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Fall Maternity Look (without Maternity Clothes)

Fall Maternity Look (without Maternity Clothes)

Photos by Stayc Smart. This post contains affiliate links.

Buying maternity clothes is a real struggle for me. Sometimes I feel like all of the maternity clothing companies got together and decided to price their maternity clothes double what they price their other clothing for. I really don’t own many maternity pieces, but I haven’t had a problem finding great non-maternity clothing that totally works on my ever growing belly.

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Before I get into this post any more, I will say that I have invested in maternity pants. They may cost an arm and a leg, but they are a sound investment for the level of comfort that happens for my tummy. Pants are the only actual maternity clothing that I have been wearing this pregnancy. I still want to feel stylish and cute and I just haven’t found a good mixture of style and affordability for maternity wear yet.

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I have been completely obsessed with this top from Cents of Style recently. It is just SOOOO good! It feels light and feminine which is exactly what I need during these months of feeling a bit like a cow. I love the fringe detailing on it too. I have had countless amounts of compliments each time that I go out wearing this top. It is definitely a must have for both pregnant and non-pregnant women!

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I think that pregnancy can be a really hard thing for women in many ways. There is the sickness, the aches, the fatigue, etc. but the thing I have struggled with the most this time around has been the self image. I am only about 5 lbs away from the weight I delivered my first at and I am 24 weeks along. It is kind of a hard pill to swallow for me because I know that I will only gain more weight as I enter this second half of pregnancy.

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Thankfully, I have possibly the world’s most supportive husband to help me get through it. He keeps thanking me for being willing to put my body through so much in order to bring a child into our family and I really appreciate him saying that. Something else he keeps reminding me of is that this isn’t my second pregnancy. This is my third pregnancy and these last two have been back to back. I went through 12 weeks of pregnancy, a miscarriage, months of depression, and now pregnancy again. I can’t get down on myself because of those things because I know that once February comes, I can work on focusing on myself and my body again but for now, I need to focus on enjoying this process.

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One thing that has really helped me feel a little better is accessorizing. It sounds silly but when my regular clothes just don’t fit the way I like them to, accessorizing can really help boost my self esteem.

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I don’t condone actual shoe or accessory therapy, but buying yourself some cute shoes and accessories while you are pregnant (or even when you aren’t pregnant) is totally fine in my book if they help you feel like a million bucks! I love these strappy ankle booties from Cents of Style. They are comfortable and totally go with just about everything in my closet.

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I have also completely fallen head over heels for the new Fall collection from Jord watches. I just fell in love with the Cora watch in the Fall collection. I just love how regal it feels each time I wear it. It has been perfect to accessorize with each outfit this Fall. Jord has tons of great watches that would be perfect to accessorize your Fall wardrobe or to give as a perfect holiday gift as well!

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This pregnancy has already been a totally different adventure than the last full term pregnancy and I know it will continue to be that way. I am grateful for a loving husband, supportive friends, and cute clothes to help me feel a little more like myself through it all!



Thursday 6th of October 2016

Girl, You look way cute! My daughter is pregnant as well and she is struggling with the way she looks. I think you both are beautiful and blessed! I love your outfit! You look amazing!