Tips for Organizing Your Life! KPVI More Segment

Last week, I was able to go on a local TV Show called KPVI More. It was nice to only drive an hour for a TV appearance instead of 4 hours like I have in the past. KPVI More is just starting up in our area and they are just getting their feet on the ground, a lot like many of the local bloggers. I contacted them about doing a segment and inviting other local bloggers onto their show and they were really excited about it! I think with both of our forces, we can create something great on their show! For my segment, we talked about ways to organize your life. Here it is…

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  1. You did so good! Thanks again for the hook was so fun last night doing the show! I am with you..I am excited to help the show grow!

  2. Gah!! So good! Love that organization board. It would be SO fun to do a segment somewhere, if only I could be good enough at something that would be worth sharing on TV! ha ha Now I wish I was an Idaho blogger so I could join your clan!! (I guess I always will be at heart!)

  3. You did great! Way to go contacting them regarding bloggers- that really will help the show a ton 🙂 I’m gonna have to be sure to watch it more! There are a TON of options- it will surely only get better and better.

  4. Megan @ crafter club says

    Good job Mackenzie!!! I loved it, and I loooove your tip about Pinterest!

  5. Megan @ crafter club says

    Good job Mackenzie!! You did so good! And I loved the tip about Pinterest!!!

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