Gearing up for Music Festivals

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Teva for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Music festival season is upon us! If you haven’t ever been to a music festival, you are seriously missing out. As you may remember, my life revolved around all things music. I practically lived at various venues and absolutely loved attending concerts as often as I possibly could. That’s why it was seriously a match made in heaven when I married a musician.

After attending my fair share of music festivals, I have come to learn a few very valuable tips to making your music festival experience great.

1. Sunscreen- I can’t even stress enough the importance of wearing sunscreen and packing more sunscreen to wear. After going to concert after concert in the sun, your skin needs sunscreen to battle against that hot sun.

2. Aloe- This goes right along with the sunscreen, but I think it is just as important to bring aloe with you too. There is a sense of instant relief that you feel when you put aloe on a sunburn. You can put aloe on your skin after you have been out in the sun for a long period of time and your body temperature will feel much cooler.

3. Hydration- It is so important to stay hydrated while you are at a music festival. Chances are, you are going to be singing, dancing, and hopping around while you are there so you will definitely need your water. Drink up! Drink a lot of water.

4. Cross body bags- Wear a cross body bag while you are at a music festival so that you are sure to be able to feel the bag against your body and so the strap stays on and isn’t easily stolen.

5. Proper footwear- It is important to wear shoes that can both protect your feet and keep your feet cool. You do a lot of moving around at a music festival so you want to be able to walk easily in your shoes, but you need your feet to be protected from being stepped on too. It is important to keep your feet cool too so your body temperature doesn’t get too high.

It is the perfect fit that Teva is sponsoring the Bonnaroo Music Festival because Teva shoes are the perfect shoes to wear to music festivals. They offer the support, protection, and air that your feet need at a music festival. Since 1984, Teva has been known for being the go to shoe to go anywhere, do anything, and live life to the fullest and get out to have adventures.

You can find your very own pair of Teva sandals on Zappos. I love this teal and coral color of their Original Sandals.

What are your music festival tips? You can find even more great music festival tips by following the hashtag #Ready2Roo or by visiting The Fountain!

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All Smiles

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Orajel Kids.

Sometimes I feel like I grew up in the dentist’s chair. It all started when I was about 2 years old. My mom was setting up for an event that was happening at a theater. I had been crawling around on the theater seats. My mom came and found me when it was time to go home and when I looked up and smiled at her, my tooth was black. My mom freaked out, like any new mom would. She rushed me to the dentist’s office and stood by the chair nervously as the dental assistant looked into my mouth. As she examined my black tooth closer, she saw something curious. Something wasn’t right. That is when she realized what was really going on. She took one of her tools and scraped it on my tooth. Just as she did, a black popcorn kernel popped off of my tooth revealing my tiny white tooth underneath. Imagine my mom’s relief when she learned that what she once thought was a rotten tooth actually was just a nasty piece of someone else’s popcorn her 2 year old had found on a dirty theater floor.

Just because I was in the clear the first time I visited the dentist, doesn’t mean that is how it ended up being in the end. Actually, it is quite the opposite. I have horrible teeth. That was discovered not long after the popcorn debacle when I visited the dentist for the first time “officially” and they found 15 cavities in my mouth. Yep! You heard that right. FIFTEEN CAVITIES! In the 80’s, there were no handbooks telling moms not to give their toddlers nothing but bottles full of fruit juice 24/7. That fruit juice that you can see in nearly every one of my baby photos is exactly what gave me those cavities. That was just the beginning of my life in the dentist chair that just recently had a new chapter added to it all about getting a very expensive dental implant.

Needless to say, I am very cautious when it comes to my daughter’s teeth. If by some miracle she ends up getting her dad’s genes when it comes to dental health, she is in luck for the rest of her life. Unfortunately, she has a 50% chance of having my teeth too. That is why I decided early on to use high quality products for her dental hygiene.

Orajel Baby and Toddler Products

I love Orajel products. I know that when I see their name on a product, it is going to be a high quality product that I can trust in my toddler’s mouth. They come in all of her favorite characters so she can get excited about her dental hygiene and I know that they are made to fit whatever stage of growth she is in.

Orajel Toddler Toothbrush

The best part? She approves of their products too! In fact, she begs me to let her brush her teeth. Recently, I have been teaching her to brush her own teeth. We put the toothpaste on her toothbrush and I tell her it is mom’s turn to brush her teeth first. I brush her teeth and then give her a chance to try brushing her teeth on her own. She used to just suck on the toothbrush, but she is starting to understand that she needs to scrub her teeth with the bristles. It is little discoveries like that that make all of the times that she has tried my patience while she was teething, totally worth it.

