Black and Gold Glitter Burst Nail Art

Black and Gold Glitter Burst Nail Art

 I absolutely love the black and gold trend right now. You can find it on handbags, clothing, home decor, and jewelry! It has become a total winter staple when it comes to styling outfits for me. Another fun way to bring that trend into your wardrobe is by painting your nails with black and gold. Having dressier looking nails is perfect for this time of year with all of the holiday parties and fun winter events there are. The greatest part about this nail art? It is easy! Nail art can often times be pretty tedious, time consuming, and hard. This glitter burst nail art is none of those! It won’t take you much longer than it would to just put a plain coat of polish on your nails.

Gold Burst Nail Art


Black fingernail polish

Gold glitter fingernail polish

Clear top coat

Paper towel

This could also be done with any other colors as well. Be as creative as you want!

Winter Nail Art Tutorial

 First, paint your fingernails black. Two coats of polish usually looks the best.

Winter Glitter Nail Art

 Put a dot of glitter nail polish down on the base of your fingernails. Only do this one hand at a time.

Glitter Burst Nails

 Use the top coat to brush from the dot of glitter polish and brush up onto the rest of your nail. Wipe off polish in between swipes so the glitter polish doesn’t get all over the nail. Brush from the base out onto the entire nail so the glitter can spread to the rest of the nail. You want it to look like the glitter is bursting from the base of your nail.

Black and Gold Glitter Nail Art

 Let the polish dry and top it off with a coat of clear top coat over the entire nail. Your nails will be looking sparkly, festive, and fierce!

WIW: Dressed Up Grunge Look

First of all, mad props to my killer amazing photographer, Ann! Check out Cliq Photography on her site, Facebook, and Instagram!

If you are a longtime reader, or even just a not so longtime reader, you have probably noticed a few things about  me.

1. I am obsessed with geometric prints.

2. I love all things beauty.

3. I neglect my family so I can blog. Err… Did I say that out loud?

4. I thoroughly enjoy mixing up styles into one outfit. My heart warms every time I can find a perfect pair between hard and soft when it comes to my wardrobe.

Well today, we are focusing on number four on that list.

How to easily mix different styles to come up with the perfect dressed up grunge look.

When it comes to mixing styles, textures, or prints (or maybe all of the above like I did with this look), it is important to stick with one overall theme and then mix it up from there. You don’t want it to look like a hot mess. You want it to look planned but effortless. My theme for this look was grunge. I love a good grungy look that still looks polished. When mixing textures, this can be tricky and can use some practice. Try a few different pieces on to see how you feel with each of them on. My favorite thing is to throw in a fun print to an outfit to really mix things up. Add a print in a small way, but make sure it really pops! I chose my shoes.

Dressed Up Grunge Layered Look

Dressed up chiffon top

The perfect metallic turban for Fall and Winter

Metallic Turban c/o: Navy Perl |Chiffon Top c/o: Recycled Consign and Design | Jeans: Hudson | Vest c/o: Kohl’s

Beauty Box 5: Beauty Product Review

I am excited about a new collaboration I have made with Beauty Box 5! They will be sending me a complimentary box each month that I can give honest to goodness reviews on. I will be reviewing all 5 of the products they send me each month and I will tell you what I honestly think about each of these beauty products and if I think you should purchase them for yourself! If you have never heard of Beauty Box 5, it is an awesome company! You pay $12 a month and they will send you a box with five different beauty products in it. The value is always way more than the $12 that you paid for the box and it is a great way to get to try new products out without a big investment! So, let’s get things started!

Beauty Box 5 November box review

I was really excited to receive my very first Beauty Box 5! This is what it came with and what I thought of each of them…

LA Fresh Facial Cleansing Wipes- These felt like any other facial cleansing wipe out there honestly. This brand claims to have more nutrients in their wipes, but a bigger package of these will cost you $20. I would stick with the cheapo wipes.

