Peace Out Unhealthy Habits

It has been about a month since I partnered with Jawbone and started using my UP24 band by Jawbone and I feel like I can officially say that I have said “peace out” to my unhealthy habits that I once had.

Up Jawbone Fit Band on

When I first started using my UP24 band, I thought that it was only going to motivate me to walk more and stay active. I had no idea what impact it would actually have. [Read more…]

Making myself accountable

I have no self control what so ever. That has to be the hardest part of trying to live a healthy life for me. I will be doing really well about keeping myself under control, then someone brings out the donuts and it is like my body has never tasted sugar before! I turn all will power off and go crazy! I regret it later and have to start over again, usually unsuccessfully. I was so excited when Jawbone asked to team up with me so that I could try their Jawbone Up24 band.

Jawbone Up24 band

I am really hoping it is going to help give me the wake up call that I need in order to make the healthy changes that I need to make in my life that will actually stick. I have been wearing it for about a week now and I have already had a pretty huge wake up call. I am not getting enough sleep at all! I have had to make a major effort to go to bed earlier if I am working to wake up early each morning. I notice a huge difference in my will power to stay away from sugar, if I have had enough sleep the night before. [Read more…]