Five Senses Friday Episode 18

Yes, you read the title of this post correctly… Five Senses Friday is back! Sadie and I were finally able to get together after we both moved in opposite directions and we filmed!

Five Senses Friday Episode 18

No, you aren’t seeing ghosts of Christmas past. We filmed this episode before Christmas, but the editing didn’t happen until just now. SO, enjoy all of the holiday references and be prepared to see our wackiest, most giggly episode yet!

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Five Senses Friday Episode 17


If you didn’t catch it before, Sadit and I moved at the EXACT time to different cities! Of course we did. I mean, how could we have done it any other way? We are both sad but thrilled for this new adventure in our lives. Between the chaos of moving our families, we managed to get together one last time to film.  [Read more…]

Five Senses Friday Episode 16

This is a special edition of Five Senses Friday. Sadie and I filmed this while we were at Alt Summit. We were both lucky enough to win tickets to Alt Summit and got to go on a last minute girls’ trip. It was fun to be able to take some time to get away and to spend late nights giggling with my roommates.


I roomed with literally the best roommates I could have ever wanted at Alt Summit… Tiffany and Jenna. It was amazing! It came together so last minute, it was hard to know if things would go smoothly or not! It was SO fun. We spent our nights talking about our families, our blogs, and celebrity crushes. We giggled like we were 12 year olds and explored the halls of The Grand America at 2 am. I couldn’t have asked for a more fun Alt Summit roommate experience.


It was a bummer that Sadie couldn’t room with me, but the great thing about Sadie, is that it doesn’t matter if we aren’t together all of the time. We know exactly where we stand with each other and know that we love each other unconditionally. She is my sister. Although we don’t have the same genetic blood, she has become my sister.


Although we didn’t end up doing much together during the conference (partly because I took advantage of socializing and working on some fun collaborations during a few classes), we were able to go on a midnight pizza run with our roommates that ended with us sharing the front seat of a car, having Sadie try to lean her head on my head, my head then falling off of the headrest, and then us laughing hysterically for the rest of the way to our hotel. It wasn’t that funny, but at the time there was nothing funnier that had ever happen to us in our entire lives. The rest of the girls in the car thought we were TOTAL freaks. They may have been a little right.


As for the rest of Alt, it was such a good experience! I went to Alt Summit in January and it just wasn’t as fun and friendly as this one was. I felt like people were more willing to go out of their comfort zones to meet people and there was less attention to what designer you were wearing. I loved that I didn’t have to worry so much about how I looked and that I could just enjoy my time with friends while learning about things that I love.


My favorite class was taught by Alex and Rachel. They taught about Pinterest and it was literally life changing for me! I have gone to several Pinterest classes and none of them were as informative and fabulous as this one. That alone was totally worth my trip. Thank you Alex and Rachel for blowing my mind hole on all things Pinterest.


Anyways… Alt was the bomb. That is pretty much all I had to say. I am so grateful for the opportunity I had to go learn so much and be able to spend time making new friends and creating memories with old friends.


I am really grateful for the time I was able to spend with Sadie Jane too. As soon as I walked in my door after Alt Summit, I found out that my husband got a new job and we will be MOVING! Right now, I live about 15 minutes away from Sadie, but I will be more like 3 hours away once my house sells. I am really excited about this new chapter in my life, but so sad to think about leaving my family and my dear friends. Thankfully, like I said before, a sisterhood doesn’t need to be made up of people who live close to each other or see each other all of the time. We will survive this move!

Now I will get off my soapbox so you can enjoy episode 16 of FIVE SENSES FRIDAY!

Five Senses Friday: Episode 15

Friday, Friday, Friday! It is Friday people! Not only can we celebrate the weekend, but we can celebrate the release of yet another fabulous episode of…

Five. Senses. FREAKING. Friday people!

Five Senses Friday

Yep, you heard that right. We got our butts in gear and filmed another episode just for you. We may have struggled getting through this one. We may have both even shed tears. You will just have to watch and see why we are crying I guess! Without further ado, Five Senses Friday Episode 15…

What have you been sensing lately?