Model Co Illusion Nude Lip Liner- This lip liner is made to blend in with your skin a little more than your traditional lip liners. It is made to help you correct the shape of your lips and make them the shape you want them to be. So far, I have really liked this. I don’t use it for the shape correcting necessarily, but I have liked the nude color. I think it is a great color for the days that you are just wearing gloss. This lip liner is about $20 which I feel like is a pretty reasonable price because lip liners last quite a while.

Nubar Kristal Nail Polish- I don’t usually go for the sparkly nail polishes, but this polish is pretty awesome. It is the perfect top coat to use during the holiday season. It also stays on really well and makes your nails feel hard and healthy.

Toe separators- These are just the normal toe separators. Nothing too special other than they are sparkly!

Aveeno lotion- I was actually really impressed with this lotion. I felt like it added a lot of moisture to my skin without making it feel oily and gross. I would recommend this lotion for sure. Especially the smaller travel size to keep in your purse when you are in those emergency situations when your hands feel like they are about to crack and bleed while you are in the middle of the grocery store.

Well, that is it for this month! What do you think of this new collaboration? Are you excited to learn about more beauty products?


What I Wore: Vera Bradley Winter Collection #vbwishlist

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Vera Bradley for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

When it comes to my wardrobe, I am all about finding pieces that are not only stylish, but can be worn in real, everyday life. That is one of the many reasons why I love Vera Bradley pieces. They are all made to be used by real women! Her new winter collection isn’t anything short of fabulous either! I am completely smitten by the two pieces that I received to try out and style with my clothing. I got the Miller Bag and Home and Away Cosmetic Bag both in the Venetian Paisley print.

Aren’t they gorgeous?! I absolutely loved styling my outfit around this HUGE, amazing bag. All of the colors in this Venetian Paisley print made it really easy to style.

This Miller bag is the perfect bag for busy moms. It is so big, you can fit your entire life in it. You can be a real life Mary Poppins! I turned my bag into a hybrid between my purse and my diaper bag. It is probably bigger than my other purse and my diaper bag put together!

With all of the pockets that are inside of the bag, it is easy to stay organized and stylish. I keep my wallet, my business cards, extra makeup, my sunglasses, protein bars, diapers, wipes, and even a spare jacket for my daughter in my bag, and yet there is still more room than I could even think of using! This bag is the bomb! It is perfect for everyday use, travel, or a day at the beach! This really is the bag for everything.

The cosmetic bag is an absolute dream! I think it is important to turn doing you rmakeup into a special experience. By keeping your makeup in a cute bag, you can make doing your makeup more of an experience rather than a chore.

The inside of this cosmetic bag is every makeup lover’s dream come true. There is a compartment for everything! It has a layer of protective fabric to cover the gorgeous chevron print fabric. The chevron print peeks through just enough to show through the protective fabric. It is pure perfection.

All of the bags and fabrics chosen for this winter collection are perfect for every busy mom out there. If you love the puffy quilted look or the chic solid colored look, this collection is for you. The colors in this collection are the perfect way to bring in fun, bright colors into your winter wardrobe without looking like you are dressing for another season. These bags are the perfect gift this holiday season! Add them to your list! I would love to give my mom a Vera Bradley bag for Christmas. She would love the prints and colors.

I created a Pinterest board called Colorful Holiday that is all inspired by these Vera Bradley bags. It will soon be full of my all time favorite looks for this winter! Be sure to follow it, repin the pins to your boards, and Vera Bradley on all of your social network channels to see all of the ways they have styled the new winter collection bags! You can find them on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram!

What is your favorite Vera Bradley piece in this new collection? Feel free to pin your favorite piece on Pinterest and use #vbwishlist to show your Vera Bradley style!

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The Busy Girl’s Guide to Makeup BOOK! HUGE Giveaway too!

The book is finally here! Can you even believe it? I have to keep thinking to myself, “Is this real life?” when I think of the fact that I just wrote a freaking book. After many days of dreaming up makeup tutorials, many more days of doing my makeup and making my husband take pictures of me, endless nights of photo editing, and more of those endless nights of writing and formatting, it is DONE!

