New Pretty Chore List

I am sure that most of you have seen my organization board. It basically rocks my world. But not all things are perfect. That is why I needed to do a little tweaking… The chore list.
My first chore list came from Brown Paper Packages. I love it. BUT she is a little more clean than I am apparently. I just couldn’t keep up with some of her chores. Plus, the color of her chart clashed just enough with the green color that I chose, that it really drove me crazy. Enter my new list…
chorelistaquamine copy
I am offering this list that is customized for you over on my Etsy shop. If you would like this list customized to what you need, please go there to purchase. You can find that HERE.

SO much better! The color matches perfectly and the chores are ones that actually need done at my house. Who else is loving the new look? I can’t wait to do it this way! If you want to use this, just save the picture and print it off. Please only use this for personal use! This is still very much inspired by Brown Paper Packages and I can’t take any credit for the design, just the chores that I do!


  1. I love this. Right after you posted the first post about this I saw it on Pinterest all of the time (I still do) and I was like, Oh my gosh! McKenzie is famous!!! Haha. Anyways…this is such a great idea and everyone loves it. You have the cutest taste.

  2. I saw this on Pinterest too, so clever! Thanks for sharing your talents.

  3. I saw this on Pinterest too, but the pin just linked to a jpg. Thankfully your watermark was on the picture and I was able to get to your blog!

  4. THANK YOU!!! I’m saving this!!! Great job!

    Thanks so much for sharing this at The DIY Dreamer… From Dream To Reality!

  5. What a cute chart! I really like the polka dots.

  6. It looks very pretty! How do you have time to clean making all these pretty things….???? 😀
    Thanks for sharing!

  7. Why haven’t I thought about doing a centralized organizational board?? Great idea!!


  8. Hey! I love this! I was just wondering: with which program did you design the new chores list? Thank you! 🙂

  9. I love this! awesome project! I was just wondering :which programs you used to create that new chores list? Thanks so much for this idea! 😀

  10. I love this and I am making it now! I have everything printed and on the board and can’t wait to hang it! Just one thing, the chore list won’t print centered, everything else did, I wonder what I am doing wrong?

  11. Mary Clark says

    Thanks for sharing this, other lists I’ve tried overwhelmed me … this one is so doable.


  12. Mallory Westbrook says

    Is there any way you could email me this list so that I can customize it for my household? I’m not that computer savvy.

  13. Hi! I love your board! It’s perfect and I’ve already started to make my own.
    Because I live in another country and I want to do it in my own language, I’m changing the lists to suit me. I was wondering if you could tell me where to get the font you (and Kierste from Brown Paper Packages) used for the word “cleaning”.

    Hope you can help! Thanks!

  14. Could you tell me hat the other two fonts you used besides CK Cursive?

  15. I just sent you an email to get a copy of your cleaning list as well!


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