Orajel Toddler Dental Care

Orajel wants to celebrate all of the “Smilestones” that your child has! If you share your favorite Smilestones HERE, you can be entered to win a trip for four to Beaches Resorts. I will even let you take me along if you win!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Orajel Kids.
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Tree Hut Healthy Skin Giveaway

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Tree Hut . All opinions are 100% mine.

Having healthy skin is important. I think we forget about our skin’s health until it is too late. The skin that we focus on the most, is our facial skin, but treating our entire body is important! It is really important to use body lotion with SPF to protect our skin from harsh sun rays that can damage not only the appearance of our skin, but can give us skin cancer! SPF can help prevent all of that! It is also important to use a salt scrub that helps get rid of the impurities in your skin to make your skin look and feel gorgeous. That is why I was so excited to try out the Tree Hut Raspberry Macadamia Daily Defense Cream and Tree Hut Fig & Olive Detoxifying Mediterranean Salt Scrub.


I tried the salt scrub first. You apply this while you are in the shower and it helps remove toxins and impurities from your skin, while also treating dry skin. It is like a miracle treatment!

My skin instantly felt fresh. I loved how luxurious feeling the scrub was too. I almost felt like I was in a day spa (with the exeption of the toddler toys in my shower). I would recommend using this scrub every other day in the shower. You will feel like a totally new person and your skin will thank you for it!

As much as I loved the salt scrub, I loved the DD Cream even more! This stuff is incredible! My skin gets extremely dry because the climate  I live in is practically a desert. The winter takes a huge toll on my skin and it really doesn’t get back to feeling healthy until the middle of summer. I kid you not, this cream made my skin feel different right away. I could feel the moisture in my skin hours later. This is the best cream I have ever used on my skin. It wasn’t heavy or greasy and it is full of SPF too so it protected my skin from the sun all day long.

I love that both of these have certified organic shae butter in them and that they aren’t tested on animals either. Huge bonus! You can find both of these at ULTA (aka my home away from home).

Tree Hut is giving one lucky reader both of these products too! To enter, follow Tree Hut on each of their social media platforms and leave a comment telling me why you love Tree Hut and why you are excited to try these products. So go follow them on FacebookTwitterInstagram, and Pinterest!

Giveaway closes on May 3rd at Midnight MST.

Good luck!

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Robert Jones Beauty Academy Review: Part 1

Remember when I told you I was going to start taking online classes to become a certified makeup artist through the Robert Jones Beauty Academy? Well, it is happening now! I am going to keep all of you posted on my progress throughout the entire journey. I can’t wait to keep you in the loop!

Robert Jones Beauty Academy Review copy

I have only been a legitimate student of the Robert Jones Beauty Academy for a week now and I already feel like I learned so much from the first video! In the first video, he did makeup on a model while he explained how he did it and why he did what he did. He didn’t go into major detail because those videos are coming up, but even just watching him work was so informative for me. I took 2 1/2 pages of notes as I watched that 30 minute video. I tried some of his techniques the next day when I did my makeup. I love how fresh and natural it looks while still highlighting the good parts!

Robert Jones Makeup

I can’t wait to continue to learn from Robert Jones and to bring you all with me throughout the journey. Be sure to check back to see more of my reviews about the Robert Jones Beauty Academy. If you are interested in becoming a certified makeup artist through the Robert Jones Beauty Academy, you can find more details HERE. If you are interested in getting makeup tips from Robert Jones, you can sign up for those HERE.

Why I Love My Shark Rocket Vacuum

I was given this Shark Rocket to review, but was not otherwise compensated. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

Shark Rocket Vacuum

I have always been a fan of Shark brand. I have owned a Shark steam mop and full sized vacuum for years. I have always been so impressed with the power that was packed in their machines for such affordable prices. Shark pretty much rocks my world. With my living room makeover, I added another rug to the room and I actually care about what the space looks like. The Shark Rocket helps do the job!

Shark Rocket Review

The Shark Rocket is one awesome vacuum. It is lightweight, powerful, and is capable of cleaning every inch of my house.

Speaking of which…

Shark Rocket Vacuum Review

I had a mouse in my kitchen. Yes, a mouse! It nearly ruined my life. The Shark Rocket is perfect for cleaning in small crevices like in between pipes under the sink. It sucked up the mouse poop with ease. Thank goodness! I am happy to report that we have one very dead mouse and hopefully no more mice coming our way!

