DIY No Sew Elmo Halloween Costume

I am excited to be a part of the Really Awesome Handmade Costume Series with C.R.A.F.T. this year! Did you know that she has another website called Really Awesome Costumes that is full of the coolest costumes you’ve ever seen? She does! If you need to find a great DIY costume for yourself, your kids, your husband, etc. that is the place to look! The costume I am about to share will be featured on there tomorrow!

Well, here is the moment we have all been waiting for. Little girl’s costume for the year….

No Sew DIY Elmo Costume on #halloween #tutorial #sesamestreet

Elmo! Or as she would say it… “Melmo!” A few victories with this costume include… The fact that she recognizes it as Elmo. It costed less to make than the store bought Elmo costumes. It is 1000000000% cuter than the store bought Elmo costumes. It was will keep her warm during the freezing Idaho Halloween. It was totally no sew!

To make your own (not including the headband, that tutorial is under this one), you need…

Elmo Costume Supplies

*Red long sleeved shirt

*Red sweat pants

*Red fleece (buy it with your craft store coupon!)

*Fabric scissors

*Flexible stretch fabric glue

Fleece Fringe

First, the fleece into strips about 2-3 inches wide. Cut those strips into fringes. I folded the strips over a few times so I didn’t have to cut so many fringes.

Homemade Elmo Costume

Lay out the shirt and pants and glue the fringe onto it. Overlap the fringe just a little bit as you work your way up. Make sure to cover every part of the clothing with fringe. I put a cereal box in the shirt so that the glue wouldn’t go through the shirt onto the other side. Let the glue dry for 24 hours.

Now, onto the headband.

Elmo Headband

For the Elmo headband you need…

Elmo Headband Supplies

*Red hackle pad (you can usually find these at craft stores)

*Red headband

*Black felt

*Orange felt

*White felt

*Fabric scissors

*Hot glue

How to make an Elmo headband

Find round objects in your house that you can trace to make the perfect sizes for the eyes and nose. Trace them onto the felt and cut them out. The nose is a little more oval, but you can cut the circle and just cut a little bit off the sides to make it more of an oval shape.

Elmo Headband Tutorial

Take all of the shapes and glue them onto the hackle pad. Glue the hackle pad onto the headband and let it dry.

Once you finish that, you are done! Your little munchkin can now dress up as that lovable red, furry monster!

DIY Elmo Halloween Costume

Happy Halloween!

We dressed as Sesame Street characters as a family with our little Elmo!

Sesame Street Family Halloween Costume on

For Cookie Monster, we just purchased a blue shirt and blue beanie. I cut out felt eyes and a glued them to the hat. For my Big Bird costume, we actually borrowed it from an incredibly talented neighbor! The costume would be insanely simple to recreate though. The dress was made of yellow fleece and was literally just a straight seam up the side and yellow boas glued to the collar and along the bottom. The socks were dyed orange because she couldn’t find any orange knee socks when she made the costume. To make the headband, she stuffed a circular piece of fleece for the head. She took a cereal box, cut it apart, and rolled it into the shape of a beak and then glued yellow fabric over it. She glued it onto the head. The eyeballs were tennis balls with black felt glued to them. She glued it all onto a headband and added some feathers to the top of it for detail. It was so sweet of her to let me borrow it!

If you happened to miss out on her handmade Hedwig the owl costume from last year, check it out too! I used a lot of the same concepts on both costumes! Super easy!

No Sew Owl Costume


  1. i LOVE it! What a great idea… AND the fact that it is no sew 🙂 Cute pics too! Thanks for participating in Really Awesome Costumes!

  2. SOoooooo smart! What a cutie. 🙂

  3. Oh my gosh…you’re awesome, McKenzie! This costume is adorable, but the little girl is even cuter!

  4. So cute!!! She is a doll and the costume is AWESOME!

  5. So cute! Using a headband instead of a hood of some kind is genius for little kids! 🙂 You rock, as always, McKenzie! She is adorable! You can just tell she loves it 🙂

  6. Over-the-top cute! 🙂 I love making my kids’ costumes, but I have pretty limited sewing skills, so this is right up my alley. 🙂

  7. So cute!

  8. This is TERRIFIC!!! you are a rock star! What a cutie pie too. I’m hopping over from Strut Your Stuff I enjoyed my visit to your blog. I invite you to join me at Katherines Corner Hugs! P.S. only one day left to enter my giveaway

  9. This is ADORABLE! I’d love if you’d link up to The DIY’ers!

  10. This turned out so cute!! love it!

  11. such a clever idea with cute results 😀 love it

  12. I’m going to make these for my twins this year – they’re OBSESSED with Elmo! How much fleece did you use for one costume?

  13. Where did you find the red hackle pad? I have looked at Joann’s, michaels and hobby lobby.

    • I would try Etsy! They usually have a lot of shops who sell feathers.

      • Taylor Kampia says

        This is so adorable! How much red fleece did you need?

        • Oh gosh! I am trying to remember how much I used. I want to say that I got 3 yards. I know I got too much though! I just had to kind of think of how big she was and think of how much would need to wrap around her. It is going to be a little different depending on how big the kid is. I hope this is helpful!

          • I’m trying to make this costume but the fabric glue isn’t sticking at all. Any suggestions? Should I use another type of glue? Every time I put a piece of fleece on, it just pops right off, I’m stretching the fabric like they said in the directions. Please help!

          • What type of fabric glue are you using? It won’t stick instantly, you just need to let it dry before it will stick completely, but it should just pop off!

          • It’s me again…..Did you go around the sweatshirt or did you just do the front first, let it dry, then the back?

          • I went all the way around. I was just really careful as I moved around.

  14. Hey i did a cookie monster version for my son, it turned out great and everyone loved. Thanks you so much!


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