Building a Better Body with Body Boss Fitness Guide

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This summer has totally wrecked my once healthy lifestyle. Believe it or not, living in your parents’ basement with a baby and a busy 5 year old isn’t exactly a recipe for health success. I knew that my healthy lifestyle was a team effort, but I didn’t realize just how much of a team effort it was with my husband. Thankfully, we are back together again and I am getting a little more sleep and have a little more time to focus on my health. I recently was introduced to BodyBoss Ultimate Body Fitness Guide. It is a 12 week fitness program that can be done easily anywhere, anytime – at home or outside!

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BodyBoss is perfect for my busy life! It is a 12-week step-by-step fitness program that is easy to follow. [Read more…]

How to start running

If you have followed my story for a while, you may remember when I first started running about 2 years ago.

How to Start Running

I had NEVER, ever been a runner before. In fact, I would have full on asthma attacks when I would try to run. I just classified myself as a “non runner” and moved on. Then one day I just decided to try jogging a little. I would jog until I couldn’t jog anymore and then walk, then jog again. This would only be about 1-2 miles and I had to take lots of walking breaks. Eventually, I worked my way up to my very first 5k that happened on my 27th birthday. [Read more…]

Home Gym with Little Space and Little Money

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Exercise has become a huge part of our lives as a family in the past year. My husband lost over 50 lbs this past year, ran a half marathon, and has completely changed the way he lives his life. This has really rubbed off on the rest of our family as well. Although I have always loved exercising, I haven’t ever been great about focusing on eating healthy as well. Now that I am almost done with this pregnancy, I am already planning my eating and exercise plan for once my baby is born.

We decided to create a little home gym so that we could save money on gym memberships and still be able to get our exercise with our new baby at home. We had very little space and little money to create a home gym, but I love our little area that we created!

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Workout Favorites VIDEO

Workout Favorite Products Video 

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If you follow me on basically any form of social media, you have been able to see the health journey that I have taken on this year. This spring, I started running. I learned a lot! During all of this, I have developed some favorite products to use for working out that I have had a lot of questions about. Instead of answering a million questions, I decided to put all of my workout favorites in one place so there can be one resource of my workout favorites. [Read more…]

Striving for Personal Development

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I feel like I have been on a journey of self development for years. It has had its ups and downs, but I feel like I have accomplished a lot because I have set goals and strive to make myself a little better each day. Like I said, I have definitely experienced failures in my journey of self development, but I have learned a lot because of those failures. One part of my self development that I have been trying to focus on for the past year has been my health. I don’t consider myself an unhealthy person, but I have definitely had some unhealthy habits I am still trying to battle and have been able to create some healthy habits as well!

Last summer, I tried going on a few jogs. It was the first time I had ever really gone for a run that wasn’t part of some sort of team practice. It was really hard. It was so hard for me that I gave up pretty quickly. I couldn’t see why anyone would want to go for a jog if they didn’t absolutely have to. This spring, I started going for light jogs to clear my head at night. I would run on and off for about 1-2 miles. I slowly was able to run for longer periods of time and I saw something pretty amazing happening to my body. My lungs were getting stronger! I suffered from asthma as a teenager and have had asthmatic episodes through my adult life as well. That has been one of my many excuses not to run, but my body was getting strong enough to overcome that. It felt good! I started running three times a week and finally got to the point where I could run three miles without having to stop and walk. I decided to sign up for a 5K that happened on my birthday. Although I didn’t get to sleep in on my birthday, there was no better way that I could think of than to start my 27th year as someone who was dedicated to becoming healthy.

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After meeting my goal of running a 5K, [Read more…]

Peace Out Unhealthy Habits

It has been about a month since I partnered with Jawbone and started using my UP24 band by Jawbone and I feel like I can officially say that I have said “peace out” to my unhealthy habits that I once had.

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When I first started using my UP24 band, I thought that it was only going to motivate me to walk more and stay active. I had no idea what impact it would actually have. [Read more…]

Making myself accountable

I have no self control what so ever. That has to be the hardest part of trying to live a healthy life for me. I will be doing really well about keeping myself under control, then someone brings out the donuts and it is like my body has never tasted sugar before! I turn all will power off and go crazy! I regret it later and have to start over again, usually unsuccessfully. I was so excited when Jawbone asked to team up with me so that I could try their Jawbone Up24 band.

