Deco Board Jewelry Hanger Organizer

Remember that awesome April Showers Bring May Flour giveaway I did last week? One of the sponsors of that giveaway was Deco Boards Unlimited. I knew instantly that they were a company out for an organized girl’s heart like mine. They have beautiful dry erase, cork, and magnetic boards that can all be customized and keep you well organized! When they offered the chance to try out one of their boards, I was thrilled! I ordered one of the galvanized steel boards that you can write on AND are magnetic! I loved the look of it, but wasn’t quite sure where to put it in my house that is already full of boards and lists. I decided to do a little something different with it.

Jewelry Hanger Organizer on #diy #organize

I turned it into a jewelry hanger organizer that I could hang up all of my necklaces on! I love how it looks and how portable it is! Also, another great part about it is that the hooks are just magnetic. That means my Deco Board doesn’t always have to function as a jewelry hanger.

Magnetic Hooks

I bought magnetic hangers from Walmart. You can find them over in the office supply section. They aren’t cute, but they work! Then I spray painted them so that they would match the decor of my bedroom.

Necklace Hanger Organizer

I put all of the magnets up and hung up my necklaces and just stared at its beauty! Seriously though, I woke up several times that first night and just looked at how pretty it was! I love how the steel looks behind the necklaces and the pretty white frame that goes around it all. I am basically obsessed!

I received the Deco Board from Deco Boards Unlimited, but was not compensated for this post. All opinions are 100% mine!

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Add Vinyl to Your Gallery Wall

Gallery walls are all over blogland. It seems like they are filling up my feed on Pinterest everyday too. I mean, what isn’t there to love? A bunch of fun picture frames full of pictures and sayings that you can drool over? Well, I did an organization gallery wall in my office last month. You can find it here. I really liked it, but I felt like it needed a little more flair and personality. That is where the vinyl comes in…
Add Vinyl to Your Gallery Wall
I love how it all turned out. The vinyl added just the right amount of color to the space. I love using vinyl for projects like this because it is an easy way to participate in a trend without any major commitments. Right now, arrows are really popular, so I added a bunch of arrows to my gallery wall. This is what it looked like before I added them.
Home Office Organization
It is nice, but I felt like it needed a little something more. To add a little flair to your gallery wall, this is what you need…
*Vinyl cutter
*Shapes to cut out
Sillhouette Studio Arrows
First, I found the shapes that I wanted to use. I got all of my arrows from the Silhouette store. I love all of the different designs that these shapes come with.
Sillhouette Studio Arrow How To
I loaded my arrow images onto the Silhouette Studio. I right clicked on the image with all of the arrows on it and broke apart the image so that I could grab individual arrows.
Vinyl Arrows
I chose two different arrows that I wanted to cut out in red and sized them to the size that I wanted them to be and cut them out. 
Decor Arrows
Next, I moved onto the arrows that I wanted to be gray. I sized them to fit my space and cut them out.
Silhouette Studio Chevron Arrows
Then, I broke apart the chevron arrows to get the arrow I wanted to use. 
Decorating with Arrows
I used it and one of the arrows from the other shape pack for the yellow vinyl. I sized them to the size I needed and cut them out. 
Bright Colorful Gallery Wall
Putting the vinyl on was really easy because there weren’t several layers or anything to work with. I just peeled them off like a sticker and stuck them onto the wall. Nothing too complicated. For the chevron, I already had these cut out and they were in my scrap pile, but they fit in perfectly. 
Blog Office Gallery Wall
I am really happy with how it all turned out! I think my favorite part is my sign that says “I’m kind of a big deal on my blog” with an arrow pointing to a framed business card of mine. 
Adding vinyl to a gallery wall is not only easy, but it is a great way to bring some trend into your space without breaking the bank! To see another way that I added vinyl to a smaller vignette area, check out my baby’s nursery here
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Framed Black Vinyl Chalkboard

Getting organized seems to be the theme in January each year. After the resolutions have been made, it seems to be the time when people clean out closets and label everything in their houses. I am no exception. I like to think that I am fairly organized all year, but I will admit, I catch the January bug too. This year, my first order of business was getting my home office that is also my craft room organized. You can see how it all went down here
One of my favorite parts about my newly organized home office, is my curvy framed chalkboard. I love that I can have my blog goals written down so that I can see them and remember just what I want to be doing this year. I also love that the chalkboard is vinyl! I didn’t have to paint anything and I can use chalk markers instead of having chalk dust everywhere! Making this is chalkboard is easy!
Here’s what you’ll need…

