Kissing Wrinkles Goodbye in 90 Seconds

I have a seriously gorgeous mom. I have always admired her beauty. I have loved how she has aged over my lifetime, but I know that she gets self conscious about her wrinkles on her face. She has mentioned it a few times over the years that she feels like she looks old and tired in pictures. I think that she is the only one thinking that when she looks at those pictures, but I wanted to be able to help her to feel more confident in her own skin.

When I learned about Alurent Anti-Aging + Instant Erasure Serum, I knew it would be a perfect fit for my mom. It is a new safe and effective anti-aging product! You probably think I thought it was going to be perfect for my mom because it is a serum that helps with wrinkles, right? It does do that, but the real reason why I knew it would be perfect for my mom is because it starts working almost instantly! You start seeing results in only 90 seconds!

My mom, bless her sweet soul is pretty antsy. She has a hard time sitting still not doing anything or spending too much time fussing with products that take forever to use. This is a perfect fit for my mom. All she has to do is put a little of the serum on her finger, apply it to the spots she wants to concentrate on reducing the wrinkles, and let it sit for 90 seconds. She only has to sit still for 90 seconds. Even she can handle that… with a little help from Words With Friends to distract her. [Read more…]

Mouthwash with style?

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Listerine for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Mouthwash with style? Yep! Listerine has officially stepped up their game. They wanted to create a bottle with fun, colorful chevron-patterned designs that are easy to incorporate into your decor so you don’t have to worry about stuffing away the mouth wash after you use it each time, because let’s be honest… Once the mouthwash goes in the cabinet, it is long forgotten.

If I don’t have to put away the Listerine after each use, I won’t forget to use it! It is nice because the chevron pattern mixes well with the chevron pattern on my cabinets. It is a perfect fit! I have loved using Listerine because of how good it makes my mouth feel. These bottles come in four different flavors too. They come in Cool Mint, Fresh Mint, Arctic Mint, and Fresh Citrus. My favorite way to start the day is with the Fresh Mint flavor. It helps wake me up! The Fresh Citrus is great to use during the day when I just need a little freshening up. No matter what flavor you pick, you can rest assured that any choice is the right choice because Listerine is the #1 dentist recommended brand and it gives you a cleaner, healthier mouth!

You can find these Listerine bottles exclusively at Target! You can even Save Now with Target Cartwheel. Have you ever tried the Target Cartwheel app? It is pretty much a life changer. If you haven’t tried it, try it out for the first time when you clip the Listerine coupon on it!

 photo 02225-57_listerine_izea_400x450_zps2bfd58fe.jpg

What is your favorite flavor of Listerine?

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Stains are gone for good

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Biz Stain & Odor Eliminator for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Finally! I don’t have to worry about the stains I am faced with on a daily basis. I literally have stains on clothes in every load of laundry that I do. Having a toddler will do that! The stains I see the most are chocolate milk, bright colored foods, and grass. It is a constant battle to get rid of the stains that show up all over my daughter’s clothes. I hadn’t ever tried Biz before, but when I got this adorable Biz box in the mail, I knew my life would be forever changed!

As cute as the outside of the box was, things got even better once I opened it up.

I had no idea that Biz contains more stain fighting ingredients than any other stain fighters that I had ever used before. I decided to try it out on one of my daughter’s shirts that got chocolate milk on it. I decided to put a little Biz on the stain and treat it as pre spot treatment as well as add the Biz to my regular load of laundry to help fight any other stains that may be floating around in my laundry. The results were unlike any other stain fighter I had ever used before!

I am a true believer! Now that I know about Biz, I can start using the Biz bag to put every item of clothing that has gotten a stain on it in so that I know they can get treated with Biz! The other great thing about Biz is it can be used on delicates too if you just let them soak in the Biz stain fighter.

Now that you know that you can’t live without Biz, you need to check out where to buy Biz so you can save $1 on Biz to challenge your stains too!

While you are at it, check out Biz on Facebook too!

What is the most common stain that you come across? What is the weirdest stain you have been challenged with?

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Whiter and Cleaner Teeth!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Arm & Hammer Truly Radiant for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

I don’t know if I have mentioned this before, but I have terribly unhealthy teeth. It isn’t that I don’t take care of them. It is just a genetic thing. I am practicially on a first name basis with everyone who works at my dentist’s office. Not that that is necessarily a bad thing. I LOVE my dentist and everyone who works there, but I just don’t love that they know me because I am constantly getting my teeth worked on.

