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Motherhood is a trip. Some days you are so tired and can barely manage to sit on the couch while their favorite cartoon plays, while others you are baking and creating special memories. I hate to break it to you, but there is no such thing as a perfect mother. We are all just in the trenches doing the best we can.

Teaching kids to love themselves, and teaching kids confidence are two lessons that are on going and so important in their development. I want my girls to be strong and independent and unapologetically themselves.

While I share posts about how I teach those important skills to your children, I also share things like baby routine and scheduling tips. Dealing with a sick baby is so scary and exhausting. When you are new parent especially. Check out the 10 tips to survive your baby’s cold for tips and tricks to help you and baby cope.

No ones motherhood journey is going to be identical, but sharing what works for me to help inspire is what this section is all about.