representation of that!
-Pinterest or Facebook? I love how pretty Pinterest is, but there is no place like Facebook when I want to creep on someone to learn all about them! I don’t know what I would do without Facebook. It is actually where I met my husband! I have part of our love story documented on my blog if you are interested in that kind of thing! HERE is a link to what I have documented.
-If your walls could only be painted one color for the rest of your life, what would they be and why? WHITE! I love the possibilities that are open with good ol’ white walls. I love color! My color choices are constantly changing and I like to bring them in through textiles, artwork, etc so that I don’t get bored.
-What are you exceptionally good at? (Permission to brag) I am crazy good at connecting with others. I didn’t realize this until more recently. I don’t always love social situations, but when I am put in different social environments, I can typically evolve to my setting and start connecting with others pretty quickly. So, who wants to be my friend?

[Read more…]

Fishtail Braid with Half Messy Bun Hairstyle

Fishtail Braid with Half Messy Bun Hairstyle

This hairstyle is perfect for my hair on the days that I haven’t washed it and my hair just doesn’t want to cooperate with me. I have a feeling this fishtail braid with half messy bun is going to be one of my favorite styles for summer too!

Fishtail Braid with Half Messy Bun Hairstyle tutorial on [Read more…]

Summertime Beauty Secrets

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of St.Ives. The opinions and text are all mine.

Summertime is all about easy beauty rituals that can make you feel great, but not weighed down by the time commitment of getting ready for the day or the stress of your look staying the way it needs to look all day long with the summer heat. I put together a few of my summertime beauty secrets and I hope they help you too!

Summertime Beauty Secrets on [Read more…]

Easy Headband Curl Under Hairstyle

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Suave Professionals® . The opinions and text are all mine.

Easy Headband Curl Under Hairstyle

Easy Headband Curl Under Hairstyle on

I love any hairstyle that an be done quickly, especially when it can be done on days that your hair just doesn’t seem to be cooperating. This headband curl under hairstyle is exactly that! It has quickly become one of my favorite hairstyles to create. Instead of immediately going to a messy bun, I have started gravitating to this style that looks much more polished! [Read more…]

Beauty Basics: Shampoo and Conditioner Tips

A while ago, I asked my social media followers what type of content they would like to see in videos. I asked what beauty questions they have that they would like answered and honestly, I was surprised by some of the responses! When I really started thinking about it though, I shouldn’t have been surprised at all. They were the same questions I am asked when I work at the salon and am doing a client’s hair! One of these questions was about shampoo and conditioner. “What type of shampoo and conditioner should I use? Does it matter what type of shampoo and conditioner I use in my hair? Should I be using salon brands, or can I use cheaper shampoo and conditioner? How often should I wash my hair?” There were several questions like this that were asked, so I decided to address the topic with my latest video! Here are my shampoo and conditioner tips in…

Shampoo and Conditioner 101 on

I hope this video answers all of your burning questions about shampoo and conditioner! [Read more…]

Healthy Skincare Tips

Now that winter is behind us and the sun is starting to show more, the damage that the winter weather did to our skin is starting to show more too. I love the feeling of fresh starts that the spring season brings to all aspects of our lives. This should be the case with our skin too! Here are a few of my tips to freshen up your face and get healthy skin!

1. Always wash your face- This may seem like an obvious tip, but you would not believe the amount of people who tell me that they are “too lazy to wash their face”. It is so important to wash your face, even on the days you may not be wearing any makeup! There is still going to be dead skin, dirt, and who knows what else on your face. Wash it!

2. Use proper skincare products- There isn’t just one magical lotion or sunscreen that will work for everyone. That’s why it is important to really read the labels and try to determine what products will be best for you and your skin!

3. Drink water- I feel like drinking water can basically help with just about anything that could possibly be wrong with you, but that is just how important water is for the body! Drinking water helps flush out the toxins in your body and can result in especially gorgeous skin!

No Makeup Beauty [Read more…]

Summer CAUSEBOX Major Deal!

It’s that time again. It is time for another season’s CAUSEBOX! CAUSEBOX is a seasonal box sent out that is full of socially conscious products for women. In other words, when you purchase a CAUSEBOX, you are helping the world to be a better place while enjoying really awesome products at the same time. I got to try out the spring CAUSEBOX and I loved it and just got my summer CAUSEBOX in the mail and I am loving everything in it!


I love that when you get a CAUSEBOX, you know you aren’t sacrificing the fact that these products are doing good in the world, for style. Everything I have ever gotten in a CAUSEBOX has been so well made, stylish, and something I would actually use in real life! Every box has at least $150 worth of products in it. This summer CAUSEBOX has $223 worth, but they are always just $49.95 each quarter.  [Read more…]

Flat Iron Wavy Curls Tutorial

Anytime I work at the salon, I seem to answer the same questions over and over again. One of those questions is, “How do you curl your hair with a flat iron?”. Each time, I give them a little demonstration and they are on their way. I realized that there are probably thousands of blog readers out there probably wondering the same thing. Your flat iron curl questions are soon going to be gone because I bring to you the… Flat Iron Wavy Curls!

Flat Iron Wavy Curls Tutorial on

I love the look of flat iron curls. They lay a little more loosely than curls done with a curling iron or curling wand. They are soft and aren’t so uniform.

To create flat iron curls, you need… [Read more…]

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