Easy Chunky Braided Scarf Tutorial

It’s time for another installment of Throwback Thursday, people! Now that Fall is in full force and winter is peeking just around the corner, it is time for ALL of the layers! This chunky braided scarf is still one of my most favorite accessories I have ever made. Since I am NOT one to knit or crochet, braiding seemed like the best option for this stellar scarf.

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Fall Maternity Look (without Maternity Clothes)

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Buying maternity clothes is a real struggle for me. Sometimes I feel like all of the maternity clothing companies got together and decided to price their maternity clothes double what they price their other clothing for. I really don’t own many maternity pieces, but I haven’t had a problem finding great non-maternity clothing that totally works on my ever growing belly.

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Accessories with Meaning

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I have collected a lot of jewelry over the years, but very few of those pieces have a lot of meaning. I love how all of my jewelry looks, but when I can find jewelry that looks really good and has meaning it is even better.

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Essential Summer Accessories

I have been all about my accessories this summer. They aren’t my typical accessories though. I don’t love wearing a lot of jewelry during the heat of the summer, so I find other ways to accessorize instead!

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Practical, Colorful Outfit for Fall

I have a love/hate relationship with outfit posts. I thoroughly enjoy putting outfits together. I feel like I could be a stylist in another life, but only for people with the EXACT same style as me. There are some things that actual stylists put together that I don’t really understand, but somehow people seem to think they work together, go figure! For myself, I love finding new ways to wear items in my closet. It is like a game! It is fun to get all dolled up and go to a photoshoot to take pictures of outfits that I have worn so I can hopefully inspire some of you to put together new outfits for yourself.

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Satin Ribbon Flower Tutorial

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I am so excited to share this tutorial with you today! I have a little secret/confession to make. I have known how to make this flower for many years now, but I wasn’t quite ready to share my secret until now! You are probably wondering why. My answer? It was my secret weapon in my Etsy shop! These flowers were SO popular and I didn’t see anyone else with similar ones out there! Now that I have decided to close my Etsy shop, I am ready to share my secrets with you! You are going to learn how to make this adorable satin ribbon flower!
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Bow Tie Headband Tutorial

There are few things as cute as a little boy in a bow tie. Bow ties are even in style for men too. They can look really good! But what happens when you find a cute, cheap bow tie and you have no little boy to put it on? You make a headband of course!
To say this is a full tutorial would be a total lie because it is so dang easy, but I will show/tell you how I turned a bow tie into a headband for my little girl.
You need…
*bow tie (mine was in the dollar section of Target)
*sewing machine
Put the bow tie around the head you want it to fit on. Measure how much bigger you need to make it so that it goes around the head. Cut the elastic to the size you need to fit around the rest of the head.
Sew elastic to the ends of your bow tie to make a circle headband.
Stick it on your kid’s head and you are done! Isn’t that the easiest thing you have ever done? I think it is just the right size of bow to make a statement without it being too huge too!
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