16 Refreshing Spring Projects I’m Obsessed With

Happy spring! Can you believe that it is finally here? I love the bright colors that seem to be making their way into clothing, home decor, nails, and just about everything else. I wanted to share some of my favorite spring projects that I have seen around online and hope you are inspired to take on a new spring project!

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Spring has almost sprung!

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I grew up in a totally different region of Idaho than I live in now. In the region I grew up in, this time of year is basically the ugliest thing you have ever seen. There is brown snow everywhere because of the snow beginning to melt and mixing with dirt and filth from the cars and the wind is enough to take you down to your knees and want to curl in a tiny ball until summer. Spring has never been a favorite of mine. That is why I can’t seem to believe my eyes when I see the forecast in the region of Idaho that I currently live in when I see temperatures in the 60’s and I can walk outside without being blown away. I am officially a fan of spring!

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Favorite Spring Beauty Tutorials

Favorite Spring Beauty Tutorials


Spring is upon us! I love the cool, relaxed feeling that this season brings. I wanted to bring you a small collection of tutorials that embrace the easy going nature of Spring! I adore Spring beauty and these are tutorials that are fast and easy or soft and subtle… Just perfect for Spring! [Read more…]

Simple Ways to Celebrate Earth Day with Kids

I felt the magic of swiss herbs in Ricola® Herb & Throat drops as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars. #swissherbs

I haven’t ever really celebrated Earth Day before. Back when we were newlyweds, Dave and I went to an Earth Day celebration at the park and he rapped as Danger Mouth. The crowd was pretty much made of 12 year old girls and they thought he was basically the greatest thing ever. It was one of the funnier memories of our newlywed life and it is what I think of anytime I think of Earth Day.

Earth Day celebration #swissherbs

Now that I am a mom, I love finding ways to celebrate holidays with my daughter. Since I am pretty sure Danger Mouth is going to be coming out of “retirement” anytime soon, I tried to come up with a few different ways that I could celebrate Earth Day with my daughter. I don’t plan on becoming a major environmentalist, but I do like that we have Earth Day because I do believe that we are so blessed to have the beautiful Earth that we have. I think it is important to do our part to take care of the Earth and find ways to celebrate this beautiful world.

Here are a few ways you can celebrate Earth Day with kids, without having to completely change your lifestyle.

#1 Take your kids to the park and let them play, but teach them the importance of cleaning up their garbage. You could even have a race to see who can pick up 10 pieces of garbage in the park first. Just make sure to teach them safety as well. Don’t let them pick up dangerous items such as glass, cigarette butts, etc.

Celebrating Earth Day #swissherbs

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Spring Ruffian Nail Art Tutorial

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I don’t know if it is the sunshine, nature’s colors starting to bloom, or pulling out clothes that I haven’t been able to wear for a few months, but Spring has really made me excited to get dressed up again! I started getting in a bit of a slump towards the end of winter. One way that I love to add just a little more color in my life is through nail art. I have been obsessed with ruffian nail art ever since I saw it featured on the runways of fashion week last year.

If you aren’t sure what ruffian nail art is, it is basically just a solid colored nail, but it has a little surprise right along the cuticles! There is a little line of color that goes along the cuticles and it just adds such a fun surprise to a boring manicure. I have seen it done in a lot of bold, contrasting colors, but I wanted to tone it down for a beautiful spring feel.

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I have loved the muted nail trend happening right now, so for this manicure I chose to use a light pink polish with a metallic gold and then covered it with a matte finish top coat. It is soft and beautiful! [Read more…]

Spring Wardrobe Update

Photo credit: Christine Marie Photography

Spring cleaning season is upon us. I have found myself knee deep in my closet as I clean out the clothes I don’t see myself wearing again and the clothes that I can set aside for the cold weather seasons. It seems like every season I go through this same ritual and find myself in the same position. I don’t feel like I own any clothes! I usually have to shop for a few items and then I feel like I am ready for the current season. This year, I really wanted to find a good jacket, a pair of flat shoes, and some sandals to complete my Spring wardrobe.

Johnston and Murphy Jacket and Shoes on www.girllovesglam.com

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WIW: Casual Color Blocked Spring

casual color blocked top style on www.girllovesglam.com

The weather is finally holding up its end of the Spring deal. The sun comes out and stays out. All I can say is it is about dang time! I love putting together new outfits for this warmer weather. Most days it is still too cold to wear shorts, but that is why I love the style of rolling up your jeans to give your look a little more of a spring style. These jeans are Lauren Conrad skinny ankle jeans and I swear they were made to perfectly fit my frame. I have never had jeans fit the way that these jeans fit. You have to try these jeans. I have them in two different washes and have all intentions of buying more too.

blue color block top

Honestly, I have never been a big fan of color blocking. There are some things that I have liked that are color blocked, but it was kind of a tough concept for me to totally embrace. I haven’t fully embraced it, but I finally found a color blocked top that I am absolutely obsessed with. I like that the colors work together and that isn’t super tight on my body. I feel like when I wear super tight fitting skinny jeans, it is nice to have a loose fitting top. This top lets me feel like I can let it all hang out! By which I mean my flabby stomach. I don’t have to suck in and I can feel fabulous AND comfortable. Hallelujah!

Natural Wedge Sandals


These wedge shoes are another one of my fabulous Rack Room Shoes finds. They are probably the most comfortable shoes in my entire closet. No lie. I could probably even jog in these babies. I love that I can wear them with ANYTHING too! I have a feeling I will be developing some tan lines that match these sandals this summer.

