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Simple Ways to Celebrate Earth Day with Kids

Simple Ways to Celebrate Earth Day with Kids

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I haven’t ever really celebrated Earth Day before. Back when we were newlyweds, Dave and I went to an Earth Day celebration at the park and he rapped as Danger Mouth. The crowd was pretty much made of 12 year old girls and they thought he was basically the greatest thing ever. It was one of the funnier memories of our newlywed life and it is what I think of anytime I think of Earth Day.

Earth Day celebration #swissherbs

Now that I am a mom, I love finding ways to celebrate holidays with my daughter. Since I am pretty sure Danger Mouth is going to be coming out of “retirement” anytime soon, I tried to come up with a few different ways that I could celebrate Earth Day with my daughter. I don’t plan on becoming a major environmentalist, but I do like that we have Earth Day because I do believe that we are so blessed to have the beautiful Earth that we have. I think it is important to do our part to take care of the Earth and find ways to celebrate this beautiful world.

Here are a few ways you can celebrate Earth Day with kids, without having to completely change your lifestyle.

#1 Take your kids to the park and let them play, but teach them the importance of cleaning up their garbage. You could even have a race to see who can pick up 10 pieces of garbage in the park first. Just make sure to teach them safety as well. Don’t let them pick up dangerous items such as glass, cigarette butts, etc.

Celebrating Earth Day #swissherbs

#2 Go through your house and find old clothing and items that you can donate to others. Teach your children the importance of donating items that you don’t need anymore instead of throwing them away.

#3 Go to your local city building and ask if there is any sort of service you can do in your community. Part of celebrating the Earth we live on is serving the community we live in too! They might ask you to paint a bench, plant some flowers, or help sort some recycling.

#4 Plant a garden! If the weather isn’t warm enough yet in your area to start planting a garden, you can plant starter seeds to have them start sprouting inside. Teach them about growing your own food and it may even get them to munch on some vegetables!

Sprouting plant for Earth Day #swissherbs

#5 Go to the zoo and talk to your kids about the importance of being kind to animals and what they do for the Earth. You can even have your kids help you donate to the zoo.

#6 Make a bird feeder out of an old milk carton by cutting a large enough hole in the side for birds to get in and out of and put birdseed inside of it. This will teach your kids to recycle while they enjoy creating something they can be proud of making.

#7 Go on a nature walk and see what kinds of things you can search for in nature. Talk about what each plant and animal does for the Earth. Your kids can even pick “flowers” along the way.

Nature Walk for Earth Day #swissherbs

#8 Help a neighbor clean up their yard. It helps get you some exercise while you are showing your kids the value of serving others and enjoying the Earth.

#9 Go on a picnic. Kids love to eat outside. It is a total adventure for them! Teach them the importance of cleaning up the clutter you create when you eat outside.

#10 Go to the store and have each of your children choose a flower they would like to plant. Go home and plant the flowers and teach your children that they are responsible for taking care of that flower all year!

Planting flowers for Earth Day #swissherbs

If you are anything like me, you enjoy this time of year because you can celebrate the earth, but it becomes kind of a double edged sword of sorts because of seasonal allergies. They can completely ruin any of your plans of being outside with your kids!

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What kinds of activities do you enjoy doing with your children on Earth Day?

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