Review of Shark Rocket

I mentioned that this vacuum was lightweight, right? Well this is just how light this vacuum is. I can put the 2 year old to work. She loves vacuuming and I love to see her learn how to begin taking care of our home. This vacuum rocks because it can work on many surfaces. In my house, I have a lot of hard surface flooring. The Shark Rocket can sweep on hard surfaces and can vacuum on soft surfaces like rugs and carpet. It even has an attachment to dust off hard wood flooring. It is perfect for our home!

Shark Rocket Vacuum

See that messy rug? The Shark Rocket fixes that in an instant! The best part? There is a hanging hook so that once the vacuuming job is done, it can be easily hung up and stored away! Have I sold you on the Shark Rocket? Good. Cause I’m obsessed with mine. You need one in your life.

Beauty Box 5: Beauty Product Review

I was provided with the Beauty Box 5, free of charge but am not otherwise compensated. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

It is time for another honest to goodness beauty product review for you guys! Beauty Box 5 sends me a box each month for me to try out the products and tell YOU all about them. They aren’t paying me to say anything positive about these products. I try them out and tell you what I think. If you don’t already know what Beauty Box 5 is, it is a company that sends out one box a month to their subscribers that has five beauty products in it. It is a really fun way to try out new products without having to make a large investment. These subscriptions start at just $12 so you can try out new beauty products every month without feeling guilty about it.

Now, who’s ready to see what I got in my last beauty box?

Beauty Box 5 January

This time, I got some body wash, cuticle oil, exfoliating gloves, moisturizer, lip balm, and a (bonus product) mirror compact. I have been pretty happy with all of them as a whole, but there is one product I literally cannot live without now that I have tried it. Can you guess what one it is? Here are all of the product details and the reviews for each of them…

H2O Plus Spa Sea Lotus Body Wash- I love that this body wash is made to be unisex. You can totally share this with your husband without feeling like he smells like a girl or that you smell like a manly man. It has a really great, refreshing scent too. The full size bottle retails for $17.

Nubar Cuticle and Nail Oil- I love cuticle oil. I hadn’t ever tried this brand before, but I really liked it. My poor cuticles get pretty bad during the winter months and this stuff does wonders to them. This retails for $10.

Swissco Bath and Shower Exfoliating Gloves- Guys! These are literally life changing. These may be my favorite product of all time. These are the perfect way to get baby soft skin. If you use self tanner or get spray tans, you need these gloves in your life for sure. My skin feels awesome and it takes no time at all. I think everyone needs a pair of these gloves. These retail for $5!

Jergens Daily Moisturizer- My skin gets so sad during the winter. This moisturizer gave my skin just the right amount of moisture it needed to get through the harsh weather. I hadn’t ever tried it before and I am a total believer. This retails for $6.99.

Epic Blend Hemp Coconut Lip Balm- This lip balm felt like any other lip balm to me. The selling point for it, is that it is organic, gluten free, and not tested on animals. If you are a fan of being gluten free, petroleum free, and non-GMO this could be your new favorite lip balm. It retails for $3.39.

That Awkward Moment Mirror Compact- This was just a bonus product they sent to promote the new movie, That Awkward Moment.

Well, that is all for now! If you want to try out new products like this every month, sign up to get your own Beauty Box 5!

Check back next month for more beauty product reviews too!


Holiday Party Makeup Look

Holiday Party Makeup Look on #makeup #beauty #tutorial

Let the holiday parties begin! It is fun to dress up a little for holiday parties and it is time to have a perfect makeup look to go with your gorgeous holiday look! Adding the perfect makeup can bring your entire look to the next level. It can make you feel fabulously confident so you don’t have to worry about anything but enjoying your holiday fun!

I was given some Younique makeup to create this holiday makeup look by cute AnnieMarie of Cozy Couture Boutique. I am obsessed with these products! They are really high quality and they are jam packed with pigments so the color turned out just as vibrantly as I hoped they would. The makeup also stayed on all day long with the help of the amazing primer too!

Younique makeup Holiday Look

I used…

Moonstruck 3D Fiber Lashes

Moonstruck Minerals Pigment Powder in Infatuated, Heartbroken, Curious, and Gorgeous

Moonstruck Minerals Blusher in Seductive

The Moonstruck Glorious Face and Eye Primer

Lucrative Lip Gloss in Lovesick

I am totally obsessed with these products! I can’t tell you enough how impressed I am by the quality of these Younique products. For the price, they are completely affordable and are a great deal! When I created my holiday look, I used my own foundation, eyeliner, eyebrow pencil, and an additional red lipstick color that is totally optional depending on how bright you want your lips to be.

