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A stylish way to help a family in need

A stylish way to help a family in need

Have you heard about the site, PS I Adore you? I posted a little bit about them last week, but in case you missed it, they are a deal a day website who donates part of their proceeds to a family with a child who has cancer. It is such a great site! I love shopping from them knowing that I am helping out different families in need of extra financial assistance right now. This month, the cancer cutie who will be receiving the PS I Adore You proceeds will be Faye!


Isn’t she adorable?! I just can’t even imagine the feeling her parents had when they found out their sweet little girl had cancer.

Thankfully, we can all help out this sweet family by shopping on PS I Adore You right now! I absolutely love this gorgeous cardigan that they just listed on their site today.

PS I Adore You striped leather cardigan

I just don’t know that it gets much better than a cardigan with stripes and faux leather elbow patches! I love that it can be layered with just about anything to create different looks. It can be dressed up, or just worn with leggings and a tee for a comfortable, relaxed look too.

PS I Adore You Cardigan

Make sure to head over to PS I Adore You and check out THIS CARDIGAN and all of their deals happening right now so you can help Faye and her family! You can beat this, Faye!