How to Make Bath Bombs for Colds and Sinus Relief

I am SO excited to announce something pretty huge coming this year! After receiving several requests to share bath bomb recipes, I will be sharing a new bath bomb recipe once a month! Each month in 2017, I will bring a new bath bomb recipe that is themed for the month. I have some really fun bath bomb recipes and ideas in the works for you! To kick it all off, I have the perfect bath bomb recipe for cold and flu season! This bath bomb helps clear out sinuses and relieves achy muscles at the same time. They can be used like traditional bath bombs or they can be put in the shower to steam up and clear out your sinuses if taking baths isn’t your thing.

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Avoiding Illness this Cold Season

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I had a really great Thanksgiving with my family. We spent the week at my parents’ house and my brother soon joined us with his family. It was so great to get to spend time with all of them, but as the week progressed we noticed a trend happening. We were all starting to sound the same. Our voices were starting to sound sick! Sharing the same house for the week meant that we were sharing the same germs too.

I tried to wash my hands constantly and get enough sleep, but I just couldn’t get on top of the illness. My body’s immune system is lower than it usually is because my body is working extra hard with my pregnancy. It didn’t take much to get me sick and once I started getting sick, it continued to get worse. By the time we got home from our Thanksgiving with family, I was feeling like I had about the worst cold I have ever had!

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Winter Purse Essentials

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Winter is upon us. This means that cold season is also here. The winter has only just come and my family has already been totally hit by the sick bug! Two of us got the flu and all of us have suffered from cold symptoms. After all of this, I have come to learn all of the essentials I need to carry with me at all times. [Read more…]

Fighting off a cold as a mom

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Mom’s shouldn’t be allowed to get sick. It just seems unfair to get sick when you have so many things that need to get done in order to keep your family functioning properly. Unfortunately, you can’t take a day off as a mom to heal. That’s why it is so important to start fighting a cold when the symptoms first start making an appearance.

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Since I can’t take an entire day off to get myself feeling better, I make sure to keep a few things on hand so that I can start the healing process as soon as I start feeling the first symptoms. All of the items I keep on hand are things that are great for busy moms because they don’t require you completely stop your routine. [Read more…]