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Toy Emporium: Colors and Numbers Toddler Game

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Colors and Numbers Toddler Game on

It is really inspiring to watch my daughter’s interest in learning grow each and everyday. I am constantly blown away with what information she retains and how much she knows as a two year old. It is really fun to help her learn new things, but sometimes I get caught in a funk and have a hard time coming up with new activities that she can do that would be educational too. Often times, I will look online for new activities, but most of them down’t keep her attention for too long. Thankfully I discovered [Read more...]

Brave and Beautiful

I am Brave and Beautiful – a beauty movement that is sweeping the globe. Colbie Caillat started it with her recent song and video called TRY. My blogging friend Megan of Brassy Apple wanted to push this movement along and invited women from all over to share what they looked like without make up and I joined in!! Colbie’s song says, “Take your make up off. Let your hair down… Look into the mirror at yourself, Do you like you? Cause I like you… “

Megan and her friend Cobi of Peacefrom6pieces have been the team behind this whole project. Their worldwide vision included creating their own video inspired by the song TRY. The talent of Robbins Creative made it possible for them to pull it off. You have to click play and see the beauty and bravery displayed and you might even recognize a few faces in there.

Me along with 101+ other blogging women from different backgrounds, religions, ethnicities, ages, shapes and sizes have decided to be Brave and Beautiful! You can join in this movement too by sharing what you look like without makeup on. You don’t need a blog either! Just tag your photo with #IamBraveAndBeautiful on Instgram and search the hashtag to see who else has joined in. ALSO, if you tag it with a second hashtag – #ColbieTRY we just might be able to get Colbie Caillat’s attention since she was the inspiration behind it all!

Are you brave and beautiful? I am, here I go!

With makeup…

Girl Loves Glam McKenzie 600x600

Without… [Read more...]

DIY No Sew Minnie Mouse Costume

I am so excited to show you what has turned into my annual tradition… a DIY no sew Halloween costume! I didn’t intend for it to turn into a tradition necessarily, but I love that it did! Here is a look back at the costumes from 2012 and 2013.

No Sew Baby Owl Costume   No Sew Elmo Costume

Now for this year… The DIY No Sew Minnie Mouse Costume!

No Sew Minnie Mouse Costume on

I love seeing her grow up year after year in these costumes!

Me and 80+ blog buddies got together to bring you 80+ DIY Halloween costumes! I’m teaming up with Jamie Dorobek and her handmade Halloween costume site, Really Awesome Costumes to bring y’all tons of easy ideas to craft up DIY Halloween costumes for everyone including your pets, family costumes, and even a trunk or treat idea!

101+ Handmade Halloween costumes at Creating Really Awesome Free Things

This Minnie Mouse costume was crazy easy to make and much less time consuming than the costumes from the costumes of years past.

How to make a Minnie Mouse costume on

 Here is what you will need to make this costume… [Read more...]

My Social Media Cleanse

“Disclosure: This post was sponsored by ABC through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write a post about ABC Selfie, all opinions are my own.” This truly was a game changer for me and although it was sponsored, I would do it again!

I’m addicted to social media. There, I said it. I think most of us probably are addicted to it. It isn’t necessarily a bad thing though. Social media is how I met my husband, it is how I make a living, and is how I am able to stay in contact with friends who no longer live close to me. However, there are plenty of times that I know that I miss out on conversations that would be much more worthwhile if I took a step back from my phone and really listened or if I put the phone down to do an extra activity with my daughter.

That is just what I did one day. I took a social media cleanse. I was inspired by the new show on ABC called Selfie. It is about a girl named Eliza Dooley who is obsessed with the amount of followers she gets, likes she has on her pictures, etc. She loses her touch with reality and wants a cleanse! The show is about her journey to become someone who can have real conversations and relationships, without social media. When I watched the pilot episode, it really hit home for me. Not that I have had as many crazy events happen to me like she does in that episode, but I could kind of relate somewhat.

