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Here you can find all of the Christmas content that Girl Loves Glam has created in one easy to access place. Find ideas for home decor, crafts for you and for the kids, recipes, gifts and printables.

Want to make some decor you can use in your home to decorate for the season? We have so much! Try the modern stripe Christmas wreath adding details to make it your own. Learn how to layer vinyl with the layered vinyl Christmas tree. Take a look at all the ideas to make your home a winter wonderland.

Craft with the kids all season long. Take a look at the fun  kid crafts and activities, there are so many or make a service advent calendar for kids to teach them to serve others.

Find printables and gift ideas for neighbors, friends and family as well as what to buy yourself with your Christmas money.

Soak your holiday stress away in a relaxing bath with bath bombs you learned how to make right here. Christmas tree bath bombs and how to make gingerbread bath bombs also make great, inexpensive gifts.

While you’re here, take a look at this mouthwatering recipe for chewy thin mint chocolate cookies. They will go well on your goody plates!