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Five Senses Friday: Episode 15

Five Senses Friday: Episode 15

Friday, Friday, Friday! It is Friday people! Not only can we celebrate the weekend, but we can celebrate the release of yet another fabulous episode of…

Five. Senses. FREAKING. Friday people!

Five Senses Friday

Yep, you heard that right. We got our butts in gear and filmed another episode just for you. We may have struggled getting through this one. We may have both even shed tears. You will just have to watch and see why we are crying I guess! Without further ado, Five Senses Friday Episode 15…

What have you been sensing lately?

Tara Siddoway

Monday 19th of May 2014

These videos are my favorite thing on your blog. I'm glad you are back to doing them more often! And I am totally going to check out that bare minerals make up that you mentioned. I always have a hard time finding a shade that matches my skin tone when there are only like 4 to choose from! But 20? One of those has to match, it just has to!