I decided that I would do a social media cleanse. I didn’t turn my phone all the way off, but I put it on silent. Because I do work online, I did allow myself to check my email during the day, but I didn’t do it as often as I typically would. I also didn’t allow myself to get on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter all day long! It was pretty hard at first. I think it just became such a habit that I often times didn’t even realize that I was about to get on social media until I found myself opening up my social media tab on my phone and had to stop myself!

Once I got over the initial shock, I realized how nice it was to be able to take a step away from social media for a day. I was able to have fun with my daughter distraction free. We played, sang songs, and enjoyed lunch together.

Hop Porter Park

I drove to my parents’ house and saw my grandparents while I was there. Normally, I probably would have zoned out after a while and checked my phone while they were there. Instead of checking my phone, I had meaningful conversations with them. It was fun to be able to talk to them without the distraction of phones… well, at least not my phone. It is always fun to see them ask questions about their smartphones while my dad tries to help them figure out their questions. That alone was worth putting my phone down to watch!

I partook in a social media cleanse and guess what? I survived! It was almost strange looking at social media the next day. Of course I went back to looking at my phone, but I feel like I am able to take a step away from it for longer periods of time now. I realized how important it is to take a tech break and spend time just enjoying life.

Can you believe that all of that came from one episode of a comedy? Who knew that you could have a life changing moment over a funny TV show! Check out Selfie on ABC starting on Tuesday, September 30th at 8pm/7pm Central. You can even do what I did and watch the pilot episode online before it airs on TV.

Could you handle a social media cleanse? Have you watched the Selfie pilot?

Fall Fashion: Style Meets Comfort

I always love getting new clothes for each season. Fall is probably my favorite season to buy clothing for though. I have such a crush on all of the fun textures, colors, and patterns that come with Fall! My two favorite fall items to buy are sweaters and shoes. Let’s be honest, shoes can get so expensive though! The worst is when you buy a super cute pair that you have saved up for and they end up being uncomfortable. I have more shoes like that in my closet than I care to admit. That’s why I was so excited to learn about the Dexflex Comfort shoes at Payless ShoeSource.

I mean, could these herringbone booties get any more perfect? I really don’t think it is possible! I love that I can go about my regular, daily activities in these shoes without my feet hurting me. I love wearing heels when I do my daily tasks because it makes me feel a lot more put together and it gives me a little more confidence. [Read more...]

Organization Board Family Command Center

In March 2012, I made an organization board to help keep my family in order. I made it with a baby strapped to my chest and decided to put it on my blog that I had just quit my day job for. Three months earlier, I had decided to take the plunge and be a full time blogger… at the exact same time as I had my first child. Interesting timing, right? Well, that little organization board tutorial went VIRAL! I had no idea what was going on. I just suddenly was getting hundreds of comments, emails, and my life was completely changed. That post is still one of my top traffic sources to this day, but I cringe every time I see it pinned on Pinterest, which is over 500k times… that is a lot of cringing! The lighting was terrible and I am SO over chevron print and the colors aren’t exactly my style anymore. You can see the full tutorial for my first organization board, here.

Organization board

I have wanted to change up the good ol’ organization board for a while now, but just have had ZERO motivation to do it. Once we moved, I decided to finally take on that project. I set my entire old board a side and started fresh! Ladies and gentlemen (for the one random dude who happens to come across this post), I present to you… The Organization Board Family Command Center version 2.0!

Organization Board Family Command Center tutorial on

Ahhhhh… isn’t that so much better? I really wanted to bring in some natural elements with the stained wood, while keeping some funky features like the stripes and the metallics.

[Read more...]

Healthy Choices: At Home Circuit Training Workout

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #BalanceRewards #CollectiveBias

When I moved to a new city,  I decided that I was going to really strive to make healthy choices and be fit in my city. I moved from an average town to a very small community that is full of people who live and breathe outdoor sports and want to save the environment. I was a little worried about moving here because I am not your typical outdoorsy girl. I used to be a huge fan of going to the gym and getting a good, old fashioned sweat there. Now that isn’t really an option because the nearest gym is in the next town over. I have had to learn to work on my heath and fitness in other ways! One of those ways has been through my phone! Yes, my phone! I have found some really great apps to help keep me on track!