My dental dreams came true when I was asked to try out the new Arm & Hammer Truly Radiant products!

 photo 8459fa08-2d0c-4267-9059-1023f2c23b39_zps7c4cddb2.jpg

I was so excited to try out the Truly Radiant Toothpaste, Truly Radiant SpinBrush, and the Truly Radiant Whiting Booster!

I was a little nervous about trying the toothbrush, but holy cow! I can’t believe I haven’t tried one of these sooner! Maybe I wouldn’t have had so many visits to the dentist if I would have. This toothbrush removes 100% times more plaque than a manual toothbrush. I can totally tell!

I have also been really impressed with the Truly Radiant toothpaste. It restores shine, removes stains, and cleans really well. The Truly Radiant Whitening Booster is really cool because you just add it on top of your toothpaste. It can whiten your teeth in just one week and has 3x more whitening agent than the leading white strip. It is so much easier to use too! You don’t have to put sticky stuff all over your teeth. You just add a little of it to your toothbrush when you brush your teeth and you are done!

I love that Arm & Hammer is inspiring people to not only have a Truly Radiant smile, but to embrace your inner radiance too! They have great tips to bring out your inner radiance that I absolutely love. I think that it is important to bring out your inner radiance through service to others. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing someone benefit through a kind act given by a friend or a stranger. Even if you choose to serve someone by opening the door for them, you are letting your inner radiance shine!

How do you choose to bring out your inner radiance?


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Getting Gorgeous Skin While I Sleep

I have a crazy schedule. Between being a mom, a wife, a blogger, and having various church responsibilities, I find myself getting very little sleep which leaves my skin looking very tired after a while. I recently just tried Montagne Juenesse Renew You Sleep Spa masks and I have seen a HUGE difference!

Renew You Pure Oils Sleep Spa

I didn’t have the highest expectations before trying these because I just didn’t think that adding that many nutrients to my skin would be that simple!

Before I tried the sleep mask, I looked tired and my skin was very dry.

Before using sleep mask

After one night of using the sleep mask, my after photo isn’t just fantastically different, it is now an ahhhhhfter photo!

After using Renew You Mask

Mind freaking blown! It is amazing what just one night using these sleep masks can do, even without any makeup! I think it is so important to have healthy skin that can shine through the makeup when you do wear it.

The sleep mask is really easy to use. You just put the fabric mask that is soaked in nutrients on your face and let it sit for 10 minutes. After the 10 minutes is up, take the fabric mask off and rub the extra product into your skin and let it sit on your face all night long as you sleep. The natural ingredients work overnight to give you gorgeous skin! It works like nothing else I have ever tried. You can find the Montagne Jeunesse Renew You Sleep Spa Masks at Ulta. The box comes with 4 masks and retails for only $14.99! Best deal ever, right? With the added hydration, toning abilities, and the ability to remove impurities you have no reason why you shouldn’t try it! There is nothing better than having healthy, beautiful skin to show off.

What kinds of skin troubles do you have that could be solved by using the Montagne Jeunesse Renew You Sleep Spa Masks?

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

Don’t Sweat It

This post is sponsored by Certain Dri®. Product was provided for me to try. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

Let me tell you guys a story. It is one of the most embarrassing moments I have ever gone through… I love the 4th of July. I always have. My mom doesn’t love fighting crowds, so we didn’t go to the parade very often growing up. Once I was old enough to drive myself to the parade, I went every year. I love it! The summer after I graduated high school, I went to the parade with a boy. He was one of my very best friends. I sat with his family and I saw his little sister looking at me really weird, but I didn’t think much of it. After we sat in the heat for a little while, I realized that I was sweating. I didn’t realize how bad it was until I reached up my arms to catch something that had been thrown to us from one of the floats passing by. I had sweat under my armpits that went down past my bra on each side! It was then that I realized what my friend’s sister had been looking at. The rest of the parade was pure torture. I know that the rest of the family had seen my sweat marks, but they were too nice to say anything to me about it because it was clear that I was humiliated. Once I got home, I confided in my mom about what had happened. I was so embarrassed to even talk about it!

