DIY Falling Lego Blocks Shirt & GIVEAWAY!

After seeing the Lego Movie, we officially caught Lego fever at our house. We already had plenty of Lego toys before seeing the movie, but as soon as we saw it, Harper couldn’t get enough of her Legos. To celebrate her new found love of Lego bricks, I decided to make her the cutest little t-shirt you have ever seen.

DIY Falling Lego Block Shirt on

I was inspired to make a shirt with falling Lego bricks because that is literally what it is like when you are playing Legos with a toddler. There are Legos EVERYWHERE! I feel like there are falling Lego bricks everywhere you look so I wanted to embrace that and create a fun design on her shirt like that too. Honestly, I had no idea how cool this shirt would turn out. My husband even wants one in his size. The best part? It is probably the easiest thing I have ever designed out of vinyl too! It is totally a beginner project.

What you will need…



*Lego colored iron on vinyl

*Vinyl cutter

Lego Block Silhouette for Cricut

First, go in on your vinyl cutting software and create your Lego bricks. To do this, just create a rectangle and put three smaller rectangles above it. You can do different sizes of Legos, but this worked out well for me. Then you will cut out these Lego brick shapes onto the heat transfer vinyl. I cut out 4 different colors.

DIY Lego Brick Shirt Tutorial

Then you are going to weed off the extra vinyl around each of the Lego brick shapes and cut apart the Lego bricks so they are each individual bricks.

How to make a Lego shirt

Then you are going to want to lay out the Lego brick shapes and figure out where you want them to be on the shirt. Iron on each Lego brick onto the shirt. Make sure to keep the iron on each piece long enough for it to stick on. I like to iron it for about 3o seconds, with plenty of pressure.

DIY Easy Lego Shirt Tutorial

Now your kiddo (or you) have the coolest Lego shirt around! I love how stylish this shirt is, while still being fun.

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  1. This looks like such a fun project! Everyone loves Legos!!

  2. My children had legos and they would make ‘anything’ out of those legos!

  3. I had this Lego house that I loved when I was little!

  4. Favorite lego memory is when I thought I was queen of the world and piled on the legos until I didn’t have any left in the house. My mom thought I was OCD. Turns out I am!

  5. Oh, fav memory was when my son finished building this ship out of legos and pretended to be a pirate for a week.

  6. Just pinned, Love it!!

  7. What if one is not fancy and does not own a vinyl cutter?

    • This would actually be a project you could do with just a paper cutter if you don’t own a vinyl cutter. I would recommend designing the long rectangle with the smaller rectangles on top (like a Lego) on something like Microsoft Publisher and then printing it out and taping it to the back of the vinyl and then cutting it out with a paper cutter. Good luck!

  8. My brother and I used to dump all our Legos out in the middle of the floor, until one day my mother insisted we use a sheet so that they could be put back into the container easier.

  9. Love the simple design! 🙂

  10. Cute!

  11. Oh- this gives me an idea for a Super Why costume I need to make for Halloween this year…

  12. So vinyl actually sticks to a t-shirt? How well does it wash/dry? I’m thinking maybe a tote bag is in the works for me!

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