chalkboard supplies

Chalkboard Vinyl (it can be found in the Specialty Vinyl section)
Paint in 2 colors
Chalk or chalk marker
painted framed chalkboard
First, you want to paint the edges of your frame the color that you want to pop out from underneath your main frame color.
black painted chalkboard
The painted edges don’t need to be perfect, just get a little paint on all of the edges. I chose to paint mine black so that when the rest of my frame is white, the black will help accent the curvy edges.
white painted chalkboard
Paint the entire frame the main color you want it to be. Be sure to paint over your already painted edges.
distressed chalkboard frame
After your paint has dried, go back over the edges of your frame with sandpaper. Sand off the main color so that your painted edges will pop through.
Peel and Stick Chalkboard
Measure the backing of the frame where the picture would be. Cut your peel and stick chalkboard vinyl out to be the same size as the back of the frame. Peel the chalkboard vinyl off of the backing and stick it onto the part that would be behind your picture normally. Use a credit card to get any bubbles out of the vinyl. Put the backing in the frame. These frames don’t have the little pieces that hold this part onto the frame, so I just taped mine on with duct tape behind the frame.
diy framed blackboard

I hung mine up using the Command picture hanging strips. If you are a long time reader, or even a not so long time reader, you know how much I adore those things. They are so easy to use, and I didn’t have to damage the wall. 

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Tips for Organizing Your Life! KPVI More Segment

Last week, I was able to go on a local TV Show called KPVI More. It was nice to only drive an hour for a TV appearance instead of 4 hours like I have in the past. KPVI More is just starting up in our area and they are just getting their feet on the ground, a lot like many of the local bloggers. I contacted them about doing a segment and inviting other local bloggers onto their show and they were really excited about it! I think with both of our forces, we can create something great on their show! For my segment, we talked about ways to organize your life. Here it is…

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My Home Office Organization Ideas!

Well it is a new year, that means it brings on all sorts of new goals, plans, etc. Of course everyone seems to want to be more organized with each new year. Organization is something that I am really passionate about… Maybe too passionate about at times? Maybe. I love taking an unorganized space and creating something new and refreshing. I am participating in the New Year’s Organizing Revolution Challenge where each week you organize a different space in your home. It gives me an excuse to organize some of the places in my house that have been ignored! First up, the home office!
Home Office Organization Ideas Before
Before: I had tons of pictures, notes, business cards, etc stacked up in the window seal and on the desk. I only get half of the table because Dave uses the other half so I had to get a little creative, not that there is anything wrong with being creative! That is when the good stuff can happen!
Home Office Organization
I knew that I wanted to have some clipboards to be able to clip anything I needed so that I could have it handy. By putting some scrapbook paper and Mod Podge onto the clipboards, I was able to make them functional and be able to match the rest of the space nicely. I put a cute framed chalkboard in the center so that I could easily take notes on there. I will have a tutorial for that up within the next few days! I love the artwork that says “I’m kind of a big deal on my blog” because really, it is the only place I am kind of a big deal! I framed one of my business cards for a little inspiration and reminder of who I am! I punched holes in all of the business cards I have received and put them on a ring to hang on the wall so I could find them all easily. I also hung up my badge from the Snap conference and I plan on adding to my conference badge collection this year!
Office Organization Tips
I love how it all looks with the pictures clipped up and the goals written on my chalkboard! I get a lot of inspiration from my family, so I believe that having their pictures on my clipboards is a great way to feel inspired and to remind me of what is most important.
Office Organization
I love my new, clean, organized space!
Now if I could just get my hands on the other side of the table…
You can find the rest of my organization ideas here!

New Pretty Chore List

I am sure that most of you have seen my organization board. It basically rocks my world. But not all things are perfect. That is why I needed to do a little tweaking… The chore list.
My first chore list came from Brown Paper Packages. I love it. BUT she is a little more clean than I am apparently. I just couldn’t keep up with some of her chores. Plus, the color of her chart clashed just enough with the green color that I chose, that it really drove me crazy. Enter my new list…
chorelistaquamine copy
I am offering this list that is customized for you over on my Etsy shop. If you would like this list customized to what you need, please go there to purchase. You can find that HERE.

SO much better! The color matches perfectly and the chores are ones that actually need done at my house. Who else is loving the new look? I can’t wait to do it this way! If you want to use this, just save the picture and print it off. Please only use this for personal use! This is still very much inspired by Brown Paper Packages and I can’t take any credit for the design, just the chores that I do!