The problem continued for a few more days when I realized that there was a real problem. I tried tons of different products to make it stop, but nothing worked. I finally told one of my best friends about my problem and she recommended Certain Dri® to me. One of her siblings had just gone through a similar problem and had seen great results with Certain Dri®. I went to the store that day and bought some for myself. I can honestly say that since I started using Certain Dri® I haven’t had to worry about the horrible sweat marks that I had before!

Certain Dri® has given me the confidence that I lacked when I couldn’t control my sweat. I can wear gray again! Gray was always a hard color to try to wear because the sweat would show up so much more in it.

Certain Dri® Clinical Strength provides 72 hours of sweat and odor protection. You can feel totally confident when you use it! The Certain Dri® Clinical Strength Antiperspirant Roll-On is the number one doctor recommended antiperspirant so you know that you can trust the quality of products that Certain Dri® has created.

Recently, I have been trying more of the Certain Dri® products and I have been so impressed by all of them. I highly recommend them! You can find them in mass market retailers including Wallmart, Rite Aid, CVS, Target, Duane Reade, as well as online retailers and

There is an awesome giveaway happening called the Certain Dri Closet Full of Confidence Giveaway that can be found on They are giving away a $1000 gift card to buy a custom closet redesign and Certain Dri products so you can broaden your wardrobe and feel confident in what you are wearing! You can enter that giveaway until 6/26/14 so be sure to go enter now!

How could Certain Dri® help give you confidence? Have you ever had an embarrassing sweaty armpit moment?

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of CERTAIN DRI®. The opinions and text are all mine.

Slimming Down for Summer

This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® and Slimfast, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #14daystoslim

This week is my birthday. That means it seems to be a week of eating out for lunches with friends, eating dinner with family, and cake at home. NOT good on my plans to slim down for summer and for Alt Conference coming up next week. Thankfully, Slimfast is helping me keep it all under control while still making me feel like I am celebrating my birthday week in a special way.

Slimfast Have Your Cake Meal Bar

I can celebrate my birthday week with a little birthday cake themed pampering session, along with the perfect protein meal bar. This new Have Your Cake… flavored Slimfast meal bar literally tastes just like birthday cake! I kid you not, I actually look forward to eating this delicious bars.

Slimfast Have Your Cake Protein Meal Bars


These protein meal bars are part of the 14 Day Slimdown that is designed to help me lose up to 6 pounds in the first 2 weeks. All you have to do is swap two meals a day with a Slimfast protein shake or meal bar, eat a third meal that is 500 calories, have three 100 calorie snacks, don’t exceed 1200 calories each day, and do 30 minutes of exercise. It is the perfect way to jump start your summer slim down!

Slimming Down for Swimming Suit Season

These bars are also the perfect thing to put in my beach bag this summer. They can keep me feeling slim in my swimming suit, while feeling full.

Getting Swimming Suit Ready with Slimfast

I have been eating these protein meal bars for 3 days now and I already feel slimmer. I feel like I get the best of both worlds. I get the yummy goodness of cake and I get to slim down in time for Alt Conference and swimming suit season.

Delicious Slimfast Cake flavored bars

Don’t mind me! I’ll just be enjoying my birthday cake flavored bars everyday this week as my own little birthday celebration!

Teaching Toddlers Laundry Skills. Stop Sorting Laundry!

I am a member of the Collective Bias®  Social Fabric® Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper amplification for Collective Bias and its advertiser. #LaundrySimplified #CollectiveBias

It is every mother’s dream. The day that her kids can do chores. The day that mom doesn’t have to do absolutely everything to keep the house in order. Well, that day may come sooner than you think! I believe that toddlers are capable of having chores of their own! Recently, I have started teaching my 2 year old how to do laundry. She absolutely loves it! It makes her feel like a grown up, while she is honestly helping me out with one of my least favorite household chores. One of the biggest frustrations early on, was trying to teach her to sort the laundry by certain types of colors and if the item would bleed more than others. Thankfully I was able to stop sorting laundry all together and I don’t have to go through that frustration anymore!

Teaching Toddlers Laundry Skills

Enter Purex® No Sort™! The rules have changed in laundry! We have to reprogram our brains with this laundry detergent. We no longer have to sort out our laundry like we used to. This detergent has anti- color-transfer technology that traps loose dyes in the wash and doesn’t let them get on other fabrics. Of course it is always good to put strongly colored fabrics like new clothing and jeans in a separate load for at least 5 times, but beyond that, there is no sorting required!

