My Home Office Organization Ideas!

Well it is a new year, that means it brings on all sorts of new goals, plans, etc. Of course everyone seems to want to be more organized with each new year. Organization is something that I am really passionate about… Maybe too passionate about at times? Maybe. I love taking an unorganized space and creating something new and refreshing. I am participating in the New Year’s Organizing Revolution Challenge where each week you organize a different space in your home. It gives me an excuse to organize some of the places in my house that have been ignored! First up, the home office!
Home Office Organization Ideas Before
Before: I had tons of pictures, notes, business cards, etc stacked up in the window seal and on the desk. I only get half of the table because Dave uses the other half so I had to get a little creative, not that there is anything wrong with being creative! That is when the good stuff can happen!
Home Office Organization
I knew that I wanted to have some clipboards to be able to clip anything I needed so that I could have it handy. By putting some scrapbook paper and Mod Podge onto the clipboards, I was able to make them functional and be able to match the rest of the space nicely. I put a cute framed chalkboard in the center so that I could easily take notes on there. I will have a tutorial for that up within the next few days! I love the artwork that says “I’m kind of a big deal on my blog” because really, it is the only place I am kind of a big deal! I framed one of my business cards for a little inspiration and reminder of who I am! I punched holes in all of the business cards I have received and put them on a ring to hang on the wall so I could find them all easily. I also hung up my badge from the Snap conference and I plan on adding to my conference badge collection this year!
Office Organization Tips
I love how it all looks with the pictures clipped up and the goals written on my chalkboard! I get a lot of inspiration from my family, so I believe that having their pictures on my clipboards is a great way to feel inspired and to remind me of what is most important.
Office Organization
I love my new, clean, organized space!
Now if I could just get my hands on the other side of the table…
You can find the rest of my organization ideas here!


  1. Megan @ crafter club says

    I seriously am in love! Awesome job kenz!! The colors are so pretty togther!!! Love love love!
    ps:what is your wall color??

  2. I love it! Love the idea of framing your business card to remind you of who you are! Heart you and heart this room! Happy day my friend!

  3. I love it McKenzie. Some great ideas for me to use in my craft room. I am digging the clip board idea.

  4. Kimbo West says

    it’s adorable! you really know how to slap on colors and make them look soooo good together!!!!

  5. Love! Me and the hubs are in a fight for the office downstairs..cuz I want a “pretty and girly” office and well, he doesn’t!!

  6. Wonderful space! You made it look so clean but really cute too 🙂

    xoxo, Tanya

  7. Jen Wilson says

    I love it! So inventive and cute! Love how you have your goals right where you can see them, too!

    Blog on!

    Jen @ The Yellow Brick Cottage

  8. I love that look so much! I especially love the look of that big white frame and how you made it a chalkboard, too. Such a good idea!

  9. Suburbs of Utopia says

    So creative! Where is the “life is a daring adventure” print from?

  10. Jennie Larsen says

    Looks great, love the color and the “ORGANIZATION” Have a great one. Hugs, jen

  11. Hey! You had a very nice home office. Maintaining a home office can be tricky since work and personal papers can get mixed together along with a few household items. Thanks for sharing this great blog!

  12. Meredith @ Wait Til Your Father Gets Home says

    You are my motivation for organization now…great job!

    We’re featuring YOU tonight as part of our Keep Calm & Link Up features for the week. Make sure to stop by and grab a button, you deserve it! And, join us tomorrow night for another Keep Calm & Link Up 🙂

  13. I love how you did it. The wall looks so nice:)

    Hopping by and following your lovely blog’s twitter, FB, IG and Pinterest. I blog @ Getting Healthy with Essential Oils

    I am also inviting you to join Tiddle Diddle Handmade Shoppe’s first giveaway event.

  14. This looks amazing McKenzie!!

  15. LOVE IT!! Thanks for linking up to Classy Clutter; I’m featuring you tonight!

    XOXO, Mallory @ Classy Clutter


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