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I have always loved having pretty nails. But paying for salon manicures has never been high on my priority list. I am not one to want or need long, fake acrylic nails. I prefer having them natural and shorter. Even though I like them shorter, I still want them to look nice! This is where you will find my ideas for manicures. Some fun nail art, and some more simple.

I am a Color Street independent stylist, and am so thankful I discovered this company! If you are wondering “what are Color Street nails?” I have a post on that. Learn how you can gift them and get free printables in “Color Street gift wrapping”. Don’t destroy your nails taking them off! Read “How to remove Color Street nails: tips from a Color Street independent stylist”.

Even before I found Color Street, I was doing my manicures. You can learn “how to use nail stamps” and give yourself custom manicures. Give yourself a glam manicure with “black and gold glitter burst nail art”. Did you know you can use Sharpie on your nails? “Sharpie block striped nail art” is a cool color block technique done with markers!

Try a fun seasonal, or holiday themed nail. A “conversation heart inspired nail art” look for Valentine’s day. “Retro patriotic nail art” for Independence day and so many other fun styles!