Awesome Outdoor Games

Kids can’t wait for summer to be here, but once it comes the only thing that seems to come out of their mouth is how bored they are! This can be so frustrating for moms! Even with friends over, kids can have a difficult time coming up with activities to do. Here are five awesome outdoor games that my husband used to play with his students when he taught 6th grade. He used these games in his P.E. class and his students loved them! These games would be great activities at a family reunion too!

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5 Awesome Sidewalk Chalk Activities

We played these sidewalk chalk games and had fun in the sun with Banana Boat as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars #BestSummerEver

5 Awesome Sidewalk Chalk Activities

5 Awesome Sidewalk Chalk Activities on

Last week we were freezing, getting huge amounts of rain. This week has been crazy hot! That is what the weather likes to do to us in Idaho. As soon as the sun comes out, we all want to be outside! We have the sweetest neighbor kids who like to come over and play with my daughter and I wanted to come up with some fun sidewalk chalk activities that they could all play together and that the parents could even get involved in! Here are 5 sidewalk chalk activities that will keep your family busy this summer!

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Puffy Paint Snowman Kid Craft

Sometimes I question why I live in Idaho. That usually happens during the winter when I freeze 90% of the day. Now that my daughter is old enough to understand the fun that can come with snow, she wants to go outside all of the time! The problem is that I don’t always want to get all bundled up and freezing! Instead of feeling like a failure as a parent, I like to come up with fun activities that we can do in the house so we an stay nice and cozy. This puffy paint snowman kid craft has been a major lifesaver! She loves playing with the puffy paint and she feels like she is still building a snowman. Of course she named her girl snowman “Olaf” too. So, what do you say? Do you want to paint an Olaf? Do you want to build a snowman?

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It is a quick and easy craft that kids of many different ages can enjoy and the best part is that you don’t have to get all bundled up to build this snowman!

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Frozen Elsa Inspired Christmas Ornament and Tree

If you have kids, they probably love Frozen. That is definitely the case at my house. I have a full blown, Elsa loving princess who seems to react to any Frozen memorabilia like it is the last Frozen item in the planet. She treasures them. She is obsessed! That’s why I knew I needed to make her holiday dreams come true and make her a Frozen Elsa Christmas Tree for her room!

Frozen Elsa Christmas Tree on

I am not one who is about to plaster character’s faces all over my house, so I decided to go with more of an “inspired by” theme instead of so literal. I LOOOOVE how this tree turned out! I think it is absolutely stunning! Photos seriously don’t do it justice. It just sparkles! This tree was really easy to whip up and I just know your little Frozen lover will love one too!

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Beddy’s, the best invention ever GIVEAWAY!

Beddy's Zipper Bedding Giveaway on

I have found my most favorite invention ever… BEDDY’S! Have you ever heard of Beddy’s? It is bedding that has zippers on both sides so that the bed is super easy to make. It makes making the bed easier than ever. Which is perfect for my toddler who is just learning to make her own bed.  [Read more…]

Toy Emporium: Colors and Numbers Toddler Game

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It is really inspiring to watch my daughter’s interest in learning grow each and everyday. I am constantly blown away with what information she retains and how much she knows as a two year old. It is really fun to help her learn new things, but sometimes I get caught in a funk and have a hard time coming up with new activities that she can do that would be educational too. Often times, I will look online for new activities, but most of them down’t keep her attention for too long. Thankfully I discovered [Read more…]

Toddler Nursery Room with Giant Floating Balloon Decal!

Since we moved into our townhouse, I knew I wanted to turn  my daughter’s room into a completely new space from what it was in our house. She is growing up! She isn’t a baby anymore, but she also isn’t a big girl yet so I wanted to be sure to create a room that is fun and soft like a nursery, but has character like a grown up room.

Flying Balloon Toddler Bedroom on

I could just squeal every time I walk into this room! I absolutely love how it turned out. I knew that I wanted to stick with the colorful theme and include all of her favorite things within the decor. She absolutely loves princesses, so I decided to include crowns and princess decor throughout the room, without getting too cheesy. She also is obsessed with balloons! I mean, what little kid doesn’t love balloons?  [Read more…]

DIY Falling Lego Blocks Shirt & GIVEAWAY!

After seeing the Lego Movie, we officially caught Lego fever at our house. We already had plenty of Lego toys before seeing the movie, but as soon as we saw it, Harper couldn’t get enough of her Legos. To celebrate her new found love of Lego bricks, I decided to make her the cutest little t-shirt you have ever seen.

DIY Falling Lego Block Shirt on

I was inspired to make a shirt with falling Lego bricks because that is literally what it is like when you are playing Legos with a toddler. There are Legos EVERYWHERE! I feel like there are falling Lego bricks everywhere you look so I wanted to embrace that and create a fun design on her shirt like that too. Honestly, I had no idea how cool this shirt would turn out. My husband even wants one in his size. The best part? It is probably the easiest thing I have ever designed out of vinyl too! It is totally a beginner project.

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Super Bowl Activity for Kids

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In my world, there are three good things about the Super Bowl.

1. The food.

2. The commercials.

3. Professional football season is finally over.

Can I get an amen?! Don’t get me wrong, I love a good football game. I just love high school and college football games. I haven’t been one for NFL games… unless it is the Super Bowl.

Just when the holidays are over and you start making resolutions, Super Bowl Sunday comes around and gives us the ultimate cheat meal. Can you tell that my Super Bowl Sunday revolves around the food?

Well, when we throw a Super Bowl party, everyone brings different snacks to munch on, thinking people will scarf it all down. The problem is that EVERYONE does this, so there is a lot of food leftover. If you are hosting a Super Bowl party? Why not buy some Rubbermaid food containers for your guests so they can take home an assortment of food that was at the party?

Awesome idea, right? Well it just got even better! What do kids do during the Super Bowl? I would say that most kids under the age of 8 aren’t going to sit down and watch an entire football game. That leaves the moms in the crowd left to keep them entertained and out of the way of the TV. I decided that this year, I am going to do something extra special! I am going to have the kids use Sharpie markers to color on the Rubbermaid containers that their family will take leftovers home in!

Super Bowl Coloring Activity for Kids on #craft #project #kid

Here is what you need for this project…

Rubbermaid Take Alongs and Sharpie Markers

*Rubbermaid food containers

*Sharpie markers

*Table cloth

Make sure to get your Rubbermaid containers and Sharpie markers at Target! They have a mobile text line that will give you coupons for both of them! Text COUPONS to TARGET (you literally write in Target where the phone number would usually go). From January 25 through February 8, Target will have a coupon for $1 off of any Rubbermaid food storage and another one that is $1 off Sharpie 4 pack or larger. That is a great deal! How awesome is it that Target will text you their coupons now? I love technology!

Super Bowl Kid Craft on

Lay out your table cloth to protect your table from the Sharpie markers and sit the kids up to the table with the Sharpies and the Rubbermaid containers. I put my daughter in a pajama shirt just to be sure that she didn’t get permanent marker on her clothes.

Super Bowl Coloring Activity

She was SO excited to be able to color with markers. I don’t usually let her color with them, so this was a total treat for her. I think the kids on Super Bowl Sunday will feel the same way! They will be able to color with permanent markers!

Super Bowl Kid Activity

I decorated a Rubbermaid container with the Sharpie markers too while my daughter enjoyed scribbling all over the container, the table cloth, and her hands.

I think this idea will be a total hit with kids on Super Bowl Sunday and it is a piece of artwork that their parents can actually use!