Walgreens Healthy Choices

My favorite one is the Walgreens app! Crazy, right? It is awesome because you can be rewarded for making healthy choices that you are probably already making day to day. I feel like it kind of motivates me to keep it up too because I love being rewarded for my hard work! It connects with the Walgreens Balance Rewards and gives you Balance Rewards points when you put in how many steps you walked, how far you ride your bike, and if you weigh yourself and track your weight on the app. They are literally things I was doing already and I am being rewarded for them now!

Since there isn’t a gym here, I have learned to really love riding my bike for exercise with my husband, going for jogs, and doing circuit training workouts at home.

At Home Circuit Training Workout on

I usually change up what exercises I do in my circuit training, but I always have them last about 30-45 minutes. I do 30 second-60 second intervals of high intensity and strength training and then have a 30 second rest every 5-10 minutes. [Read more...]

Halloween Leather & Lace Geometric Pumpkin Art

Halloween has always been one of my very favorite holidays! I absolutely love to deck out my house in Halloween decor and dress up as a family!

Family Themed Halloween Costumes by

Ooh! Can you even wait to see what we are dressing up as this year? Any guesses?

When I decorate for Halloween, I try to make it unique. I am not a fan of scary Halloween decorations, nor am I a fan of super cutesy decorations either. I like to give my DIY Halloween decor a little funk and a little taste of modern. That is exactly what I had in mind when I created this geometric pumpkin art! I created it for the JoAnn Fall Look Book and I am excited to share the tutorial with you today!

Leather and Lace Geometric Pumpkin Art Halloween Tutorial from

I love the contrasting colors and the modern feel the shapes and the leather give it while the lace makes it feel a little Gothic. The perfect combination for me!

You will need… [Read more...]

Making myself accountable

I have no self control what so ever. That has to be the hardest part of trying to live a healthy life for me. I will be doing really well about keeping myself under control, then someone brings out the donuts and it is like my body has never tasted sugar before! I turn all will power off and go crazy! I regret it later and have to start over again, usually unsuccessfully. I was so excited when Jawbone asked to team up with me so that I could try their Jawbone Up24 band.

Jawbone Up24 band

I am really hoping it is going to help give me the wake up call that I need in order to make the healthy changes that I need to make in my life that will actually stick. I have been wearing it for about a week now and I have already had a pretty huge wake up call. I am not getting enough sleep at all! I have had to make a major effort to go to bed earlier if I am working to wake up early each morning. I notice a huge difference in my will power to stay away from sugar, if I have had enough sleep the night before. [Read more...]

ASOS Giveaway: Dresses that need to be in my closet

You know that store that you can shop at that just seems to know you? You browse their selection and think, “How do they know exactly what I want in my closet?”. Well, that is exactly how I feel about ASOS. They have the best selection of clothing! They have a huge selection of sizes too! They carry petite, plus size, and even maternity! Everyone can experience the goodness that comes from ASOS! One of my favorite sections in their shop is ASOS’ New Look Dresses.

ASOS Giveaway


1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

These are just a few of my favorites that I found on their site. Let’s be honest, I was debating about even putting that gray midi dress on here because I have been stalking that thing like a hawk waiting for it to be in my size and I don’t need anymore competition. I could literally live in that this fall. All of the dresses have their own thing that make them special though. I love all of the simple details that they have. It makes them really easy to style in many different ways so that you feel like you can wear these dresses several times, without looking like you are wearing the same dress over and over again.

ASOS is giving one lucky reader a $25 shop credit to their store! To enter, go check out ASOS’ New Look Dresses and leave a comment telling me what dress you would use your credit to get if you won!

Giveaway ends September 22, 2014 at Midnight MST. Winner will be chosen by

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