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Home Gym with Little Space and Little Money

Home Gym with Little Space and Little Money

“This post is sponsored by Kohl’s.  I was paid for this post and received the included fitness equipment as compensation.”

Exercise has become a huge part of our lives as a family in the past year. My husband lost over 50 lbs this past year, ran a half marathon, and has completely changed the way he lives his life. This has really rubbed off on the rest of our family as well. Although I have always loved exercising, I haven’t ever been great about focusing on eating healthy as well. Now that I am almost done with this pregnancy, I am already planning my eating and exercise plan for once my baby is born.

We decided to create a little home gym so that we could save money on gym memberships and still be able to get our exercise with our new baby at home. We had very little space and little money to create a home gym, but I love our little area that we created!

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The only space we had in our house that we could even consider turning into a home gym was a little corner of a room that was serving as a playroom and what we have dubbed as the “man corner” because it’s the only space in the house that is just for my husband. The entire room was treated as a playroom, with just a small corner of the room for Dave’s office. My daughter was getting a little overwhelmed with the amount of toys she would have to clean up each day, so we created a new system where all of her toys are stored in the garage. Each week, she gets to choose five toys to bring in the house for the week. That means that she gets the entire bin of that type of toy, not just one little toy. It has worked out really well because it gives us the extra room we needed, she doesn’t get so overwhelmed by cleaning up all of those toys everyday, and it feels a little bit like Christmas each week when she gets to go out and choose what toys she gets to enjoy that week. I highly recommend doing this system!

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Although half of the room is still very much a playroom, it gave us the space that we needed to get some fitness equipment and be able to utilize that small space and turn it into a little home gym!

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The first thing we really wanted to do was to get a few cardio machines. We both really enjoy running, but it is nice to switch up our cardio workouts with different machines. These machines have been a huge lifesaver during this winter because of just how much snow we have gotten! It is nice to have the equipment we need right in our house and not have to drive to a gym to use them. We got a ProForm Easy Strider elliptical trainer, a Proform Desk Bike, and a Stamina Magnetic Rowing Machine. These machines will give us enough variation in our workouts to keep us from getting bored and can even help to create some really fun circuit training workouts.

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We have really loved these exercise machines that we got from Kohl’s because they are compact enough for our space and they are affordable without feeling like they are cheaply made. The bike even folds up and can be stored in the corner if we need extra floor space. These machines are perfect for a small home gym!

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I also really love the corner of our little gym. We were also able to find a Bosu ball, resistance bands, and a BackTrac Back Massager from Kohl’s that have really helped add to our gym space. By adding a small shelf to the corner, it gives us plenty of storage for our weights and yoga mat so that the corner doesn’t have to feel cluttered. We decided to get a cork board and a white board so that we could keep track of fitness goals and keep our favorite exercises posted so we can keep track of them easily. It is nice to have all of our circuit training equipment so accessible so that our workouts can go smoothly and quickly. I also realized that this area was the perfect place to put my race medal and bib display. I am even making one for my husband so that we can reflect on just how far we have come while we continue to work on ourselves.

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When you are looking to create a home gym for yourself, there are a few things I recommend doing. The first is choosing an area that will work for your family. Most people aren’t going to have an entire unused room in their house to dedicate to a gym. Get over that fantasy and be realistic about where you could logically put a gym in your house. Be aware that there will need to be some compromise and some sacrifices made, but it is totally worth it! The next thing will be choosing the right equipment for you and your space. Get machines that you know that you will actually use and choose the ones that will fit within your space. Choosing one or two pieces that can fold up and be stored may be the best option if you are working with a really tiny space.

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Next, choose the items that will best support your fitness journey in addition to cardio machines. Keep these items some where that is easy to access so that they will be put to good use. Instead of buying several specialized items that are made specifically for one type of exercise, think about getting items that can serve many purposes. I love the resistance bands and the Bosu ball for those exact reasons. There are so many possibilities! Try to keep these items as organized as you can so that your gym area doesn’t feel cluttered. I find that I have a hard time focusing on exercise if all I can focus on is the clutter around me.

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Hang a cork board and a white board to keep yourself accountable to setting goals. This space also gives you a place to print off workout plans that you find online so that you don’t have to go searching for those articles every time you exercise.

As important as all of those things are, the most important thing to keep in mind is to actually use your home gym! Take advantage of the space and equipment! It isn’t going to be easy to workout with the distractions of home, but it is so worth it! The ability to exercise in the comfort of your own home is totally worth the sacrifices made in order to make that happen.

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Now go out and have your healthiest year yet!

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