The Busy Girl's Guide to Makeup book

Doing your makeup doesn’t have to be scary, time consuming, or a total chore anymore. This book is full of great tips and tutorials to help you with your basic makeup needs at any age. It is the perfect book to keep next to your makeup bag, or keep on your phone, iPad, or Kindle as a quick reference for those busy days that you need some inspiration.

The Busy Girl’s Guide to Makeup is available in both paperback and Kindle versions.

You can purchase the paperback version for $13.99 here. It will also be available on Amazon starting next week.

You can purchase the Kindle version for &7.99 here.

No matter how many times I read it, re read it, and re read it some more, I will always have things to pick apart and always find a few errors. That part freaks me out and makes me want to never sleep again until it is absolutely perfect. That is basically why I haven’t slept for an entire month. Luckily, I have a totally sane and supportive husband who wrote a book earlier this year. He has helped me A LOT! He also assures me that even professionally written and edited books have errors in them. That makes me feel better. Although, I do know that there will probably be a dozen editions of this book released! Ha!

I also am blessed to have some of the greatest bloggers in the entire world that I get to call my friends. They have all be SO supportive of this entire crazy idea of mine. As a fun way to officially launch the book, we decided to do a GIVEAWAY!

The Busy Girl's Guide to Makeup Giveaway

There will be FIVE winners of this giveaway!

Grand Prize (one winner)- $200 Sephora gift card, $25 gift certificate to The Ribbon Retreat, 14 piece makeup brush set, and paperback copy of The Busy Girl’s Guide to Makeup!

Second Prize (three winners)- 14 piece makeup brush set and a paperback copy of The Busy Girl’s Guide to Makeup!

Third Prize (one winner)- Paperback copy of The Busy Girl’s Guide to Makeup

Aren’t those some pretty fabulous prizes?! To enter, use the Rafflecopter widget below. Winners will have 24 hours to respond to emails once the giveaway is done. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thanks again to everyone who has supported this project! I would love to see your makeup after you do it with these tutorials!

Beauty Tips to Combat Allergy Face

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Zyrtec for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

It is THAT time of year again! Allergy season! I suffer from seasonal allergies in Spring and Fall, so I am starting to feel my eyes water up again because Fall is coming upon us! Soemthing that helps me a lot with my alleries, is Zyrtec. They are a trusted name that I have used for years.

Zyrtec just started a really awesome campaign to help fight ALLERGY FACE! You know what I mean when I say Allergy Face, right? Those red, watery eyes. Red, sometimes crusty nose. Not exactly the best look to have. So, now Zyrtec has completely set up their arsenal against allergies! Where Zyrtec makes you feel better, their beauty tips make you look better when you have a bit of an Allergy Face.

It is interesting to see how many women feel like they suffer from Allergy Face! Two thirds of women feel like they look unattractive when they are suffering from allergy symptoms. When the Fall fashion is so fun to play with, it would be a total waste if you didn’t feel like your face looked good too!

Zyrtec has made a series of videos to watch and articles to read so that you can fight your specific Allergy Face symptoms. They have done a lot of great info so that you can tailor specifically to your own needs. For me, I tend to get a little bit of a crusty nose and my eyes water. To fight that, I use extra moisturizer on my nose when I go to bed and I stay away from powder foundation on my nose. For my eyes, I wear waterproof mascara and eyeliner so that my makeup doesn’t run off when my eyes start watering.

They are always updating their Facebook page with more tips and links to their new Allergy Face resources so be sure to Check out Zyrtec on Facebook. What are your go to beauty tips when you are fighting Allergy Face?

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Neutral Night Eye Makeup Tutorial: A Month of Makeup

I love creating makeup looks to wear at night. I love the drama of it! Sometimes night looks can be a little too dramatic though. If you are going out to a nice dinner with your husband or just want to look extra special for a wedding reception, you don’t want anything overly dramatic. That is when it is time for a nice, neutral night eye.