Jawbone Up24 band

I am really hoping it is going to help give me the wake up call that I need in order to make the healthy changes that I need to make in my life that will actually stick. I have been wearing it for about a week now and I have already had a pretty huge wake up call. I am not getting enough sleep at all! I have had to make a major effort to go to bed earlier if I am working to wake up early each morning. I notice a huge difference in my will power to stay away from sugar, if I have had enough sleep the night before. [Read more…]

Teaching Kids Healthy Habits

When Dave and I were first married, we would talk about our future family. We would talk about dreams we had for our family and what types of things we wanted to do to create a happy family unit. One thing we both would talk about was our desire to raise a healthy family. Now that we are parents, we are put in the position to make that dream a reality.

It can be tough to make your kids eat all of their vegetables, but one thing that is easy to teach your kids about is exercise. Kids don’t look at being active as exercise. They look at it as play. Have you tried to play some of their activities lately? They can be a good workout! What happens between age 4 and 30 to make us realize that being active is no longer an enjoyable activity, but is looked out as exercise? I think life just gets in the way a lot of times, but I also think it is important to each kids while they are young that being active isn’t a bad thing. It can be fun and should be a natural part of their daily lives.

Teach health through playing with your kids

The best way to teach a child about healthy habits, is through example. Get out there and live a healthy and active lifestyle that your kids can see. Even better? Involve your kids too! Here are five ways I suggest teaching your kids about staying active as an adult.

1. Go for a walk- We love going for walks as a family. It is a great time to get outside, get unplugged from our devices, and to be able to enjoy conversation. It is great exercise too! You can play different games with younger kids if they get restless if they are in a stroller during a walk too. You can have them listen for different things and have you guess what they hear, or have them look for items on your walk too!

2. Do an exercise video- I love doing exercise videos when the weather is no good outside. Although the workout is usually a little more intense if I do it during nap time, I prefer to do my workout videos when my daughter can participate with me. She doesn’t do anything with weights or anything, but she loves to mimic my actions. She isn’t necessarily getting an intense aerobic workout, but she is watching her mom do an exercise while engaging with her. It is all about teaching by example.

3. Play on the playground- This can be a seriously intense workout as an adult. As a kid, I never thought about how much work it was to swing, run up the tires, or climb the monkey bars. Playing on a playground is just natural for kids. Little kids love seeing their parents play with them on the playground. This is a great way to show your kids that you want to engage with them, but you aren’t too lazy to get up and get some physical activity either!

Teaching Kids Healthy Habits by

4. Workout in the backyard- I have recently found my favorite way of working out. I love working out in my yard while my daughter plays on her swing set. I take a yoga mat, a set of hand weights, and water out by her swing set and I do a circuit workout while she plays. When it is time for me to do high knees, lunges, or just a little jog, I do them around the swing set. She thinks it is the funniest thing in the world to see her mom run around her swing set. I love doing triceps dips off of a little ledge on the swing set too. After my daughter is done swinging, she comes in and joins me in doing dips, wall sits, and planks. Have you ever seen a 2 year old plank? It looks more like a two year old laying on a yoga mat while laughing at her mom who’s arms are shaking from being in a plank. It is fun and it teaches kids that you can take your intense workout anywhere!

5. Go swimming- There aren’t many kids in the world who don’t love swimming. Swimming is a great cardiac workout. Although you probably won’t be swimming laps while your kids are at the pool with you, you can still get a good workout in by lifting your kids onto slides, lifting them to help them float, and throwing them into the air to make them splash. Once again, it is all about teaching by example. Don’t be the parent who sits on the side and plays on their phone while they feel bad about how they look in a swimming suit. Do something about it and swim with your kids!

Here’s to a happy and healthy summer! How will you show your kids how to be active through your example?

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DIY Gym Shirt

Lately, I have seen women in really cute gym shirts that have funny or motivational sayings on them. I have looked a few of them up online to buy my own, but they are way too expensive for me! I don’t want to invest a lot of money on my gym clothes, but I do think it is important to feel good about yourself while you are working out. That is why I decided to make my own gym shirt!


To make your own, you need…


*Heat transfer vinyl

*Vinyl cutter and software


Gym shirt

(Sorry this picture is so tiny! I can’t make it any bigger for you guys!)