That is why it is perfect to help teach toddlers to do laundry! Teaching them the ins and outs of laundry sorting can be tough and can be something that they could learn later, but for a 2 year old it was just too much right now. Here is what I taught my two year old about doing laundry.

Teaching Toddler's Chores

First, we bring her laundry hamper out to the laundry room and I let her put all of her dirty laundry into the washing machine. Remember the no sorting thing? I can just have her dig right into those dirty clothes and put them all into the washing machine at once!

Teaching Toddlers to do chores

Then, I get a chair for her to stand on and get the laundry soap out.

Todder Chores

I measure out the amount of laundry soap that we need and then I have her dump the laundry soap into the compartment. She feels like such a big helper when she does this part.

Toddler Laundry Chores

I tell her what buttons to push to get the washing machine started and she gets to start the load of laundry up!

Cleaning list free printable

Next we head over to the cleaning list that I have. I recommend having a cleaning list for your family to see what needs to get done so that it can be a very visual, hands on experience. You can find my free printable cleaning list HERE.

Teaching Toddlers Responsibility through chores

I give her the dry erase marker and show her what chore to mark off. She feels like she is helping out our family by doing what she sees mom doing all of the time. It has been a really fun experience to watch her learn and grow as I let her help me with little chores around the house. Laundry is definitely a favorite of hers.

Remember to keep your kids safe! That is always going to be the first priority. Don’t leave any stools or chairs near the washing machine when there isn’t adult supervision around. Don’t ever leave your child by the laundry machines without adult supervision either. It is important to teach children how to be responsible, but it is more important to keep them safe!

Purex No Sort Laundry Detergent at Walmart

You can find the Purex® No Sort™ laundry detergent at Walmart in the laundry detergent section. I found mine up on the very top shelf, closest to the edge.

Rethink how you do laundry too by following Purex on Pinterest, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook!

What chores do you teach your toddlers?

Video: Favorite Sun Protection Products

It is a well known fact by now that I love trying out new products. I really enjoy trying out sun protection products when summertime rolls around because it seems like every year there are a few new products that come out that are even better than the previous year. There are great, new innovative ideas that once I try the products out, I don’t see how I ever lived without them. That is how I feel about the products that I am sharing in my newest video! I am talking all things sun production, just in time for Summer!

A Beauty Blogger's Favorite Sun Protection Products on

Now for the video! See why I love each of these products.

Now to give you all of the links and details you need to get your hands on all of these products I just talked about.

The best sun protection products to use on your skin this summer on


MASQUELIER’S Solederm After Sun Solution (Both the body lotion and the facial cream)

Neutrogena Wet Skin

Coppertone Continuous Spray

Coppertone Clearly Sheer for Sunny Days

I did receive some of these products without charge, but was not required to blog about them. I did not receive any other compensation. I really do use these, love them, and recommend you try them out!

How to Create Perfect Stripes on Textured Walls

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of FrogTape Brand Painter’s Tape for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

I have textured walls all over my house. With my love of stripes and geometric prints, creating those looks with paint can be next to impossible if I want them to be the perfect, fresh lines that look best. Thank goodness for FrogTape® Textured Surface! I painted stripes on my wall and they are seriously perfection.

Before, the wall was a dark brown and was just pretty boring and I knew it needed something more. I decided to add a gorgeous white/gray color to it to create stripes. As you can see, my walls are very textured.

I taped off the stripes I wanted with the FrogTape® and added the liquid to the edge of it.

Let the liquid dry for 15 minutes before painting. So the great thing about this system that FrogTape® has is that it has PaintBlock® Technology that is an absorbent polymer that reacts with paint and instantly gels to form a barrier that seals the edges of the tape. This textured surface liquid is used to push and seal the tape to the wall so that the paint can’t get between the wall and the tape at all.

Next, paint the stripes the desired colors.

Peel off the tape once the paint has dried and you now have a gorgeous striped wall!

I was curious to see how well this system worked so I decided to paint part of a stripe without the FrogTape® on it. Check out how badly the paint bled! Don’t worry, I went back and fixed it.

It is pretty amazing to see how well the FrogTape® works verses their competitor on textured walls.

Now I have a beautiful stripes on a very textured wall!

Make sure to check out more FrogTape how-to projects by following FrogTape® on Twitter and don’t forget to share your own DIY priojects using FrogTape® with them on there too!


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