Five Senses Friday Episode 14

It’s TRUE!!! We finally got together and filmed EPISODE 14!

…but we still haven’t taken any good head shots together so these epic pictures are just going to have to work!


We have been busy busy busy with our blogs since ALT conference and we couldn’t help but get carried away with all our own personal posts all about fitness and beauty! …so carried away that we didn’t have time to film any Five Senses Fridays!! We will work on being more consistent OKAY!?!

Okay enough apologizing and excuse making, it’s the time you’ve all been waiting for!!


Filmed in the Target parking lot! #keepingitclassy

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Five Senses Friday: Episode 13

We are back from Alt Summit and are completely inspired, refreshed, and ready to make our blogs the best ever!


Our minds and bodies have taken a week to rest after such a busy schedule at Alt, but we are excited to show you our newest installment of Five Senses Friday!

Five Senses Friday Video Series

We went to classes all about videos and hopefully our series will soon become even better than it is now! We can’t wait to show you what we have learned through the awesomeness that will soon be our videos.

Just as if we couldn’t talk about Alt Conference anymore that we already have, Five Senses Friday Episode 13 is all about what we were sensing at the conference.


Who’s ready for episode 13?!

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What are YOU sensing this week?

Five Senses Friday: Episode 12

Say WHAT?! Five Senses Friday Episode 12! We did! We did it for real you guys. We know you have been sitting on pins and needles waiting for this episode. Your wait is finally over!

Five Senses Friday Video Series

It is a new year! You get a new us too! We got a nicer camera so we will have higher quality videos and after we attend ALT Conference and learn from the very best, our videos could even go from good to great! For now, you just get us in all of our awkward glory…

Without any further ado, Five Senses Friday: Episode 12!

We just need to take a minute to seriously thank all of you who have valiantly watched Five Senses Friday and are faithful readers of our blogs. You really are making our dreams come true. Here we go on the cheesefest again! It is the truth and it needs to be said. We love you and are so grateful for each and every one of you. Stay tuned for episode 13! It may come in 2 weeks, or maybe 6 weeks (ha!) but it will come!

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Any Five Senses requests for us? What are YOU sensing this week?

Five Senses Friday: Episode 10

It is that time again! Time for Five Senses Friday!

Five Senses Friday Video Series

I know, I know. We missed out last week. It happens okay! Please forgive us and enjoy this week’s episode. If you like to hear two girls talk about poop, exercise, and our love of Katy Perry, you are in luck! Wait, that is pretty much every episode of Five Senses Friday… Well, in that case… without anymore introduction, here is Five Senses Friday Episode 10!

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Five Senses Friday Episode 7

You know what day it is! F-R-I-D-A-Y! It isn’t just ANY other Friday though…


Can you even believe we are already on Episode 7? Didn’t we just start this thing?!

Well, starting this week, you are in for a treat! We have started adding something new to all of our Five Senses Friday posts… What we wore! This is kind of a fun, unique way to show off our style each week because you don’t always get to see our entire getup in our videos. So be sure to scroll down after you watch the newest episode to see all of the details about our outfits.

Now, who’s ready for episode 7? Starting in 3…..2……1…………

Now for outfit details! First up, Sadie.

What Sadie Wore Episode 7

Headwrap: Urban Outfitters | Necklace: Apple of My Eye | Shirt: H&M | Pants and Shoes: Nordstrom | Other Jewelry: Jewelry Wholesaler

Next up, McKenzie.

What McKenzie Wore Episode 7

Earrings: Jewelry Trunk Show | Necklace: Apple of My Eye | Shirt: Forever 21 | Vest and Jeans: Kohl’s | Shoes: Target

As a little added bonus, there is a special discount code for Kohl’s right now too! Use coupon code BTSMOMTEN to get  10% off your entire Kohl’s purchase!