First, I made my image in my Silhouette software. Think of a saying you really like and create a design for your shirt. Before you cut it out on the vinyl, make sure you flip the words so they cut onto the vinyl backwards. Have your vinyl cutter cut your vinyl out.


Weed out your vinyl and place it on the shirt where you want it to be. Carefully iron it onto your shirt. Make sure to press down firmly and try to make it so the iron is touching each part of the vinyl for roughly 30 seconds.


Now you have a new favorite shirt to wear to the gym! Honestly, I felt like a million bucks wearing this to the gym!

What kinds of sayings would you put on a gym shirt?

How to jump start your healthy resolutions in 6 days! And get your fitness look for less!

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The best part about a New Years coming is that it brings a fresh start! Every year, people set resolutions to live healthier and every year they fail at doing so. If you found yourself looking at the 2013 fashion trends wishing you could fit into those clothes, it is time to jump on board and make some healthy goals! I think it is important to set healthy goals, but I think it is even more important that you achieve them. I find that making one healthy change a day can make health goals seem a lot more attainable. Instead of jumping in with a completely new lifestyle, you are changing one thing a day so you can ease into a little more. I came up with 6 ways to jump start your healthy new years resolutions in 6 days and I hope they can help you reach your health goals!

How to jump start your healthy resolutions in 6 days #shop

 Day One- Take measurements- It isn’t all about what the scale says when it comes to being healthy. Healthy doesn’t mean you weight a certain number on the scale. Take starting measurements on day one and keep them in a safe place. Take measurements once a week to keep track of your progress. If you are dying to weigh yourself, only step on the scale once a week or even less if you can help it.

Take your measurements #shop

 Day Two- Make a water intake goal. This goal could be to drink less soda and more water or it could be a certain amount of water that you are wanting to drink each day. It is totally up to you and what you are wanting to accomplish. I personally try to drink three liters of water a day. It can be difficult sometimes, but I always feel good when I do it.

Make a water intake goal #shop

 Day Three- Buy new workout clothes. I am a firm believer in having exercise clothes that you are excited to wear. I think that if you are feeling cute when you workout, you will be more willing to push yourself. I feel a lot stronger when I wear stylish workout clothes instead of baggy, unattractive sweats that make me feel like a slob. I got myself this amazing Everlast jacket from Sears that will be perfect for working out during the cold months. It has thumb holes which are always nice to have in fitness apparel and has a pocket on the sleeve for my key, MP3 player, or whatever else I may need. I adore this jacket. I even was able to save nearly half the price because of the Shop Your Way rewards program they have.

Buy new workout clothes #shop

 Day Four- Try a new exercise. It is important to switch up your exercise routine. Just as your body can become immune to different medications, your body can become kind of immune to exercise if you keep doing the same ones over and over again. Try new exercises to keep your body “on its toes” so to speak. It also keeps you from getting bored of the same thing time and time again.

Try a new exercise #shop

 Day Five- Make food goals. Food is probably the most important part about living a healthy lifestyle. Make goals for how you eat. This could be the amount of calories you eat, how many fruit and vegetable servings you want to eat each day, or even a goal not to eat junk food. It is totally up to you and your personal goals!

Make food goals #shop

 Day Six- Buy goal clothes. For the last day, reward yourself a little for making all of these great changes in your life and go buy some goal clothes that you want to fit into. If you aren’t trying to lose weight, just trying to be healthier, just buy something that fits and have it be a reward for when you go so many days of living healthier. I got myself this adorable Polo plaid top from Sears that will be great because it will work this winter and even into spring. The colors are perfect for both seasons and it is right on trend! Take a look at the 2013 fashion trends and the upcoming trends and get excited about the new clothes that you will be able to rock when you reach your health goals!

Buy goal clothes #shop

 All of these steps will help you get on the right track to meeting your health and fitness goals. Keep a positive attitude and keep your goal in mind! Remember why you are wanting to be healthy in the first place. For me, my greatest motivation to be healthy is to be a good example to my family. I want them to be healthy so we can live long lives together. Another motivator is the amount of conferences and events that I will be attending. I want to look my best in pictures and feel comfortable in my own skin. I know that if I am living a healthy lifestyle, I will feel great!

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What kind of health and fitness resolutions are you making?

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