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Crazed Organization

When I decided to make my organization board, I was looking for a way to keep my life on a schedule. I decided I wanted it functional, but cute. I planned it in my mind for months. Then one day, I took action.


I loved how it turned out, but I had no idea how many other people would love it too. I have been so humbled by the power of Pinterest. A while ago, I did a post asking readers to send me pictures of the organization boards that they had made. It is really cool to see how people personalize it to make it their very own.


Broke Girl Bible– I really like how she did this on a wall, without the board. It is a nice way to cut down some of the time involved.

photo 1

UGA Crafts– As a college football fan myself, I can respect this organization board. I never would have thought to theme it after a team, but it makes it really unique!

Domestic Mama– I love this board so much. I love that she added the corkboard details to it. I also am totally in love with the background on it. It makes it a total focal piece.

Laura Aldridge– I was tagged in this photo on Pinterest. Laura was inspired by my board to create this wall. I think adding the shelf is genius!

I Am Momma Hear Me Roar– First of all, I can’t even describe to you how unreal it was to meet Cheri from IAMHMR at Snap and having her tell me that she had  seen my Organization Board. I felt pretty cool for a minute. Also, I TOTALLY want to redo mine now that she made hers with the wood. I am obsessed.

I tell my husband all of the time how surreal it is that people read my blog, or use my tutorials, or care what I do. I can’t thank my readers enough for all of the support I have gotten and for the unbelievably kind things that have been said to me. Thank you for creating and sharing with me!

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M. Jorgensen

Monday 25th of June 2012

I really like so many of these! Just wait till you see the one i'm working on, thanks to you!! I can't wait!

Also, I nominated you for a kreativ blogger award on my little ol' crafty blog. Check it out if ya