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Have a GREAT weekend! You may be seeing us again next week as a little added bonus!

How to Apply False Eyelashes: Guest Post from Simply Sadie Jane

What up guys, I’m Sadie from Simply Sadie Jane!
 I am SO excited to be apart of Kenzie’s MONTH OF MAKEUP!
Kenz and I have been friends for what feels like forever and I am so proud of this girl for all the amazing makeup goodness!
These posts have been so informative and helpful, I just had to get in on it!
…so I asked Kenzie if I could jump on board and share my EVERYDAY EYELASH TUTORIAL with all of you!!
I know what you’re thinking…seriously fake eyelashes for the everyday look!?
YES…it’s true!!
Fake eyelashes aren’t just for Snooki and the Kardashian’s anymore!!!
Now…I’m not talking about the extreme sky-high fake eyelashes…just the PERFECT lash to take your everyday look up a notch!
The lash to give you the thickness and volume that all the mascara commercials promise but the result is NEVER what you were hoping for!
For a while now I’ve been using lashes with a lot of my looks…
NO…not on the days when I run to the store or I’m cleaning house and such…but on the days when I know I am going to go somewhere other than the grocery store or if I know I will be going out that night…
here are some examples!!
 Fake eyelashes can be a sticky hot mess!
SERIOUSLY…they can be intimating, annoying and sometimes turn out WAY TOO fake to even bother with them…
Today I am going to teach all you Girl Loves Glam readers how to properly apply the perfect, simple fake eyelash!!
FOR REALS…I wish I was getting paid or getting free eyelashes for this post…but I’m not!}


1. REVLON: lash adhesive {I use the DARK on dates and nights out…and the CLEAR for my everyday look}
2. Tweezers
3. REVLON Beyond Natural Synthetic Lashes, 4 Sets of Lashes {the DEFINING kind} 
*About 10 dollars a pack…REMEMBER you can reuse them! Just pull the access glue off the lash carefully before using it again!
 Make sure to start with a CLEAN EYE!!
My eyelashes stay on great ALL DAY LONG and sometimes I will sleep in them and use them for 2 days EVEN!!…WATCH OUT!
Usually eyelashes are the FIRST thing I do after I moisturize!
STEP 1: Start at the inner part of your eye {right above where your tear duct is…} and place a thin line of lash adhesive directly on top of your lash.
STEP 2: Place a thin line of lash adhesive on the end of your fake lash
STEP 3: Grab the outside end {the longer lash end} of your lash with the end of your tweezers
STEP 4: FIRST place the OUTSIDE corner of your fake lash onto the top of your lash {make sure to wedge the lash onto the top of your eyelid as well} Hold in place for a few seconds
STEP 5: Grab the other side of your fake lash with your tweezers…
STEP 6: Place the inside corner of your fake lash right on top of your natural lashes…remember to push the lash onto the skin and hold it there for a few seconds
STEP 7: Push the middle of your fake lash onto the top of your natural lash like you did with the ends.
STEP 8: To make the fake lash ‘blend’ with the natural lash and make it look more ‘natural’…take your tweezers and wedge both lashes between the tweezers…then squeeze them closed so they kinda ‘adhere’ to each other.
STEP 9: Do a bit of a touch up with your lash adhesive on each corner
STEP 10: Use a cotton swab to place a bit of concealer on the lip of your eye, right above your eyelash {make sure you use the concealer to hide that access glue that might shine through your eye shadow}
STEP 11: blend concealer into your crease and up the arch of your eye
STEP 12: Use a liquid liner and put a thin line over the top of the bottom of your lashes {this will hide the ‘root’ of the lash}
STEP 13: ALWAYS USE MASCARA! Don’t you dare put your fake lashes on and think that your other little natural lashes will just disappear underneath them…THEY WON’T! Mascara blends them together!! SO USE IT!


to compliment your ginormous forehead…

oh wait…that’s just me!

Make sure you try them out for your next hot date night.