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Making myself accountable

Making myself accountable

I have no self control what so ever. That has to be the hardest part of trying to live a healthy life for me. I will be doing really well about keeping myself under control, then someone brings out the donuts and it is like my body has never tasted sugar before! I turn all will power off and go crazy! I regret it later and have to start over again, usually unsuccessfully. I was so excited when Jawbone asked to team up with me so that I could try their Jawbone Up24 band.

Jawbone Up24 band

I am really hoping it is going to help give me the wake up call that I need in order to make the healthy changes that I need to make in my life that will actually stick. I have been wearing it for about a week now and I have already had a pretty huge wake up call. I am not getting enough sleep at all! I have had to make a major effort to go to bed earlier if I am working to wake up early each morning. I notice a huge difference in my will power to stay away from sugar, if I have had enough sleep the night before.

Jawbone App

I have loved that the Jawbone Up24 band syncs to their app so that I can see how much sleep I got, how many steps I have taken throughout the day, and track my nutrition. I have had a pretty eye opening experience with the food score it gives you. I can’t seem to get my score up very high because I haven’t eaten as well as I should be eating. Seeing the food score has really helped me realize just how unhealthy some of the food is that I have been eating.

I am really hoping that this Jawbone Up24 band will be just the accountability that I need to make that change that I am looking for. Yes, it would be nice to lose the extra weight that I know I have, but I really think it is more important to focus on just treating my body the way it needs to be treated and make healthy choices first. I think that once I do that, the weight will come off eventually.

I will be giving you guys a little post next month where I will be following up on how things are going and how my body is feeling after using my Jawbone Up24 band for a month! I am excited to see how things will change!

If you are trying to make a healthy change in your life, but can’t seem to keep yourself accountable, Jawbone Up24 may be just what you need too! You can learn more about Jawbone HERE.

This post was sponsored by Jawbone. They are teaming up with me to help support my journey to a healthy lifestyle. All thoughts and opinions are my own and are based on my real life, personal experiences.