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Mario Kart Halloween Family Costume

Mario Kart Halloween Family Costume

I always wanted to be the type of family who dressed up together for Halloween. Once we had our first child, my husband was finally on board with the idea. It is one of the biggest highlights of our year! This year’s Mario Kart costume theme might be my most favorite. However, I do seem to say that every year! If you have been wanting to dress up in a Mario Kart Halloween family costume or dress up as a group, I have everything you need to create this look for yourself!

Mario Kart Family Halloween Costume

For our Mario Kart Halloween costume theme, we chose a mixture of classic and a little more obscure characters. We have a Mario, King Boo, Rosalina, and Princess Peach. To learn how to create each of those costumes, you can follow the links to take you to their individual tutorials. The good news is that I didn’t use a sewing machine for any of them! 

Mario Costume

King Boo Costume

Mario Kart Couples Costume

Rosalina Costume

Princess Peach Costume

Mario Kart Princess Costumes

Mario Kart Themed Costume

The costumes aren’t complete without the Mario Kart cars! Without them, the costumes are just Mario costumes. The CARS make all of the difference. They were all made out of boxes, spray paint, vinyl, and ribbon. They were pretty easy to make and they totally make the costumes what they are. Click the link below to learn how to create your own cardboard box Mario Kart car.

Mario Kart Cars Made Out of Boxes

Mario Kart Family Costume

To take the costumes to another level, you can add the balloons to look like you are in a balloon battle. But don’t forget the weapons! The trick or treat bags are our weapons! Head over to the Mario Kart trick or treat bag post to learn how to make them.

Mario Kart Halloween Idea

If you haven’t ever dressed up as a family, now is the time to try it! I highly recommend it! We have been able to grow closer as a family as we choose the theme each year, take silly photos, and create memories. It is one of our favorite things! Plus, what kid isn’t going to love throwing bananas at their dad?!

Mario Kart Halloween Group Costume

Family Halloween Costume Ideas

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Shannon Koester

Saturday 21st of November 2020

😭😭 i love your bath bomb recipe, but i can't get them out of the mold...please help with ideas.


Friday 16th of October 2020

Such great costumes! Can’t wait to try these ideas with my family! Thanks for sharing!!