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Easy Halloween Nail Art

Easy Halloween Nail Art

I seriously have no idea why I like Halloween so much. It is a pretty weird holiday and I absolutely hate being scared. It makes no sense at all that I am a fan of Halloween, but I just can’t help it! I love Halloween! Because I think that any Halloween lover should wear their love of Halloween on their sleeve… or fingernails rather, I made the cutest easy Halloween nail art tutorial ever!

Easy Halloween Nail Art Tutorial on

I mean, how can you not love those tiny little eyes and candy corns on these nails?! I am basically just tooting my own horn over here, but I am obsessed with these nails. I think one reason that I am so obsessed with them is because of just how easy they were to do!

To do your own Halloween nail art, you need…

Halloween Nail Art Tutorial Candy Corn Eyes on

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Yellow polish

White polish

Dark purple polish

Orange polish

Black polish

Clear top coat

Nail art tools

Orange stick

Post it note

Candy Corn Nail Art Halloween Eyes Tutorial on

First paint all of your nails except for your ring fingers with the dark purple polish. Paint the ring fingers with yellow polish. Paint all of these with two coats of fingernail polish.

Eyeball Halloween Nail Art on

Pour a small amount of white polish onto a plate and dip your nail art tool into it. Put tiny white dots on your nail. Make sure to keep them clumped into pairs so that they look like eyes.

Eyes Halloween Nail Art on

Pour a small amount of black polish onto a plate and dip a smaller nail art tool into it. Put tiny black dots on the white dots to make them turn into tiny eyes.

Candy Corn Nail Art on

For the candy corn nails, make sure your yellow polish is completely dry. Place a post it note onto the nail and paint orange polish in the middle of the nail, up to the post it note. This helps create a barrier so that the orange polish doesn’t go too low and so you can create a really straight line.

Paint the tip of your nail with the white finger nail polish. You can use another post it note to make the line really straight again or just barely paint the tip of the nail with the polish.

Nail Art Halloween Candy Corn on

Place a coat of clear top coat on all of your nails after the nail art is dry.

Halloween Nail Art Candy Corn Eyes on

Now you have incredibly cute Halloween nails that would be easy to replicate on all of your friends too!

Halloween Nail Art Eyes on

Happy Haunting!

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Saturday 31st of October 2015

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