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Mario Kart Rosalina Costume

Mario Kart Rosalina Costume

After we decided on our Mario Kart Halloween costume theme as a family, we got to choose our characters. My oldest REALLY wanted to be Rosalina. I love that she wanted to be a character that isn’t as traditional in the Mario world. The Rosalina costume was also fun to make because she wanted to wear her racing suit, instead of her princess gown. 

Mario Kart Rosalina Costume

Rosalina Halloween Costume

Mario Kart Rosalina Costume Supplies

To make the Rosalina costume, you need:

How to make a Princess Rosalina Costume

To start, you are going to want to open your Silhouette Software. If you are not using a Silhouette Cameo, you can trace or freehand these shapes as well, but it is easier with the machine! In your Silhouette Software, you will get an image of a star outline and size it to the size you want for the shirt. Cut this shape out of your Silver glitter heat transfer vinyl and weed the excess vinyl off. Then, you will get a circle shape that will fit inside the star and cut it out of the silver glitter heat transfer vinyl and weed off the extra.

Princess Rosalina Racing shirt tutorial

Next, iron on the star. Place the vinyl on the shirt and iron it using the cotton setting. You will press firmly and iron for about 30 seconds. Take off the protective film and place the circle in the middle of the star. Lay the multi-use paper over all of the star. This helps protect the vinyl from melting onto the iron. Now, iron over the entire star. Once you are done ironing, take the protective layer off of the circle. 

How to make iron on stripes

Rosalina Racing Shirt DIY

For the racing stripes that go along the side of the outfit, you will want to lay out your sheet of mint vinyl and measure out how thick you want the stripe to be. Ours are 1 1/2 inches thick. After that, cut your vinyl along that line. You can either trace it and cut it with scissors, or use a rotary cutter to cut it. Either one works!

DIY Rosalina Racing Costume

To iron on the racing stripes, lay the pants or the shirt out, with the side seam facing up. Lay your vinyl strips on top of the seam and iron it on. You will want to press down firmly and iron for about 30 seconds on each spot. Once you have an entire stripe ironed on, pull off the protective layer. If you are laying one stripe up to another one, be sure to use your multi-use paper so that your vinyl doesn’t melt onto the iron. When you turn over your clothes to do the other side, make sure that the previous racing stripe isn’t under where you are ironing, or it will melt onto your ironing board!

How to make a crown headband

No princess is complete without her crown! Putting a crown on a headband makes it easier to keep the crown on, while also giving the ability to make the crown a little taller and more dramatic.

Crown Headband Supplies

To make the crown headband, cut a piece of the silver craft foam to be long enough that when it is wrapped in a circle, it is the width you want it to be. Next, cut a zigzag pattern on the top of the craft foam.

Making a crown headband

Hot glue the jewels onto the craft foam and glue the ends together. To attach it to the headband, cut an additional circle of the craft foam and glue it to the bottom of the headband, where you will want the crown to be. Glue the crown to the foam to secure it all together.

Princess Crown Headband Tutorial

Now you have your crown headband that is ready to wear!

Princess Rosalina Crown

Princess Rosalina Mario Kart Costume

The final piece of the Princess Rosalina costume puzzle are the accessories! Tie the mint fabric/handkerchief around your neck, put on your mint gloves, and get ready to race!

Princess Rosalina Mario Kart Accessories

Rosalina isn’t ready to race, without her car! Follow this post to learn how to make Mario Kart cars out of boxes

Princess Rosalina Mario Kart Costume

She might look sweet, but she has a mean banana throw! 

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