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Don’t Overpay for Formula

Don’t Overpay for Formula

This post is sponsored by Comforts™ Brand.

When I had my first born, she was premature and required specialty formula that gave us no other option than one brand. With my baby now, the formula possibilities seem endless! It is like a whole new world has been opened to us. I have done a lot of research of different brands, sizes, and prices and I have been really impressed with the Comforts™​ ​Infant​ ​Formulas.

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They are recommended by pediatricians, designed with all the vitamins and minerals your baby needs for a healthy first year and beyond, and they now offer NON-GMO formulas that are made with ingredients that haven’t been genetically engineered. We use the Advantage, but it also comes in Infant, Gentle, Sensitivity, and Tender.

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We used to use name brand formula, but I realized that I could get a much better deal with the Comforts™​ ​Infant​ ​Formulas. You can find them exclusively at Kroger family of stores. I purchase ours at Smith’s. We have purchased two different sizes and both have been a really great value. They work really well in our formula mixer too!

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Have you had a chance to try Comforts™​ ​Infant​ ​Formulas yet?