Casual Summer Outfit

Top: c/o ToAdorn | Necklace: c/o KSL Deals | Jeans: Kohl’s | Sandals: c/o Rack Room Shoes | Ring: wholesale | Bracelet: JoAnn Craft

I think it is important to put together a few outfits that you know that you can totally rely on for each season. You never know when you have an impromptu BBQ to go to or when you are walking out the door and your kid who you thought was totally potty trained goes potty all over you and you have to change at the last second. This outfit is one outfit I know I can rely on when I am in a time cramp and don’t have the time to get an outfit figured out. It is casual enough that I could wear it to a baseball game, but I don’t feel like a slob.

Don’t forget to sign up for the ToAdorn newsletter so you don’t miss any of there amazing daily deals like this gorgeous top! Rack Room Shoes is also holding a contest to find some shoe models! Go to their site to find all of the details on that and how you could win a trip to a fancy professional photo shoot!

Gold and Mint Polka Dot Shirt Tutorial

Are you as excited for Spring as I am? I am not only excited about the warm weather, but I am excited about the fashion that comes with the warmer weather! I love all of the colors that start showing up in clothing during the Spring. My favorite combination lately has been mint and gold. I think it is the perfect combination for the Spring! I wanted a shirt that had both of those colors in it, but couldn’t find one. So what did I do? I made my own of course! Wouldn’t you?

DIY Gold and Mint Polka Dot Shirt

The best part about this shirt is that it is so dang easy to make! To make your own, you need…

DIY Polka Dot Shirt

*Mint paint. I mixed these two different Martha Stewart colors because I didn’t find a perfect mint that I liked.

*Gold paint. I mixed these two gold paint colors to create the color I wanted.

*Round sponge brushes

*White shirt. Mine is a Hanes men’s v neck shirt. If you don’t already know this secret, the men’s v neck Hanes shirts are THE BEST v neck shirts ever.

How to Make a polka dot shirt

Making this shirt is really easy. Just dip the sponge brush into the paint and tap the majority of the paint off of it onto the side of the bowl. Then put a dot onto the shirt. Make sure that you put cardboard in your shirt so it doesn’t bleed through. Something I discovered later, is that this shirt would look awesome if you paint the inside and then wear it right side out with the polka dots peeking through. It looks kind of like a burnt out tee. I just eyeballed how far apart to make the polka dots because I wanted it to be a little more whimsical, and less straight and perfect. I traded off doing mint and gold rows, but you could do any sort of pattern or no pattern at all if you wanted too. I think any assortment of these two colors would be amazing.

DIY Polka Dot Shirt Tutorial

Go along your entire shirt and let the paint dry. Keep in mind that the paint will probably change colors a little bit as it dries. My gold paint lightened up a lot after it dried, which is what I was hoping for.

DIY Gold and Mint Polka Dot Shirt

After your paint is dry, you can rock your new creation and feel all ready for Spring!

If you need your nails to match your new shirt, try this tutorial for this Gold and Mint Polka Dot Nail Art too!

Gold and Mint Polka Dot Nail Art

Gold Glitter Wood Slice Spring Sign

I can’t even tell you how excited I am that it is finally Spring! Even though the weather in Idaho isn’t as happy and springlike as I would hope, I still enjoy adding some springtime charm to my house to make it feel bright and fresh. I knew I wanted to create a sign that also had some sort of natural element in it. I absolutely love wood grain so I chose to create a super cute Spring sign on a wood slice. Of course I needed to add some gold glam to it too!

Gold Glitter Wood Slice Spring Sign Tutorial

I am kind of obsessed with how it turned out. It is modern and fun! It was so easy to make too. Here is what you need to make your very own…

Spring Wood Sign Supplies

*Wood slice

*Vinyl (Just a scrap of vinyl will work because you won’t actually be using the vinyl for anything other than a stencil)

*Vinyl cutter

*Gold paint

*Gold glitter

*Glitter glue

Wood Sign Tutorial

First, cut out the word “Spring” out of vinyl and stick it onto the slice of wood.

Wood Slice Sign Tutorial

Paint over the vinyl and fan out slightly around the edges.

Gold Glitter Spring Sign

Spread glue around the edges of the gold paint and dump glitter on top of it. Spread the glitter out to make sure it covers all of the glue. Let the glue dry.

Spring Wooden Sign Tutorial

Peel off vinyl and scrape off excess glitter. You may even want to take a little sand paper to it to give it more of an ombre effect. I also went back and painted the gold paint on top of the glitter and fanned it out to blend it all together a little bit more.

DIY Gold Glitter Wood Slice Spring Sign

Find a spot on a shelf to display your pretty new sign! It fits right in!

Make sure to check out these great Spring tutorials from last year too!

Geometric Spring Art

Spring Wreath

Spring has Sprung Free Printable

I love teaming up with incredibly talented bloggers each month to bring you projects that are all centered around certain themes. It is always so fun to see what everyone comes up with! This month, our theme was Easter. I chose to make a cute “Spring has Sprung” printable. Be sure to print off a copy for yourself to add to your Spring decor and check out all of these other great projects too!

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I chose to make my printable springlike, but still very me. I didn’t want it overly “cute” so I stayed with my geometric prints that I am so very fond of.

Free Printable for Spring

You can get your free printable HERE. You can either download it, or right click on it and save it to your computer. This is for personal use only.

Spring has Sprung Printable

This print fits in perfectly with my other spring decor too! I love how it all came together.