Now for creating the look…

For your facial makeup:

1. Apply moisturizer

2. Apply primer to your entire face. I used the Younique Glorious Face and Eye Primer. It’s totally amazing.

3. Put your foundation on.

4. Put blush on the apples of your cheeks. I used the Younique Minerals Blusher in Seductive. For this look, I didn’t do any other facial contouring because I like to keep the face looking more naturally colored during the winter. Because there isn’t much sunlight to get tan, I stayed away from the bronzer. I wanted it to look like my cheeks had gotten a little rosy from the cold weather. When you use the Younique blush, be sure to put a little on your brush and then tap most of it off onto your hand. The pigments are so powerful, you can get too much on your brush pretty easily.

5. Pencil in your eyebrows.

For the eyes:

Holiday Party Eye Makeup

1. Apply eye primer to the entire eyelid. I used the Younique Glorious Face and Eye Primer.

2. Brush the dark brown eye shadow in the crease of your eyelid from the outside edge of your eye in about halfway across your eye. I used the Younique Infatuated color.

3. Brush the reddish pink colored eye shadow below the dark brown eye shadow. Brush it from the crease down to the lash line. I used the Younique Heartbroken color. This is one color you won’t find anywhere else. I’m obsessed with this color!

4. Brush the gold colored eye shadow from the inside edge of the eye into the previous two colors. Brush from the crease down to the lash line. I used the Younique Gorgeous color. This is another color I haven’t really seen before. It is SO gold. It is really beautiful!

5. Brush the gold colored eye shadow under the bottom eyelashes along the lash line.

6. Apply cream or white eye shadow from the crease up to the eyebrow. Brush into the previous colors just a little bit so you can blend them together. I used the Younique Curious color.

7. Apply a thick line of dark eyeliner. come out a little past your eyelid so you can create a small cat eye effect.

8. Finish of the eyes with some mascara. I used the Younique 3D Fiber Lashes. This isn’t just any mascara! This is kind of like wearing false eyelashes, without all of the hassle of applying false eyelashes. It is just two different tubes that look like mascara tubes that you use to create the perfect eyelashes.

For the lips:

1. Put some pink or red lipstick. This is optional depending on how bright you want your lips to be. I used a red Kat Von D lipstick and then kissed most of it off onto a tissue. I just wanted to add a bright color, but didn’t want it to be overwhelming.

2. Apply lip gloss on top of the lipstick. I used the Younique Lucrative Lip Gloss in Lovesick. Adding the lip gloss helps make your lips look fuller and more glamorous for your party!

Easy Holiday Party Makeup Look

Now it is time to go knock the socks off of all of those party goers!

Be sure to go like Cozy Couture Boutique on Facebook to get more details about ordering these Younique products and to see all of the other cute stuff AnnaMarie has! She has some great deals going on right now! The Younique eye shadow pigments are $10 each or 4 for $35! These pigments will last you a very long time too! The pigment is so high in them that you don’t have to use very much each time you apply it. She is also offering free boot socks with any purchase over $20! Holla! Perfect Christmas gifts!

Don’t forget to get my book, The Busy Girl’s Guide to Makeup for your Christmas gifts too!

I was compensated for this post. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. I really do love these products!

Beauty Box 5: Beauty Product Review

I am excited about a new collaboration I have made with Beauty Box 5! They will be sending me a complimentary box each month that I can give honest to goodness reviews on. I will be reviewing all 5 of the products they send me each month and I will tell you what I honestly think about each of these beauty products and if I think you should purchase them for yourself! If you have never heard of Beauty Box 5, it is an awesome company! You pay $12 a month and they will send you a box with five different beauty products in it. The value is always way more than the $12 that you paid for the box and it is a great way to get to try new products out without a big investment! So, let’s get things started!

Beauty Box 5 November box review

I was really excited to receive my very first Beauty Box 5! This is what it came with and what I thought of each of them…

LA Fresh Facial Cleansing Wipes- These felt like any other facial cleansing wipe out there honestly. This brand claims to have more nutrients in their wipes, but a bigger package of these will cost you $20. I would stick with the cheapo wipes.

Model Co Illusion Nude Lip Liner- This lip liner is made to blend in with your skin a little more than your traditional lip liners. It is made to help you correct the shape of your lips and make them the shape you want them to be. So far, I have really liked this. I don’t use it for the shape correcting necessarily, but I have liked the nude color. I think it is a great color for the days that you are just wearing gloss. This lip liner is about $20 which I feel like is a pretty reasonable price because lip liners last quite a while.

