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No Sew Baby Little Red Riding Hood Costume

No Sew Baby Little Red Riding Hood Costume

Dressing a baby up for their first Halloween is something I truly look forward to. I was excited to come up with my own version of a baby Little Red Riding Hood costume and I am pretty much obsessed with how it turned out!

No Sew Little Red Riding Hood Costume for Baby on

As if the costume wasn’t cute enough, probably the greatest part about making this costume is that it doesn’t require a sewing machine! Literally the only “sewing” was putting a little stitch through the giant button. Originally, I was going to just glue it on but I didn’t want it to come off when my baby pulled on it so I decided to stitch it on. If that is all of the sewing that It takes to make my baby a costume, I will take it!

To make your own, you need…

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Red fleece. The amount you need will vary depending on how bit this cape is going to be. I bought 3/4 yard and had plenty to spare.

Red trim

Fabric glue

White button



Red bonnet. I decided that instead of trying to figure out how to make a hood, I would support a handmade shop that is run by the cutest mom. The shop is called Gussy Up and she makes bows and bonnets.

Red onesie

Red tights

Red tutu

Red Mary Jane moccs from Freshly Picked

How to make a baby cape on

First, cut out a circle out of the fleece. I literally sat my baby down in the middle of the fabric and drew a circle around her and cut it out. Not exact at all, then I cut it down as I needed until it was small enough. Then I put a little bucket in the middle and cut it out.

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Cut out the front of the circle to create the cape. I would drape this over my baby and cut more off until it was the right length.

Red Riding Hood Tutorial on

Glue trim around the edges and let it dry. Add Velcro square to be able to close the cape.

Red Riding Hood Cape Tutorial on

Stitch the button onto the front of the cape and you are done! Isn’t it the cutest thing you have ever seen?!

Little Red Riding Hood Costume on

Baby Little Red Riding Hood Costume Tutorial on

I can’t say I blame that Big Bad Wolf for wanting to eat her up. She’s pretty delicious!

Red Riding Hood Costume on

Red Riding Hood and Woodsman on

For her little trick or treat basket, we found these darling baskets at Walmart and I just put little check print fabric in it to look like a picnic basket. It ended up being the perfect finishing touch!

Baby Little Red Riding Hood costume on

Red Riding Hood Costume on

I was able to put this together in about an hour. It is such a fun little costume!

Red Freshly Picked Mary Jane Moccasins

Red Riding Hood and Big Bad Wolf Costumes on

It all came together with our family costumes, too!

Red Riding Hood Baby Costume on

Be sure to check out the tutorial for our pretty Big Bad Wolf costume and the details about our entire family costume!

Little Red Riding Hood Family Costume for Halloween on No Sew Big Bad Wolf Girl Costume on

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Spotlight Hair

Tuesday 10th of October 2017

I love your creativity the little red riding hood costume! It's adorable.

The pictures will make it easy for me to try this myself this Halloween.