Neutral Night Eye Makeup Tutorial on #makeup #beauty #tutorial

It is such an easy look to achieve and the eyeliner makes such a big impact! It makes your eyes look bigger and adds just the right amount of drama to a nighttime look. Here is what you need to achieve this look…

*Cream colored eye shadow

*Light brown eye shadow

*Dark brown eye shadow

*Charcoal/Black eye shadow

*Black liquid eyeliner


Now for your instructions…

1. Brush cream eye shadow all over lids.

2. Brush light brown eye shadow on bottom half of top eyelid.

3. Put dark brown eye shadow on the outside corner of eyelid.

4. Using the liquid liner, line the top lash line. Go back over the top of it and brush up and out a little to make the outside edge thicker. Do this over and over again until the outside edge is pretty thick and dramatic.

5. Use a smudge brush to brush charcoal or black eye shadow into the bottom lash line.

6. Finish off with a good coat of mascara.

Now go out and have the night of your life! Be sure to check out all of the makeup posts that are part of A Month of Makeup!

A Month of Makeup on

Twist Knot Bun Hair Tutorial

I am so excited to be sharing one of my favorite hairstyles with you all today! It is the Twist Knot Bun. The greatest part? It can be done in less than 5 minutes! Because let’s be honest, some days we are all lucky to even be able to look in a mirror to get ready for more than 5 minutes!

Twist Knot Bun How To Tutorial

Care for a little back story? I have been making twist knots in my hair for years! I used to make seriously probably one hundred tiny ones right on top of my head and then pull the rest of my hair up. I loved it, then one day a boy told me I looked like I had monkey poop on my head. I then decided that having the twists on top of my head probably weren’t my best option! Secretly, I still call twist knots “monkey poops” in my head though because it makes me laugh thinking of how funny 16 year old boys can be. I think my more grown up style of the twist knot in a chic side bun classes it up and takes the “monkey poop” right out of the look!

How to do a twist knot bun via #hair #style #how #to

To do a twist knot bun…

1. Pull your hair into a pony tail

2. Take a section of the hair from the pony tail and start twisting it. If you want it to be super smooth, use hair cream to make your piece really smooth while twisting the hair.

3. Keep twisting the piece of hair until the piece starts curing up into what looks like a knot.

4. Bobby pin the piece into your hair to start making the base of your bun.

5. Repeat steps 2-4 over and over again until you have used all of the hair in your pony tail and twisted it into “knots”.

6. Go through and bobby pin pieces that feel less secure to be sure that your bun will stay in place.

7. Spray your hair with hairspray to smooth things out and keep the hair in place.

Now enjoy your new, quick hairstyle! Who says you need a lot of time to look and feel fabulous?!

Check out a few of my other beauty posts too…

Cut Swoop Bangs

Glitter Nails

Easy Messy Bun

DIY Glitter Nails

Words can’t express how excited I am that it is warming up outside. Living in Idaho can be tough when the winters seem to last 8 months of the year! So you had better believe that when it is above 60 degrees, I am going to be wearing shorts and sandals. The best part about wearing sandals? Showing off your freshly painted toes! Currently, I love the look of the glitter “rock star toes”, but I don’t love paying the price to get them done and having my nails trashed for doing it. I found a secret way to create glitter nails for a fraction of the price without damaging your nails! The best part? It stays on for what feels like FOREVER too!
To do your own, you need…
*Two pieces of paper
*base coat polish
*top coat polish
*glitter (mine is a pack of small sample colors). The key is getting smaller glitter instead of big, chunky kind.
*Nail polish remover
First, paint your nails with the base coat polish. Only do one hand at a time because you need the polish to be wet still.
Be sure to set your hand on one of the pieces of paper. Lightly sprinkle glitter on each of the wet nails. Push down glitter on each nail to make it stick really well.
Wipe off excess glitter and repeat the steps above by putting more base coat on, pouring glitter on and wiping it off.
Wipe off extra glitter with finger nail polish remover. Some of it may stay on, but it will wear off quickly.
Paint top coat on each of your nails. Let it dry.
After your nails are dry, wash them and scrub off extra glitter that may be stuck to your skin. This could take a day or two to get all of it off, but washing them gets most of it off.
Now, enjoy your new sparkly nails and the warm weather!
I have more beauty tutorials too, including my easy messy bun tutorial! Be sure to check it out!

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