Nubar Kristal Nail Polish- I don’t usually go for the sparkly nail polishes, but this polish is pretty awesome. It is the perfect top coat to use during the holiday season. It also stays on really well and makes your nails feel hard and healthy.

Toe separators- These are just the normal toe separators. Nothing too special other than they are sparkly!

Aveeno lotion- I was actually really impressed with this lotion. I felt like it added a lot of moisture to my skin without making it feel oily and gross. I would recommend this lotion for sure. Especially the smaller travel size to keep in your purse when you are in those emergency situations when your hands feel like they are about to crack and bleed while you are in the middle of the grocery store.

Well, that is it for this month! What do you think of this new collaboration? Are you excited to learn about more beauty products?


Turn Family Memories into Home Decor

Family Memories Turned into Decor

Having family photos on display brings such a warmth to a home. It reminds you of the good times and reminds you of what is really important in life. Sometimes it is hard to think of ways to bring in photos without taking up every square inch of your walls. That is why making a photo pillow is a great option! It was so easy to make too! The hardest part was trying to decide what pattern to go with. Once I finally decided, I uploaded my pictures and dragged them to the spot I wanted them to be on the pillow.

Shutterfly Pillow

This pillow added just the right amount of color and pattern to my couch. I love the beautiful reminder that it brings to our family room. It will continue to be a great reminder of this fun time in our lives with our little girl.

Family Shutterfly Pillow


How I achieved Neuro Bliss

How I achieved Neuro Bliss

We all have stressful days. Sometimes it feels like those days run onto weeks, months, and years even. Trust me, I know this! There is something about me that most of you probably don’t know. Not even some of my best friends know this. I have been working at a chiropractor’s office once a week for a year and a half. He is a family friend who needed some help with some insurance paperwork and being the workaholic that I am, I jumped at the chance to help him out. It was a lot of fun to learn all about chiropractic world, but after a while it became very difficult to juggle my work, with my blog, with my house, with my family, with us only having one car, with me dealing with crazy cases… you get my drift. It was getting to be too much for me and my schedule. I gave the Dr. three months notice and told him to look for a replacement for me to train. He put it off for a while, but finally found someone to take my place.

Here’s where it gets more interesting. She is a great lady, but had a pretty difficult time learning all of the tasks that needed to be accomplished. I got great comfort knowing that I had a month to train her because I knew she would need all of that time with me. There is quite an age gap between us. Sometimes I forget that older generations just don’t know their way around computers like I do and that would get a little frustrating at times. One day, I was having a particularly hard time. I was getting really stressed out because I just wasn’t sure if I would ever be able to quit and know that everything would be ok. It made me pretty sick to my stomach to think about! I honestly wanted to lock myself in the smaller office and cry. It wasn’t just the Dr’s office. It was everything. How was I going to make my life work? Then, I remembered that I had brought a Neuro Bliss drink to work with me. I decided to go into the smaller office and take a small break from the situation. I took out my drink and sipped on it while I took a breath.

Neuro Bliss

Then, sparks went off in my brain! I decided to sit down and write out step by step, everything I did at work from the time I walked into the door, until the time I left. I wrote this in epic detail. I found myself recalling details that I didn’t even know I could do without physically doing them and then writing them down. I wrote it all down, printed it out, and handed it to the trainee. She got an instant look of relief on her face. This was the answer both of us were looking for!

Yesterday was my last day at the Dr’s office. I was sad to leave my friends and the relationships that I have developed there, but I am excited to be able to try to find more balance in my life as I turn my focus to more important things right now. Now, I am not saying that the Neuro Bliss had all of the credit in helping me think of writing those instructions, but honestly, I can’t tell you how much it helped in that moment. It gave me what I needed. Bliss. That is all I needed at that pretty hazy time in my day to help me kick back into gear and get the job done! I am a believer!

Not only is Neuro Bliss helpful in taking the stress away, it also tastes great! It is lightly carbonated and has a yummy citrus taste. I think it tastes like grapefruit goodness! If you would like to try it for yourself, there is a great coupon available right now for $1 off!

Also, Neuro Bliss is helping take away the stress even more, by giving away a $10k dream vacation! Wouldn’t that just be the ultimate dream to win?! I sure think so! To enter, go here. There was also a study done that showed that over 50% of Americans spend at least half of their day stressed out! I truly belief this little drink can be a great way to help relieve some of that stress during your day.

BLISS infographic final.jpg

Try it out! Let me know what you think! How do you get rid of your stress?

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.