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Fighting off a cold as a mom

Fighting off a cold as a mom

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Mom’s shouldn’t be allowed to get sick. It just seems unfair to get sick when you have so many things that need to get done in order to keep your family functioning properly. Unfortunately, you can’t take a day off as a mom to heal. That’s why it is so important to start fighting a cold when the symptoms first start making an appearance.

Surviving a Cold as a Mom on

Since I can’t take an entire day off to get myself feeling better, I make sure to keep a few things on hand so that I can start the healing process as soon as I start feeling the first symptoms. All of the items I keep on hand are things that are great for busy moms because they don’t require you completely stop your routine. They can help you feel better while you go about doing your housework, running kids to various activities, and cooking dinner.

Surviving a cold as a mom on #swissherbs


Ricola Revitalizing Herb Drops

My arsenal for fighting cold symptoms is full of important things that everyone should have on hand in case you start feeling the sickness coming. I make sure to have tissues with lotion in them so that when I wipe my nose, the tissues don’t completely dry out my nose. I also love to use vapor inhalers that are available that is basically just a stick that you put in your nostril and breathe in. It helps clear up my stuffy nose. Also in my arsenal is water. It is so important to drink plenty of water when you are feeling a cold coming on. I feel like it helps drain out any of the nasty feelings inside. After putting my daughter to bed, there is nothing more relaxing than getting in a hot bath with some vapor bath soak. I like using the baby bath kind. It is soothing and it is nice to have on hand for any member of the family when they are feeling sick. After a bath, I curl up in a blanket and sleep. Sleep is so important! I rarely take naps, but when I am sick, I force myself to nap because I know that my body needs that time to be able to recoup. The last thing in my arsenal is cough drops. Not just any cough drops though, Ricola® herb drops! They are the best at suppressing my cough and soothing my throat. I try to keep all of these items on hand so that I am prepared any time I feel a cold coming.

Ricola Cough Drops

I feel like a cough and a sore throat can be the two things that can take your average cold into a full blown nightmare. That is why I think the Ricola herb cough drops are one of the very most important things to keep on hand when you start feeling cold symptoms coming. They can help keep that cough under control so that your throat doesn’t get so sore from all of the coughing, turning the cold into something much worse.

Fighting a cold as a mom

Thanks to these little steps, I have been able to survive many colds as a mom! It is so important not to ignore the symptoms. The sooner you get them taken care of, the sooner you can get back to what is most important. So go out there, get your arsenal together, and keep being the supermom I know you are!