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Five Senses Friday Episode 17

Five Senses Friday Episode 17


If you didn’t catch it before, Sadit and I moved at the EXACT time to different cities! Of course we did. I mean, how could we have done it any other way? We are both sad but thrilled for this new adventure in our lives. Between the chaos of moving our families, we managed to get together one last time to film. 


This video pretty much sums up our emotions and thoughts throughout the move…with a little Beyonce in the mix, naturally!

Did you guys catch that I love this girl? I don’t think I said it enough!

fsf6All you FIVE SENSES FRIDAY FANS (all 5 of you), never fear.

We plan on filming every time we are together…and it just so happens that we will see each other this weekend.

Filming will commence.