Ikea Expedit turned Laundry Organization Center

Laundry Center
I got to go to an amazing blogger event at Ikea! We were treated to breakfast and a little shopping spree too! I will admit, I spent more than that though. I think we all did. It was so fun to see Ikea’s new items in their showroom and to drool over their new catalog.
ikea trip
I left with a pillow, some containers for wrapping paper, an Expedit shelf, and some Skubb boxes to go in it. I had a big plan for the shelf… It was the answer to the catastrophe that was my laundry room.
Laundry Center Before 2Laundry Center Before
I didn’t have a spot to hang up my clothes as I washed them. This was a problem because a lot of Dave’s shirts have to be hung dry. The laundry stuff was always on the washer and dryer making it all look cluttered all of the time.
Laundry Center Supplies
You need…
Expedit shelf
Skubb boxes
Towel Bar
Vinyl words
So I failed as far as far as official tutorials go, but It was so easy to do! Simply build your Expedit shelf. Add the towel bar to the bottom of the shelf. Put the Skubb boxes together. Add vinyl lettering to the boxes. Hang up the shelf. The end!
Laundry Center 1Laundry Center 2
I am obsessed. This is the solution to my storage issues AND it keeps the laundry soap and pre wash out of the reach of kiddos. Big thanks to Ikea for a fabulous blogger meet up and the mini shopping spree! I actually look forward to laundry now that I get to use this beauty.
Laundry Center 3
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Crazed Organization

When I decided to make my organization board, I was looking for a way to keep my life on a schedule. I decided I wanted it functional, but cute. I planned it in my mind for months. Then one day, I took action.


I loved how it turned out, but I had no idea how many other people would love it too. I have been so humbled by the power of Pinterest. A while ago, I did a post asking readers to send me pictures of the organization boards that they had made. It is really cool to see how people personalize it to make it their very own.


Broke Girl Bible– I really like how she did this on a wall, without the board. It is a nice way to cut down some of the time involved.

photo 1

UGA Crafts– As a college football fan myself, I can respect this organization board. I never would have thought to theme it after a team, but it makes it really unique!

Domestic Mama– I love this board so much. I love that she added the corkboard details to it. I also am totally in love with the background on it. It makes it a total focal piece.

Laura Aldridge– I was tagged in this photo on Pinterest. Laura was inspired by my board to create this wall. I think adding the shelf is genius!

I Am Momma Hear Me Roar– First of all, I can’t even describe to you how unreal it was to meet Cheri from IAMHMR at Snap and having her tell me that she had  seen my Organization Board. I felt pretty cool for a minute. Also, I TOTALLY want to redo mine now that she made hers with the wood. I am obsessed.

I tell my husband all of the time how surreal it is that people read my blog, or use my tutorials, or care what I do. I can’t thank my readers enough for all of the support I have gotten and for the unbelievably kind things that have been said to me. Thank you for creating and sharing with me!

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Have YOU made an Organization Board?


Did you use my tutorial to make one of these boards? Or do you have plans to do it in the near future? If so, I would LOVE to feature your project! I will be accepting photos of your organization boards until May 19th! Please email me your photos, along with your name and blog post about the board (if you have one) to

I can’t wait to see your creations!

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Organization Board Tutorial!

This post contains some affiliate links.
Organization Board Family Command Center tutorial on
I was sick and tired of having lists everywhere. A to do list, grocery list, menu list, and schedule. It was time to put all of my junk in one place! After much research and deep thought, I finally came up with my perfect organization board. It is a command center for my family so we can all keep our lives straight!
Organization Board
A clip for receipts. A whiteboard calendar.
A pen/marker holder. Whiteboard To Do list.
A whiteboard menu. A whiteboard cleaning list.
Clip for the ongoing grocery list.
Now for you to make one of your very own! Here is what you will need…
19×31 inch piece of plywood
2 5×7 frames (found at the dollar store)
2 8 1/2×11 document frames (found at the dollar store)
glue gun
paper print outs
First, paint your plywood. Remember to paint the edges too.
I used a paint color sample of Martha Stewart Sultana.
Optional- Put your chevron print vinyl on the board.
Cut off the edges of the vinyl.
Lay your picture frames our on the board to determine where you will put them.
Print out the menu, to do list, calendar, grocery lists, and cleaning list. The cleaning list can be found on Brown Paper Packages here. The rest, I made, and you can take for yourself!
UPDATE- I made my own chore list that you can find HERE! Due to the amount of requests I was receiving, I now have a listing on my Etsy shop for these printables that are customized for you. You can find that listing HERE.
Chore List
Calendar- Print 8×10 on colored paper
Calendar copy
Grocery lists- Print several 8×10 copies and cut apart.
groceries copy
Menu- Print 5×7 copy.
menu copy
To Do- Print 5×7 copy.
to do copy
Take the glass out of your frames. Put hot glue around the inside edges of the frame and replace glass, gluing the glass to the frame.
Put printed papers in their frames and clips.
Paint your paper mache box. I painted mine a very light blue.
Measure where you want your picture hangers to be on the back of the board and nail them in place.
Get your Command Strips and distribute them to each of your frames and clips.
Put the Command Strips on the backs of the frames and place them where you want them on your board.
Hang up your board, and fill it in with all of your lists!
Command Center
I am basically obsessed with this. Not only is it a fun piece of art in my home, but it is totally functional!
Organization Center


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