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Building a Better Body with Body Boss Fitness Guide

Building a Better Body with Body Boss Fitness Guide

This post is sponsored by BodyBoss, however all thoughts are my own.

This summer has totally wrecked my once healthy lifestyle. Believe it or not, living in your parents’ basement with a baby and a busy 5 year old isn’t exactly a recipe for health success. I knew that my healthy lifestyle was a team effort, but I didn’t realize just how much of a team effort it was with my husband. Thankfully, we are back together again and I am getting a little more sleep and have a little more time to focus on my health. I recently was introduced to BodyBoss Ultimate Body Fitness Guide. It is a 12 week fitness program that can be done easily anywhere, anytime – at home or outside!

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BodyBoss is perfect for my busy life! It is a 12-week step-by-step fitness program that is easy to follow. It has high intensity interval training circuits for maximum power and fat burning. Warm-up and cool down exercises are also included in the guide and it is recommended and important to do this before every workout to make sure you’re fully stretch out for the workouts! I especially love that this program has a 4 week pre-training program. I haven’t ever seen that offered before. The pre-training still includes high intensity workouts for 3x a week, and it helps condition your body better for the actual cycle! Because I had a baby within the year and I haven’t been very active in the past few months, I decided that doing the pre-training program would be best for me.

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I think that by starting with the pre-training program, I am less likely to give up when I actually start the real 12-week program. My body will be in better shape to do the more intense workouts. I seriously LOVE that this is even an option!

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For both the 4 week pre-training workouts and the actual cycle, the workouts are all for 3 times a week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) and the book also comes with recommended Recovery and Cardio exercises for Tuesdays and Thursdays too. Each workout everyday also target different body parts e.g. Legs & Booty, Arms, Abs & Core for 24 mins.

The BodyBoss program can be done through the online version, or you can purchase the package that includes the online version and the 200 page booklet at a promotional price here. The booklet is so nice to have because it tells you exactly what to do each day and explains each exercise in further detail.

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I am excited to experience this program and watch as I get back into shape! This program is perfect for the crazy, transitional period that I am currently in and I know that it would be great for many busy women out there, just like me!

Body Boss Ultimate Fitness Guide

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