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No Sew Vanellope Von Schweetz Costume from Wreck it Ralph

No Sew Vanellope Von Schweetz Costume from Wreck it Ralph

Choosing our family Halloween costume each year is quite the debate. The last two years haven’t been too bad, but this year it was much more difficult because 3 1/2 year olds seem to change their minds every 5 minutes! Eventually, we narrowed it down to being Minions, Wreck it Ralph characters, or Powerpuff Girls characters. It took a long time to decide, but we finally decided on Wreck it Ralph characters! I kind of love that we are going with this theme for a few reasons… 1. I love this movie and I don’t think it got the love that it deserves. 2. This movie is a few years old and there aren’t going to be a million other people dressed like us. 3. This Vanellope Von Schweetz costume is out. of. CONTROL! After we decided what we were going to be, I asked my daughter about the Vanellope Von Schweetz costume and that is when I realized that she wasn’t thinking about the hoodie that Vanellope wears 99% of the time in the movie, she was thinking of the Vanellope Von Schweetz princess dress that she wears for about 30 seconds in the entire movie! So, I mapped it all out and made it happen. Introducing the Vanellope Von Schweetz Princess Costume!

Wreck it Ralph Vanellope Von Schweetz Princess Costume on

Isn’t this thing out of control? Here is a look at what the actual dress looks like in the movie, just for reference…

Vanellope Von Schweetz Princess Costume Tutorial on

I think one of my biggest challenges was to try to think up a way to make this a no sew costume. Apparently that is my “thing” now that I have made my daughter 3 other no sew costumes over the years. To make your own, you need…

Vanellope Von Schweetz Wreck it Ralph Costume on

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Long, pink tulle skirt– I found this at JoAnn’s by some miracle. I was going to buy a foam fabric and glue tulle ruffles onto it to make the skirt. I was looking around at JoAnn Crafts and came across this gem. It is regularly $49.99, but it is on sale until Halloween and if it does go off of the sale, you can use a coupon!

You can also make your own. I took a picture of how this one was made and you could easily recreate it! It is a basic skirt with ruffles sewn onto it. You could glue the whole thing too if you want to keep it entirely no sew!

Wreck it Ralph Kid's Costume on

-Large lollipop- This was at Hobby Lobby.

2 sheets of white craft foam

Long sleeved pink shirt

-Small candy ornaments- Found at Hobby Lobby.

Bobby pins

White and Pink mid sized pom poms

White small pom poms

Red tiara– Found at JoAnn’s

Pink flower trim– Found at Hobby Lobby

Pink ribbon

White ruffle trim– Found at Hobby Lobby

-Elastic- I used a little pink and white elastic

Fabric Glue

Wreck it Ralph Vanellope Costume on

To begin, glue white pom poms of both sizes onto the skirt. I just looked at the picture of Vanellope Von Schweetz and just kind of looked to see where the white pom poms should go.

Vanellope Von Schweetz Costume on

Glue the pink pom poms where they belong.

Vanellope Von Schweetz Kid's Costume on

Lay out the pom poms on the shirt in the same way that they are on Vanellope’s shirt. Glue them on with fabric glue.

Easy Wreck it Ralph Costume on

Glue ruffle trim around the sleeves with the fabric glue.

Wreck it Ralph Vanellope Von Schweetz Costume on

Hold the trim into place with a bobby pin until it dries.

Vanellope Hair Costume on

For the candy hair clips, glue the candy ornaments on the bobby pins.

Child Halloween Costume on

The candy hair clips turned out so cute! She thinks she needs to wear them everyday.

Easy Kid's Costume on

For the frosting on the skirt, cut a wavy shape out of the white craft foam.

DIY Vanellope Costume on

Cut slits on the flat part of the foam. Fold over the slits and glue into place.

Wreck it Ralph Kids Costume on

Staple the elastic onto the edges of the craft foam.

Homemade Children's Costume on

Measure out enough ribbon to go around your child’s waist. Hot glue the flower trim onto the ribbon.

DIY Children's Costume on

This will be the belt that goes above the frosting belt.

DIY Wreck it Ralph Costume on

Cut a piece of craft foam into a half circle shape and cut an arch along the bottom of the circle.

Vanellope Von Schweetz Costume on

Glue the white ruffle trim onto the back side of the craft foam.

Wreck it Ralph Children's Costume on

Put the craft foam around your child’s neck and measure to see how much elastic you will need.

Easy Homemade Kid's Costume on

Staple the elastic band onto the bottom edges of the craft foam.

Easy Kids Costume on

This costume is easiest to put on if you put the shirt on first, the frosting belt on second, and the skirt on third. Put the collar on and safety pin it onto the shirt. Tie the belt around the waist and put your child’s hair into a bun. Put the candy clips into the hair and top it off with the tiara!

Vanellope Costume on

Now you have an adorable Vanellope Von Schweetz! I promise that this costume will bring a lot of attention and your subject will feel adorably sweet!

Vanellope Von Schweetz on

Every detail comes together to make this costume spot on!

Vanellope Children's Costume on

If you can’t guess who Dave and I will be for Halloween, you will have to wait and see in a few weeks! Just you wait for another crazy, themed family costume!


Here is our Wreck-it Ralph Family Halloween Costume!

Wreck-It Ralph Family Halloween Costumes on

Our costumes were really easy to make! For Ralph, we just got a long sleeved shirt that was orange and cut the sleeves into jagged short sleeves. I also couldn’t find a shirt with buttons, so I just glued buttons onto the front to make it look like Ralph’s button shirt. I got fabric that matched a pair of pants that he already owned and made makeshift overalls with it. I cut a rectangle and pinned it to his shirt and then took strips and pinned them to the rectangle and onto the back of his pants. The most fun part was creating the cookie “medal”. It was made by cutting out a tan and light blue felt hearts. I also cut small pieces of felt out in different colors for the sprinkles. I cut the words “You’re My Hero” out of heat transfer vinyl and ironed it onto the blue heart. I glued the blue heart onto the tan heart, glued the “sprinkles” on, and glued a ribbon onto it.

For Fix-it Felix, I found a blue button up work shirt from the men’s section of Walmart. I cut out the Fix-it Felix logo from his hat out of felt and glued it onto a plain blue hat that I also found at Walmart. I already owned a tool belt (for makeup brushes!) and I just wore that with it. I found a small hammer and spray painted it gold to finish my look!

Don’t forget to check out the past no sew costumes I have shared over the years!

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Trina D.

Thursday 17th of September 2020

I love this and with all the little details it helps to not sew. When your daughter wore the collar would it flop around or fall off? Im making this for my three year old and trying think if theres a way to secure the collar a bit more and still fit into a carseat :)


Sunday 27th of September 2020

We haven't ever had a problem with it not flapping around because it is around their head. But I wouldn't put it on until you get to your destination. It wouldn't really work with a car seat!

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